Annie #6 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#3217

Yellow Labrador RetrieverMeet Annie! She is a 6 year old, 95lb hunk of love farm gal who got sprung just in time for Christmas.

January 20, 2024

Boy what a difference a week makes! Back before Old Man Winter blew into town, sweet Annie was taking full advantage of all the attention she was getting after her spay surgery.Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe was such a good girl and even kept her donut on so her stitches could heal. Look at those wrinkles!Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverBut then winter hit and we got blasted with a snowstorm! She loves the snow and has been busy exploring with her kids and pups!Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverAnd of course cozying up on the sofa by the fire after lots of fresh air and playing.Yellow Labrador RetrieverAnnie is healed and ready to find her forever home. She is an absolute angel and will make a wonderful addition to a lucky family.

January 11, 2024

We’re checking in with sweet Annie who has been quietly recovering from her spay surgery. She is a very compliant patient who has really enjoyed being showered with love and attention. She loves napping in someone’s lap and getting as many hugs and pets as she can get! She is certainly making up for lost time as a farm girl who probably didn’t get much attention. You wouldn’t know it now though as the sofa, puppy beds and cozy laps are her favorite places to be!Yellow Labrador RetrieverWhen we had a break in the rain, we got to spend some time outdoors, packing away the Christmas decorations and enjoying the sun. Annie likes to lay on the porch and watch the birds or hang out with Bella figuring out where they’ll go exploring next!Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverThis little hunk of love is so happy to be with people and pups and will soon be ready to find her forever home. She loves all people especially kids and gets along well with all of our dogs.

Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe wasn’t sure what to make if the beagle at first but they have become fast friends.

Yellow Labrador RetrieverNext up for Annie is a quick check that her spay surgery site is healing well and then she will be ready for her forever family.

We’ll check back in soon!

January 2, 2024

We’re checking in with Annie after a whirlwind week of family, Santa and holiday cheer!

Annie has been with us for about 10 days now and her old life on the farm is quickly slipping away. She has  learned to love the comforts of indoor life with a family and babies and comfy beds. And she has even learned that sofas are especially cozy thanks to her sneaky sister Bella.Yellow Labrador RetrieverSanta brought Annie so many squishy babies but she  loves her Lambchop best.Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverAnnie has mastered stairs and riding in the car and even knows to go to ger “place” at mealtime. After meals, she sometimes carries around her bowl which we all think is so funny.Yellow Labrador RetrieverAfter meals, she enjoys belly rubs and making tik toks with her sister who has lots of extra time over winter break.Yellow Labrador RetrieverAnnie enjoys the company of all the pups but is especially fond of Bella. The two can often be found napping together and both love sleeping on someone’s lap.Yellow Labrador RetrieverAnnie is a wrinkly, cuddly, funny, squishy ball of love and we absolutely love her. She is more of an in-charge girl so Bella is a perfect match since she is easy going. Annie loves the company of pups and people but we think she was born to be a lap pup for sure since her favorite things to do is snuggle.Yellow Labrador RetrieverNext up will be spay surgery for Annie and then it will be time to find this sweet girl a loving forever family.

Happy New Year!

December 24, 2023

Yellow Labrador RetrieverAnnie arrived on Friday, went to the vet for a check up and came home to meet her family. She wasted no time getting acquainted with everyone and making herself at home. After a long day of travel, she was hungry, thirsty and ready for a good night sleep. She is settling in nicely and I’m sure she is happy her days as a breeder mama are over! Soothing pets, sweet voices, babies and fluffy puppy beds seem to suit her just fine!Yellow Labrador RetrieverWe have been rather busy the last two days while we get ready for Christmas and Annie has been a part of it all! Cooking, baking and hanging out under the dining room table while wrapping gifts have been fun activities.Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverTomorrow is Christmas and Santa is sure to bring sweet Annie some treats!

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