Annie #7 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 3 Years Old ID#3387

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverMeet Annie!  She is a beautiful, 3 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever who was found as a stray and whose owner never came forward.  So she is now safe in a loving foster home. Please read from the bottom up to learn more about this sweet girl.


February 22, 2024


Chocolate Labrador RetrieverRainy day here at the house. We went out quickly, but no ball chasing. So instead, chewed on a few bones, stole a few bones from my sissy, and now cuddled up on foster mom to take in all the cuddles. Foster mom doesn’t understand why I don’t have 100s of people lining up for me, whatever that means. Am I famous or something? Don’t let all my cuddly pictures fool you though, I can keep up on hikes and any outings I get to go on! Any ways, it’s time for me to get a few more snugs in.  Goodnight everyone!

February 19, 2024

Annie here, checking in! This weekend I got to love on the kids. I missed them the last two weekends. They really do love me & love to cuddle me, and I love it right back. That means more people to love ME! I love all the attention on me, but I guess I can share some of their love with my other furry siblings.
Chocolate Labrador RetrieverFoster mom & I have been chatting, I really do enjoy my walks on the leash, but I also LOVE to be able to run around like a crazy woman in the fenced in run and chase after a ball. There was more white stuff on the ground on Saturday morning for me to eat, that was awesome. I hope that groundhog was wrong & winter stays forever!! But foster mom said, that when winters over, I may love summer even more, maybe I’ll get to try out swimming in a pond or stream. I wonder if I’ll like that just as much?? I hope my new family will take me on some adventures.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverHope everyone has a fantastic week!!

February 14, 2024

Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! Since my Foster Mom is super special (she saved me you know) and this is a special day of love, I decided that I would cuddle up next to her.  It’s chilly outside and she makes me feel all safe and warm.  I hope she thought my special Valentine’s gift was great too.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverAlso, it snowed yesterday, so the yard is full of frozen white stuff! It’s so fun, I get an unlimited amount of ice cubes, my fave!! I get so side tracked eating the ice cubes than doing my business outside .. but I do.. eventually…  Come on, calm down Foster mom, let me have some fun!! Foster mom says I’m doing awesome and fitting right in. It’s been days since she said “Oh No” to me after I pee in the house, so I’d take that as a win. Yay! I enjoy pleasing these humans. Hopefully my next house will praise me like she praises me when I do good. My foster siblings and I have been all getting along. Foster mom keeps trying to get pictures of all of us. Usually I move too much, but because of treats, she won this time.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverAlright y’all! Happy Wednesday!!

February 2, 2024

Hiii everyone! So apparently today, Punxutanney Phil told us we would have an early spring. I’m not opposed to either, because both ways, I enjoy being outside.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI love to run around and eat the snow and I also love to just run around in the nice weather. Today, when foster mom got home, she took us all out and took some candid shots of me and the man of the house.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverIf you ask me, he’s pretty obnoxious with all his barking, but I’m pretty sure that means he wants to play.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverTGIF everyone!!

February 1, 2024

Hi all! It’s been a couple days since I said “Hiiiii!” and give y’all and update! Foster mom took me to get my shots done completely & officially microchipped. I feel like a big deal because someone is actually showing me the love and affection and they care enough to make sure I am healthy.  While I was at the vet, another lady told me I’m a love bug and that I was absolutely adorable. She kept hugging me and telling me that she would take me home in a heartbeat. I guess that’s a good thing, but I’ll hang out with the lady that found me a little longer. This whole love & affection thing ain’t so bad. Sorry for a picture that looks similar to the one that’s was posted before . I guess it seems like I’m glued to this chair, but I’m a busy body.

I’ll share more videos and pictures this weekend. Foster mom promised she would take me outside and play ball with me. She also enjoys laughing at me while I run around and throw the squeaker ball around myself. Call me Ms. Independent!!Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Well, that’s all for now!

January 29, 2024

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Annie, or as my foster mom has charmingly nicknamed me, Orphan Annie.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI have currently been with my new foster family since December 30th. I was emaciated, roaming the streets, and looking for a new friend. As soon as this lady parked her car and opened her door to call me over, in true lab fashion, I came running towards her with my tail wagging in excitement. She took me home and gave me some food. Boy, was I hungry because I had to find my own food when I didn’t have a real home!Chocolate Labrador RetrieverChocolate Labrador RetrieverWhile I am still learning how to be a house dog, foster mom told me I am doing very well. I’ve been told that I still have manners to learn, but because I’m smart, foster Mom says I will get it in no time! Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI love my bones, love to cuddle up next to a human, love to give kisses & I love to try to get the other dogs here to play with me. They aren’t as playful as I am though. Chocolate Labrador Retriever

I am starting to learn that my meals come regularly and treats are frequent. Foster mom says she can rarely get pictures of me because I’m always moving if I’m not cuddled up against you or in my chair (I’ve claimed my foster dad’s chair as my own). Chocolate Labrador Retriever

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