Annie #8 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 3 Months Old ID #3405

April 30, 2024

Good morning from me, Annie

I’ve been so busy. Wait till I tell you everything that’s happened.

Sunday was the best day. My furry foster brother, Tug who is also a Brookline Lab, came home. At first I was really scared.Yellow Labrador Retriever He’s huge!  He looks like the cows on the farm but yellow. My human foster sister held him on a leash and foster dad carried me around Tug for about 15 minutes and then I realized he was just a gentle giant. Yellow Labrador RetrieverWhat was I so afraid of? He’s so fun! Now I run around with him and jump on him! He doesn’t like when I bite his cheeks though. We play all day now. FM and FD say they don’t understand why I don’t get tired.Yellow Labrador Retriever

A few volunteers from Brookline came to meet me on Sunday too. I was on my best behavior. FD and FM said it was false advertising and mentioned me being a handful. I don’t know what they’re talking about.

After all the activity on Sunday, FD was excited because he thought I’d be exhausted. Surprise! I don’t tire easily. I still woke up during the night hoping to play. In case you’re wondering I lost the crate battle. I nap in the crate during the day and sleep in the crate at night. Sometimes I bark and whine for 10 minutes but they don’t seem to hear me because they don’t let me out of the crate.

Yesterday I went to the vet. I felt so sick in the car but I didn’t throw up. It was really hot outside. FM kept the air conditioning blowing on me and the windows open, which helped. The vet said I could have something called Dramamine to help with my motion sickness. I hope it helps because my belly gets really upset in the car. My foster family said I did great at the vet. I LOVED her. She was such a nice lady and smelled like dogs. I was scared but I was a good girl for all my shots. I don’t know if you know this but I’m not fully vaccinated yet so I can’t leave the back yard. Even at the vet I had to sit on pads FM brought with her. I’ll be ‘safe’ to leave the backyard in 3 weeks.

FM said to tell you about my potty habits. I still have a pee accident or 2 in the house every day but I never poop in the house. Sometimes I just forget how happy everyone gets when I pee outside. Oh, and I get snacks afterward…that’s the best part!Yellow Labrador Retriever

I’ve been playing all morning. FM said it’s nap time. Bye for now

April 27, 2024

It’s me again, Annie. I really didn’t want to stop playing to update my blog but FM said ‘no more play until you update your blog’! FD is a pushover but FM is kind of strict.

I’m getting the hang of the crate thing.

I go to bed in my crate at 10:00pm or 11:00pm and get up for the day at 6:00am. I still think 3:00am seems like a good time to play. FD disagrees with me. We go out and I go potty like a good girl and then FD says we have to sleep for a few more hours. I keep telling FM and FD loudly that I don’t want to nap in the crate during the day. It seems like they don’t hear me. It’s strange because I sound loud to me and FD is sitting right there!!!

I’m told I’m doing great with potty training.  I had no accidents yesterday. I get kibble when I go potty outside on the grass. I love kibble.

I went to a veterinary cardiology specialist on Thursday. I really didn’t like the car ride. My belly gets really upset in the car. The doctor did so many tests and I was really scared and started to cry. FD cuddled my head and kept telling me I was doing great. The doctor told us he’s had 40 years of experience. That sounds like a long time! He said my heart murmur was only a level 1 or 2 and there was no pathology. He explained that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me or my heart. A murmur in itself isn’t something to worry about. FM and FD were so happy. The doctor wants me to come back when I’m a year old to get checked out again just as a precaution. Whatever that is.

I’m going to meet my foster brother tomorrow. I’m so excited!! He’s a Brookline rescue Lab too! I hear he loves to play.

FM and FD said he was being doggy sat until I had my cardiology consult. I can’t wait to meet him.

I need to go play with FM and FD. I like them to get lots of exercise. Bye for now.

April 20, 2024

Good morning! It’s me, Annie.

I can’t wait to tell you all about what I’m doing in my foster home.

I’m teaching foster dad that if he likes the crate so much, he should sleep in it. He keeps insisting I go in my crate at bedtime. I make it known very loudly I want to sleep in the bed or on the sofa. It’s exhausting! Finally, I do fall asleep but only for a few hours. I know foster mom and foster dad miss playing with me so I get up to play with them a few times during the night. For some reason they don’t want to play at night though.

I love all my toys but I need new ones because I get bored with them very fast. I love boxes! Every time one comes (and thankfully they come often) I race to grab them before they go to something called recycling. Bottles are the best! Especially, the noises they make when they roll on the floor. Foster mom and dad grab them and lucky ‘recycle’ gets them too! I wish I was recycle. Recycle gets all the good toys.

You probably want to know about my bathroom habits. For some reason this is a big deal. I had only 1 accident in the house yesterday. I love to see foster mom jump up and down and do her happy dance so I’ve been trying to do all my pee and poop outside. That makes foster mom and dad so happy. I get treats too! They say I’m very food motivated.

Ugh! I have to go. They’re trying to get me in that crate again. Let the howling begin!

April 18, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever

Hi I’m Annie. I’m 12 weeks old, 24 lbs. and my foster mom and dad tell me I’m the cutest little puppy they’ve ever seen.

I don’t know where to begin telling you my story. So much has happened in 2 days! A nice lady came to the farm and picked me up. My stomach got upset because the thing we were in called a car was moving all over but I feel fine now. Then another lady and man came and met us at another farm and I left with them. They say they’re my foster mom and foster dad. At first I was scared because I left my sister and the farm but not for long. Once I saw all the toys and things to play with, I was so happy.

I love playing with toys!Yellow Labrador Retriever I’m learning so many new things. First, if you do your business outside foster mom and dad get so excited and I get hugs and kisses. Second, the crate is where puppies sleep. I disagree with this and I keep telling them loudly that they’re wrong. I do get to play with toys in the crate before it’s time to go to sleep but I really prefer the bed or the sofa…oh and cuddling with foster dad. Yellow Labrador RetrieverFoster mom says I have foster dad wrapped around my paw. I kind of agree but please don’t let him know. Third, the puppy I see in the glass is named Reflection. I like playing with and barking at the puppy I see in the glass on the oven and the door to the deck but, what a strange name for a dog! Finally, I learned how to play hide and seek behind the trees in the backyard and love to peel out after I go potty. Yellow Labrador Retriever

Foster mom and dad say I need to be seen by a specialist which will happen next week. I feel fine but Brookline wants to get me checked out.


I gotta go. It’s time for me to nap again. This blogging stuff wears me out!

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