Archie Black Labrador Retriever Male 5 Years Old ID #2792

black labrador retrieverThis poor boy was found wandering the streets, and brought into the SPCA by the police. The SPCA thought he would recover better in a foster home, and contacted Brookline.  Archie is a super sweet, very friendly, very emaciated little guy who desperately needs to get his severe skin issues resolved.  The skin issue is most likely due to a lack of veterinary care for a long period of time, but he will recover quickly with loving care, and medication. Archie deserves to live a happy, food filled, fun life with someone who loves him. Up until now, his life has been about survival. Despite the lack of care he has experienced, he still loves people and his tail wags away – especially with treats in hand! Follow Archie’s story by reading his blog from the bottom up.

July 14, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Our family has been very sad the last few days as we had to make the difficult decision to say, “so long for now” to our sweet Archie. His little body pushed through some of the most horrendous skin conditions, lumps and lesions that Doc and the Dermatologists had ever seen. He tolerated “spa” treatments and salves, endless medications, got poked multiple times for blood draws and endured weekly allergy shots and yet, he never complained, growled or grumbled. He only looked at us with his deep soulful eyes and let us know that he trusted us. He loved us to the very fullest his big heart could and we loved him back as much and more.

He was/is my favorite foster. Our whole family had a love for him that is incomparable. We all rooted for him, determined to make him better, to make up for lost time and fun that he missed out on because he was suffering with numerous skin conditions. He had a special diet, special clothes to keep him warm when he had no fur, special medications and even a special chair that he slept in. His absence is felt by everyone (kids and pups) and especially Bruiser, the beagle. And me. I am heartbroken.  He was my shadow and constant companion. The joke in our family was, “if you can’t find Mom, look for Archie” and often Archie and I could be found hiding in a closet for fun. He got the joke and always played along.

In the nearly last two years since we met Sue at the shelter to pick Archie up, we have tried to make each day special. He has been the ever-present consoler of bad days, secret keeper, peace maker, helper with homework, laundry, and cooking. He was the vigilant quad passenger, woods explorer and firewood gatherer. He has been a neutral pup companion willing to give up his seat in the car to make sure peace was restored for the back seat passengers, a calm presence among the chaos, a happy participant in anything and everything we were doing. He had our whole hearts. While we are very sad, we are extremely grateful he chose us for his family. Loyal, loving, patient, gentle, appreciative and so very trusting. He is terribly missed; we are sure he is running and breathing free with all the other pups who’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge including our Max and Cleo.

In the end, what got him was cancer. The multiple lumps and lesions that we had removed were squamous cell carcinoma that unfortunately spread to his lungs. We managed the pain with medication, prayed and bought time with everything Doc thought of to help us squeeze out every last minute with him. He managed to turn a “a few weeks left” into three months; he was the mightiest little fighter.

Thank you to everyone who followed us on his journey. Archie had a fan club for sure and we are so thankful for Brookline’s love and support. We are grateful for all of your support and pep talks- we all felt the prayers, especially sweet Labrador Retriever

June 25, 2022

Hi everyone,

We’re checking in with Archie who has been enjoying the warm weather and having the kids home from school for the Labrador Retriever

When we last checked in at the end of April, we thought Archie’s time with us would soon come to an end but this little guy has the heart of a lion and keeps on fighting. The tumor in his lungs continues to grow and his cough persists but he is not giving up the fight. He still follows us everywhere and willingly participates in all family activities including gardening!black Labrador Retriever

We check in with Doc almost weekly to make sure we aren’t missing anything Archie tries to tell us. Archie’s medication regimen keeps him comfortable and of course, his loves getting it in cream cheese. We spoil him with whatever he wants to eat. He loves Frosty Paws!black Labrador Retriever

We watch and listen to what Archie tells and as long as he keeps telling us that he wants to be here, we count each day we get to spend with him a blessing. We love this little guy so much!black Labrador Retriever

So long for now!

April 29, 2022

We’re checking in with an Archie update. Though the last several weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, we have Archie on a pain reducing regimen that has made all the difference. His appetite is back and his cough is under control so he is content and comfortable and continues to soak up all the love and labrador retrieverOf course we have been making sure that Archie gets to do all the fun things that all dogs deserve to do. We took a trip to the beach and ended the afternoon with cheeseburgers!black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverArchie gets lots of hamburgers, frosty paws, his choice of puppy bed and even takes an occasional nap on the sofa. Most of all though, he just wants to be with us so he snuggles up wherever we labrador retrieverI took Archie to see Doc when it seemed he was particularly uncomfortable and withdrawn. I didn’t feel like it was time but wanted her opinion and she agreed. She said that a healthier dog than Archie would feel much worse but that he has a strong will and that he must love us an awful lot. She armed us with medication that would ease his pain and he is a much happier pup now. black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverWe will continue to spoil him and love him and help make sure he is happy and comfortable. I know he seems like he has sad eyes but we promise that he is comfortable, active, eating and drinking and wants to be with us still.

We’ll check back in soon!

March 21, 2022

We can all feel Spring just around the corner and the warm days have been a blessing. We are all anxious to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Archie’s favorite spot is on the porch in the sun. black labrador retrieverArchie always has a pal close by. Bella and Bruiser love snuggling up with him and they seem to know that he is not up for wrestling or too much playing. They travel together outside and around the house and snuggle up anywhere we labrador retriever black labrador retrieverUnfortunately Archie’s cough has become progressively worse as we now know the cancer has rapidly spread to his lungs. We are trying to keep his cough calm and Archie comfortable. We are giving him lots of love and spoiling him with hamburgers, frosty paws and tons of love. We don’t know how much time we have left with our sweet boy so we are making every minute with him count. Please keep him in your thoughts and labrador retriever

February 11, 2022

We’re checking in with Archie with an update since the New Year! We’ve been busy! We enjoyed a couple of snow days and as much as Archie loves his kids, he is not a big fan of being outside in the cold for long. Though he has made great strides growing lots of fur, he still has some bare areas and since some of his fur had to be shaved for the removal of some lumps, he is extra exposed. He makes quick visits outside and heads right back in to his puppy bed where he watches the kids out the window. As I was scrolling though photos, I thought I would do another progress photo to show how much fur he’s grown!

black labrador retrieverArchie has certainly had a tough road and we have made so much progress with his skin and managing allergies that we were hopeful we could soon find him his forever family. Unfortunately though, the biopsy of one of his suspicious lumps came back as a squamous cell carcinoma. He had one removed before and Doc was able to get clear margins and the same is true this time but it looks like he may have more. This isn’t so terrible since we can be vigilant about them and they can be removed. But, in the last couple of weeks he has developed a cough that Doc was concerned about. She took a chest X-ray to determine if it was his heart or his lungs that are causing him to cough and it turns out that it’s his lungs. He has some dark spots on his lungs too and we’re not quite sure what they are yet. But he also has bullae/air sacs on his lungs could erupt and cause him to have trouble breathing. We are giving him cough medicine and are scheduled to take another xray in 2 weeks to see if there are any changes.

When we met Archie, it was clear he was going to need a lot of TLC. He has been with us nearly 18 months and truly is a part of our family. We love him and will continue to give him everything we can. We’re not sure what his diagnosis means but we are going to keep caring for him, loving him up and making sure he stays happy and comfortable. We appreciate that many people are interested in his story and his progress. Please keep him in your thoughts and we will update his blog as we know more. black labrador retrieverIn the meantime, we are taking advantage of these Spring like days and have been outside enjoying them for sure!black labrador retriever black labrador retriever

January 3, 2022

Happy New Year! We’re checking in with Archie after a busy couple of weeks celebrating the holidays and enjoying lots of family visits, playing, rest and relaxation! black labrador retrieverJust before the holidays, Archie had minor surgery to remove several skin tags and small lumps caused from itching and irritation over the years. He has been an excellent patient leaving all his stitches alone and he is healing beautifully. He has enjoyed playing with his fur siblings and getting to spend more time with the kids during their break from school. black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverSanta visited and spoiled Archie and the pups with lots of babies and chew toys which have helped to keep him occupied! He loves all babies but his favorite is his monkey that he loves to snuggle up with in front of the labrador retriever black labrador retrieverArchie is doing well and is still working hard to grow fur. His allergies are under control, he is comfortable and is now able to focus on playing, having fun and soaking up lots of love. He is a thankful guy who is never far from his people or his pups and he is finally able to focus on just being a happy member of a loving family.

November 7, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Well it’s Fall for sure and we’re checking in with Archie for an update! Archie continues to work hard growing new fur and he just keeps getting more and more handsome by the day. His allergies are under control and well managed with his weekly allergy shots that he takes like a champ. He’s been enjoying  sunny days on the pool cover with his brothers and sister and remains a constant companion while I’m doing some chores around the house. As long as Archie has a human and/or a pup around, he’s as content as can labrador retrieverblack labrador retrieverIn a couple of weeks, Archie is going to have a some growths removed. This will probably be the final step in ensuring that he is ready to find his forever home. The growths are likely benign and are the result years of scratching and rubbing to get some relief from the constant itching. In the meantime, we’re taking advantage of beautiful Fall days collecting firewood and cleaning up fallen branches. Archie has resumed his favorite post in the passenger seat and is happy to hop out and explore the woods always keeping an eye out for me when it’s time to drive to a new spot. He never misses a ride! While it’s chilly in the morning, we put a warm shirt on him and he happily wears it. He’s an easy-going fellow who trusts that we want him to be cozy and labrador retrieverblack labrador retrieverArchie is the sweetest, happiest, most content boy. All he wants to do is be in the mix. Whether it’s collecting firewood, folding laundry, helping with homework or watching as Sarah teaches an anatomy lesson on how the jaw bones on a deer carcass fit together, Archie is happy to be a part of it!black labrador retrieverWe’ll check back in soon after Archie’s surgery!

September 27, 2021

We’re checking back in with Archie! Now that the kids are back in school, Archie is up and at em early! He starts the day with breakfast and then quickly readies himself to wake the kids with the rest of his furry siblings. He is in the morning mix making breakfast, packing lunches and is first to the door to ride in the car to take the kids to school. He loves car rides and fresh air and likes to watch out the window. Here we are in the driveway, packed up and ready to labrador retrieverAfter taking the kids to school, Archie spends the day relaxing in the sun or playing in the yard. He loves walks and prefers when one of his siblings comes along. He is happiest when another pup takes the lead and shows him what to do. Our beagle, Bruiser, loves snuggling with Archie and they can often be found napping labrador retriever black labrador retrieverArchie’s one year rescue anniversary was on September 17th. We can’t believe it’s been a full year as the time has flown by. He is so easy and gentle and continues to heal and grow new fur. He is doing so well and takes his weekly allergy shots like a champ! He remains a compliant patient and has the sweetest, most gentle temperament. He follows us everywhere, settles into the smallest spots in order to be near us and is simply happy to be part of a pack. He will be available for adoption soon as we are confirming his long term treatment and allergy management plan. We want to be very clear what is entailed and make it as simple as possible. He is doing very well with his current regimen and it should continue to offer Archie a life free from all the horrible skin issues he had when he entered the Brookline family.

This is Archie’s favorite pastime…snuggling on a puppy bed in the yard, in the sun getting hugs and belly rubs! Easy enough! We’ll check back in soon!black labrador retriever

August 21, 2021

Hi Everyone!

Wow, it’s been a hectic summer! We packed up and moved and have been busy getting four dogs and our family settled in time for the kids to start school. While my head is spinning and I’m struggling to find the boxes that hold our every day things, the dogs have been having the time of their lives shredding packing paper, greeting the painters and cable guys and following me everywhere making sure that I’m never lonely while trying to organize life! They are the ultimate helpers.

black labrador retrieverIn between all of the chaos, we remained focused on healing Archie. We did all of our due diligence in researching the best way to tackle poor Archie’s relentless allergies. The doctors at Penn worked with us tirelessly to come up with the most conservative methods of treatment. Starting with the most basic things like feeding Archie a (different) prescription diet (the absolute only thing that he was allowed to eat,) clearing up all of his itchy skin problems with new medications and bloodwork to find out exactly what he is allergic to. All of this has lead up to the conclusion that Archie will most likely be best served being treated with immunotherapy allergy shots. These shots are 70% effective for treating environmental allergies like Archie’s and if they work, will be the safest way to manage his skin challenges and will allow him to taper off of the other medications that are currently keeping him labrador retrieverThis is the best long term solution to getting him off of stronger medications while building his tolerance to the environmental allergies that have plagued and ravaged his skin for years. He has had many blood tests to ensure that his body is healthy enough to tolerate these allergy shots. His most recent blood work showed great results and all levels are stable. The tough decision to try allergy shots came after weighing all that we have tried and what has failed and worked and what will be the safest way to make Archie healthy with the least amount of medications. If (fingers crossed) the allergy shots work, he will have to get one shot, once a week for life as well as take his daily thyroid medication, pretty simple compared to the regimen we’ve been on for the last 11 months. black labrador retrieverWe have had Archie for nearly a year and have battled his skin problems with a variety of treatments and methods. He was by far, the worst skin case I’ve ever seen. Skin and bones, chronic diarrhea, ear infections that we could never control, itchy, smelly, yeasty, oozy, lesions and hot spots, the poor kid could not catch a break. His spirits were down, he was withdrawn and he was downright sad because he was so uncomfortable. Fast forward to nearly year later and he is an entirely different labrador retrieverHe continues to grow fur and still has a bare belly but his rough elephant-like skin is now so soft. He’s social, happy, engaged, loves meeting people, is calm yet gets excited when the others do, is affectionate, loves belly rubs, never leaves my sight and is the most appreciative little trooper enduring endless vet visits, poking and prodding, medicated baths, salves, ear treatments, and now allergy shots, 18 straight days of being injected with allergens to begin his immunotherapy journey. Last night was the 18th injection and now he will move to a long-term maintenance plan of one shot a week. Phew!

black labrador retrieverArchie is a social fellow who loves the company of other dogs (any shape, size, gender will do) and people (kids, adults and again any shape, size and gender.) He loves car rides, relaxing in the sun and is so happy just to relax and not have to stretch to scratch and lick every itch and sore. We will continue his follow-up with Penn to ensure that we are in fact on the right track. Fingers crossed we have finally found the safe and effective solution for this sweet guy. We absolutely love him and healing him has been our #1 priority. He has been so patient and trusting and I truly believe in my heart, he knows that we are trying to help him. He has never once refused or given us a growl, snarl or cowered to what we’ve subjected him labrador retrieverHe is a distinguished gentleman (he’s only about 6) with an old soul and deserves to get the chance to be a happy, playful pup. free from suffering. Below is a progress photo that shows how far he’s come as well as some photos of what Archie loves best- lounging with his buddies.

We’ll check back in soon!

July 11, 2021

We’re checking in with Archie and it’s been just over a month since we saw the Doctor at U of Penn. The new antibiotic knocked out the strain of bacteria that was causing Archie so much discomfort with hot spots and rashes but unfortunately some of his itching remained which leads Doc to think that Archie’s allergies are environmental not food related. To be sure though, we are going to continue with the full 8 weeks food trial.We also switched to a hearty dose of an ear medication to knock out these recurring ear infections and they look so much better already! We also invested in allergy testing that will help determine what Archie is most affected by so that we can make allergy shots that will help to boost his immune system against the allergens that are so bothersome.In the long run, once we are armed with all the allergy information and can make allergy shots, we can streamline his long term care plan making sure he is healthy and comfortable. Archie’s sweet and gentle personality has made him a hit at Penn and there are many people invested in him who are anxious to see success.Archie’s next visit to Penn will be at the beginning of August and we will have a solid plan (fingers crossed) at that time. In the meantime, Archie continues to enjoy snuggling with his buddies, long walks in the early morning before it gets too hot and rolling over for belly rubs. We’ll check back in soon!

June 9, 2021

We’re checking in with Archie! Spring initially hit us with a wallop! Itching, scratching, chewing and licking all contributed to hot spots and sores that seemed impossible to control. Despite a good amount of success we’d had with supplements and medications, we were met with setbacks that undid all the hard work we had done and getting Archie better again seemed insurmountable. A dear friend saw how uncomfortable Archie was and helped to get us an expedited appointment with a dermatologist at U of labrador retrieverArchie saw Dr. Fleischman who assured us that he has seen dogs in much worse condition and that he has confidence we can work through Archie’s problems. After a thorough exam and armed with a new plan, we are working to get Archie back on track. Dr. Fleischman cultured several areas to determine the precise antibiotic to target Archie’s specific bacteria. It’s one we have never used before and is mild and so far Archie is tolerating it well. We are also using a new food that will be the only thing that Archie eats for the next 8 weeks. Archie not only loves it but has tolerated the transition well. So far he is doing great!black labrador retrieverHe has stopped the incessant scratching and his red, irritated skin has calmed down significantly. The perky spirit that we started to get to see is back and he happily follows the pups around and pounces and tries to labrador retrieverHe has become quite the guard dog too and likes to bark along with the others when they hear the delivery trucks. While he used to just kind of withdraw to a puppy bed and sleep and often seemed sad and uncomfortable, we knew that it was because his poor little body was working so hard to heal from all of his skin labrador retrieverHe is feeling so much better and the sparkle is back in his eyes. He is a curious and social guy who now seems to be on the right track.

May 3, 2021

Archie continues to battle itchy skin issues that have undoubtedly been made worse over the last couple of weeks with the arrival of spring. We have changed up some supplements to help and we have been managing the itching and scratching with medicated baths and soothing massages with coconut oil. Archie doesn’t seem to mind the spa treatments as long as he can rest in a warm spot in the labrador retrieverHis fur continues to grow but the recent allergies have caused him to rub his face a lot so now he looks more like a raccoon with a mask. He also loves digging with Bella and Bruiser and rolling in the dirt.

black labrador retrieverArchie continues to love car rides and driving the kids to school but seems to understand that afternoons and weekends are as crazy as can be right now with sports. He is just as happy to hang out with his fur brothers and sisters until we get home and then once everyone is settled back in, he finds a cozy spot close by us to rest.

Archie’s road to recovery has been a long, hard one. Years of neglect, over medicating with antibiotics and steroids and an untreated thyroid condition have ravaged Archie’s body. He has made great strides but just when we think we’ve hit a winning streak, we hit a wall with itching, scratching and painful hotspots. In the times when he is most itchy, we understand that his body is purging years of built up toxins and the goal is to keep him comfortable while working through it and to not give up! This sweet boy is so worth it and every day we see more and more of his happy, gentle, easy-going personality. He is so thankful simple things like car rides, meal times, a cozy bed, belly rubs and hugs. We are committed to helping him heal and he seems to know it.

black labrador retriever

March 31, 2021

We’re checking in with Archie to let you know how he’s doing since having surgery.

black labrador retrieverThe good news is that Archie’s teeth (and breath) are much better since his dental appointment. The oozy lump on his leg though turned out to be a soft tissue sarcoma. We had been watching it and it just did not seem to be improving so Doc decided that it should be removed and sent out for a biopsy. Doc feels good about the surgery result even though the biopsy news was scary since he got all of the lump and surrounding questionable tissue. Archie’s prognosis is good and now that his stitches have been removed, he’s out running, playing and chewing on bones!

black labrador retrieverOn other health fronts, we increased Archie’s thyroid medication and with that has come new fur! He continues with daily supplements that are helping his skin and fur and we changed his food to a combination of grain free kibble and raw which are also helping. And while this is a no-no in most situations, Archie’s healthy weight gain has him looking full-figured and I dare say, chunky, though I am not even remotely worried he will ever need to slim down. He was so horribly thin when he came to us and now he has a healthy figure and hair! The tell-tale sign that his fur is growing (besides his obvious shiny coat) is his shrinking bald spot on his back. He still has quite a bit of fur to fill in but he looks so much better than when we first met him, all skin and bones and bald and cold.

black labrador retrieverOverall, Archie is doing well and has made tremendous strides. He will soon be ready for his forever family which ideally would include another pup (or more) as he loves the company of his brothers and sisters, both 2-legged and 4-legged. This loving fellow is as easy going as they come and will continue to blossom with love and care.

black labrador retrieverWe’ll check back in soon!

March 10, 2021

Well, it seems that spring might finally be arriving in south Jersey! The tulips are coming up, green grass is starting to sprout and the puppies are enjoying long walks in the warm sunshine!

black labrador retrieverWe might finally be able to ditch the sweaters and heavy coats though Sarah like to share her sweatshirts with Archie.

black labrador retrieverArchie had surgery yesterday and was so happy to come back home to his kids and pups! He had a much needed dental cleaning and an angry granuloma removed from his inside front leg. According to the vet, he was a stellar patient and has been a good boy leaving his stitches alone. He has gotten lots of love and treats and both Bruiser and Bella seem especially protective of him, sleeping right by Archie’s side and keeping him company.

black labrador retrieverWe are having fun watching Archie’s transformation. The process is slow but we know he’s worth the wait. I’m hoping with the nice weather, we’ll be able to spend more time outdoors comfortably, letting his wrinkles and skin breathe so that all the good fur trying to grow has an even better chance of working through all of those old layers of rough, untreated skin that are finally sloughed off and labrador retrieverHe will go back to the vet to have his stitches removed in a little over a week and we’ll keep you updated on his progress. Until then, Archie will be following the warmest spots in the house and napping in the sun.

February 12, 2021

We’re checking in with Archie to say hello from snowy south Jersey. With more snow in the forecast, Archie is not terribly excited to head back out so he is busy snuggling inside.

black labrador retrieverAs much as he wants to be with us, the cold weather is not his favorite. I can’t say I blame him as he is still working hard to grow his coat. He snuck out to play with the pups the other day before I could get his sweater on him and he was cold! But as a typical lab, he put fun first and would not give up play time with his kids and pups for anything!

black labrador retrieverArchie had a bit of a setback with another ear infection so we’re treating that along with his routine baths and ointments to heal his skin. He continues his medications and is tolerating his new food well so that’s great news here. He continues to open up and show his sweet, playful personality. He is learning from the other pups how to be a family member- hiding under the table at dinner time waiting for something to drop, resting on a puppy bed by a cozy fire and even sneaking in a nap or two on the couch which is an absolute no in our house. Thanks to the other pups, Archie is learning all kinds of things! Mostly though, we are loving how much he is accepting love. He rolls over, pounces to play, tries to fetch (he’s getting better!)  and is even starting to give kisses. We’re so happy to see how much progress he has made in just a couple of months!

black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverWe’ll check back in soon. Have a great weekend and stay safe!

January 19, 2020

Happy New Year! We enjoyed a long relaxing winter break and the pups loved every minute of having their kids at home with them. Cooking, baking and watching lots of movies meant lots of snuggling and eating! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

black labrador retrieverWe continue with Archie’s medicated baths and prescription diet and thyroid medication and while that did work to relieve the worst of Archie’s itchy skin, it still left him scratching at times. The scratching lead to irritation of his delicate new skin causing some bleeding. As he sloughs off old, calloused, dry and hard skin, fresh new skin is emerging and the goal is to keep the delicate skin healthy since this will allow his fur to grow.  If he is especially itchy, the scratching compromises his new skin and the cycle of playing catch-up to stop the itching before the new skin is injured, risking the possibility of causing an infection requiring antibiotics, is a challenge. A few weeks ago, everything got so bad that we had to resort to treating him with prednisone. All the itching ceased, his skin calmed down and new fur started sprouting.

The victory was short lived though because once the course of steroids ended, the itching began again. This poor dog has been uncomfortable for so long and we could see that the relief he felt on prednisone truly brightened his spirits. He was energetic, playful and alive! It sounds strange but I believe he was still shut down and depressed despite having lots of food and love. He has definitely loved being with us. Car rides, walks in the woods and relaxing on big comfy beds sure beats where he was but we could see he was still kind of reserved, almost unable to fully relax.

In his time with us, we’ve treated him with medicated “spa baths,” salves, creams, sprays, thyroid medication, antibiotics and prescription food. He participates willingly in whatever we subject him to, hoping to be helped, and getting to feel relief. I believe he loves being loved and enjoys being in the mix of a busy family but he has remained reserved. And honestly, I think it’s because he was still feeling uncomfortable. I spoke at length with our vet about our options for getting him back to that level of comfort he felt when on prednisone as it is obviously not a long term option. We discussed trying Apoquel to help control his allergies and the itching. She explained that we would know quickly if it would help and if that didn’t, we’d have to explore other options.

Well, hallelujah! The Apoquel worked. Within 2 days, his itching ceased, his angry red spots caused from incessant scratching calmed down and his spirits perked up! He was feeling good again and that playful peak at his personality that we got when he felt relief with the prednisone, has come out again. He is catching balls, running and trying to wrestle, albeit gingerly, with the other pups. We have even moved to a new prescription limited ingredient food, a step down from the ultra sensitive food, to see if he can tolerate it and fingers crossed, so far so good! His recent blood work shows his thyroid levels are at a normal level, he is growing fur, he is tolerating his new food and most of all, Archie is relaxed and comfortable and happy!

Since Saturday was his 4 month anniversary with us, we thought it would be nice to update with some incredible progress photos. While Archie has some more fur to grow, his transformation thus far has been remarkable. Even the stubborn bald spot on his back finally has some sprouts! The process is slow but steady and his little body is healing. He still has lots of fur growing to do but with the help of his baths, nutritious food and allergy medication, his road to recovery will (hopefully) continue on a smooth and comfortable path.

black labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverThe goal is to monitor him for just a bit longer to make sure the reduced maintenance dose of Apoquel continues to work as well as make sure that his new food does not cause any adverse reactions. We are hopeful that this sweet boy is now truly on the mend and will find his forever family that he deserves.

So long for now!

December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!

We have been busy around here getting ready for Santa! Archie has been a great help and loves all the hustle and bustle. A supreme helper inside the house and out, we’ve been cooking, wrapping, gathering firewood and of course, snuggling!

black labrador retrieverblack labrador retrieverWe all enjoyed a surprise snow fall and everyone loved playing and making snowballs. Because Archie is still working hard to grow fur, we had to bundle him up! Auntie Dee surprised Archie with an early Christmas gift that came in handy- a fuzzy, warm scarf that perfectly compliments his winter sweater! We are so thankful!

black labrador retrieverblack labrador retrieverWe have another busy day planned today which includes getting out and enjoying this beautiful warm weather before the rain comes but we wanted to pop in with an update and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

black labrador retriever

December 6, 2020

We’re checking in with Archie to say hello and let everyone know that he’s doing great! We’ve been working hard to grow new fur but it’s a slow process. Since he doesn’t have a luxurious coat yet, we’ve invested in a sweater for him. We think he looks stylish, contemporary and warm, most importantly! Ruby might even be a bit jealous.

black labrador retrieverArchie had a great time at Thanksgiving helping me cook. He is clearly learning how to expertly beg courtesy of Bella. He is too cute to ignore but we’ve been very strict with his diet, investing in a prescription food to help tackle his allergies. We’re still not sure if some of these skin issues are due to years of neglect and an untreated thyroid condition or if he does in fact have allergies. To help eliminate some of the guessing, we are sticking to the vet prescribed diet. Thankfully the same line has puppy treats and Archie isn’t at all picky so he isn’t missing out on the taste testing fun.

black labrador retrieverWe also spent the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and riding in the quads. We continue to collect firewood for the wood pile and every chance Archie gets, he climbs right into the front seat for a ride.

black labrador retrieverHandsome Archie is so sweet and is working hard to heal. He continues to be a compliant patient as we subject him to baths, salves, creams and ointments and it’s working! New fur is sprouting every day- can you see all the fur he’s growing on his head and face?

black labrador retrieverWe believe Archie feels better after we apply his creams and he trusts that we are trying to help him. It’s sad to know that the years of neglect that have taken such a toll on his skin could have been avoided quite easily. As we slowly work off the old thickened layers and fresh new skin and fur begin to grow, we can see a brighter soul and spirit emerge. His eyes tell the whole story and we continue to feel grateful that he trusts us to care for him.

black labrador retriever

November 17, 2020

We’ve been busy around here and Archie has been a great help!

Besides making great progress growing new fur, he has been gaining weight! The vet said that his body is working hard and using a lot of energy to heal so while we think he still looks kind of thin, Doc thinks he’s looking much healthier. He still has some weight to gain and some fur to grow all while battling a skin infection and scratching and itching and trying to get his thyroid regulated. He is a champ and complies with all of our creams and salves to help him feel more comfortable. We believe he understands we’re trying to help. Here you can see how much progress he’s made in a few short weeks.

black labrador retrieverArchie is getting the hang of family life and is an expert at spotting his kids at school pick up. We’re not sure how he recognizes them when everyone is wearing masks but somehow he knows! He likes to stand on the lookout post and watch with labrador retrieverArchie loves Bella (a Brookline foster failure). At first she was not a fan of Archie since he loved her a little too much but she set him straight and now they are good buddies. Of all the dogs, Archie follows her lead most though we’re not sure why since she’s so goofy but maybe that’s what he loves about her.
black labrador retrieverArchie also loves Bruiser and is often found snuggling on a puppy bed with him. Bruiser trusts that Archie isn’t a big klutz and won’t squash labrador retrieverArchie also loves rides in the quad. It seems that every spare moment we have lately is spent raking leaves and picking up fallen branches! It doesn’t matter how long it takes, Archie waits in the quad and often takes a nap while we work. When it’s time to stack the logs or collect more leaves, he perks right up and sits in the passenger seat ready to go wherever a driver is headed.

black labrador retriever

October 11, 2020

Archie is making great progress both physically and emotionally and is letting his sweet personality shine. He remains the official “starter of the day” and wakes the kids for school, helps with preparing meals and is always ready for the car ride to school.

black labrador retrieverWe have had some beautiful weather and so we began gathering wood to stock our wood pile. We ride the quads with attached carts to gather firewood and usually Bella rides in the passenger seat while we drive. Well, Archie decided that was a great idea so he hopped in too! He dutifully got out and kept us company while we gathered wood but as soon as the cart was full, he hopped back in to ride to the wood pile. He’s an eager helper and is up for any task so long as he can be with his people. black labrador retrieverblack labrador retrieverPhysically, Archie is growing fur and getting fuller. His skin is getting softer and he is less itchy. He remains a compliant spa client and doesn’t seem to mind his beauty treatments. We are documenting his weekly hair/skin progress because we think it will be fun to look back to see his transformation.

black labrador retrieverHe prefers fluffy beds and has taken to resting on Sarah’s bean bag chair after his spa day.

black labrador retrieverOverall Archie continues to thrive and understands that life is safe, food will always available, and there is never a shortage of love and hugs.

October 3, 2020

black labrador retrieverIt’s been two weeks since sweet Archie joined us, and we’re happy to report that he is doing wonderfully. He continues to learn about life in a busy family with pups and kids. He has appointed himself “starter of the day” and happily wakes everyone in the morning as soon as he hears the automatic coffee pot begin to brew. He sleeps in his crate but lets out yelps and howls to alert everyone that “coffee’s on!” He’s not quite as loud as the neighboring rooster, nor does he rise as early, (thankfully) but we chuckle at how excited he is to eat breakfast and start the day!

black labrador retrieverArchie loves to wake up the kids for school, waits by the table for anything to “drop” at breakfast, and happily circles the kitchen following us while we pack lunches and prepare backpacks. He lives for car rides and has decided that on the days the kids go to school, he is coming along for the ride.

black labrador retriever

On the days that the kids are home, the schedule is kind of the same but instead of going for a car ride, he follows them upstairs and settles into a chair in my bedroom that gets direct sunlight. He loves a warm sunny spot.

black labrador retrieverArchie continues to sprout new fur! He is a compliant client at the “spa” where I take him into the shower with warm water, medicated shampoo, and one of Sarah’s special soft loofah puffs. He patiently stands while we lather him up, and gently “puff” the medicated shampoo into his little wrinkles, and help work away old crusty scabs so that his skin can breathe. He is one proud pup when he emerges fresh and clean! He skips around and shows off but then returns to the warm recliner to snooze until the kids break for lunch. He always joins them and they’ve been eating outside in the yard since the weather has been so nice!

black labrador retrieverblack labrador retrieverWe’re working hard around here to teach Archie that families are fun. Car rides, lounging in the sun, playing in the yard and helping with homework are a few of the things he is learning to master with little effort as he seems to be a natural! black labrador retriever

September 25, 2020

Just an update on how Archie (formerly Bingo) is doing now that he has been here for one week. Boy what a difference a week makes!black labrador retrieverWe’ve been slowly introducing a new kibble with limited ingredients, and lots of good fish omegas because we suspect that maybe he has some food  allergies. He is still battling some tummy issues, but with some medicine, good food, and pumpkin, we’ll get to the bottom of it. He doesn’t have any parasites so maybe his poor little body just has to adjust to a steady diet, and food good.

Emotionally, Archie is thriving! He looks us in the eye instead of bowing his head, comes to us for pets and scratches, wags his tail, runs with the other pups when they’re chasing squirrels (he’s just joining in the fun) and runs, I mean runs to the kitchen for meal times. The resident pups have taught him well and in true lab fashion, he devours his meals!black labrador retrieverArchie is enjoying virtual school, and discovered online PE zoom classes. He likes to join the kids for exercise class, and helps to motivate them! He is also enjoying the beautiful weather. Airing out his wrinkles while I’m planting mums is a great pastime. His skin is healing, and he is a lot less itchy. I’ve been giving him a bath every couple of days to help remove the dead skin so that new fur has a chance to grow. He loves it! And it’s working! He’s even has fur sprouting on his toesblack labrador retrieverHe also enjoyed gnawing on his own big bone! I give all the pups their own bones, and they scatter to their own spots, and get to work. Archie knew what to do right away, and it’s great because I’m certain he worked off some old tartar!

Just look at the progress that Archie has made in a labrador retriever

September 19, 2020

black labrador retrieverIt’s been two days since we brought sweet Bingo home, and we’ve discovered a couple of things:

1. Bingo does not seem to know his name. He doesn’t respond to it, look up when we say it, perk his ears up, not a single acknowledgement of it. I don’t like changing a name that a dog already knows, but since it doesn’t seem to matter, we’ve decided to rename him Archie. Fresh start, new name, and so much more fun to say!

2. This guy had some blood work done, and it turns out that part of his hair challenge is also due to his thyroid- Such an easy fix so we have started him on thyroid medication, and will be anxious to see new fur sprout!

black labrador retriever3. Archie is an excellent forager! He can counter surf, open cabinets, helps himself to school lunch snacks, and has not yet found a food he does not like. I know that’s not a huge surprise given how skinny he is but we’re trying to add weight at a healthy rate with few tummy aches. His agility is a good sign though so I’m happy to see that despite his hard life, his joints are intact!

black labrador retriever4. Little Archie (at just 54 lbs) is getting the hang of potty training, eating breakfast and dinner at his designated spot and is getting used to love and pets.  He loves the resident pups, and follows their lead.

black labrador retrieverArchie has settled into our home nicely where there is never a lack of food or love. This little wrinkly peanut is on the mend, and is already feeling the warmth of a loving home.

September 17, 2020

black labrador retrieverBingo is now home safe and sound with us. Thank you to Brookline for helping to coordinate springing this sweet boy from the shelter.

The ride back home was uneventful, and he slept on a puppy bed in the back. He is very itchy, and has little hair so when we got home, I massaged his skin with some olive oil to help loosen the crusty scabs, and then gave him a gentle bath. At first he seemed nervous to be touched, but then he settled in probably because it felt good to not have to do the scratching himself! black labrador retrieverHe is now clean and resting. For some reason this was the most uneventful introduction with my pups I’ve ever worked through. We did the usual walk on opposite sides of the fence, and they all sniffed, and moved on.

black labrador retrieverNo one was more or less curious, and they’re all resting in the family room as I type. Maybe it’s the cloudy day, or maybe it’s because this sweet guy has been through so much that he’s kind of just ambivalent to what’s going on.

black labrador retrieverHe definitely needs A LOT of TLC. His name should be Dumbo instead of Bingo because he has rolls, and rolls of wrinkly skin like a baby elephant. He almost looks like a Shar Pei. We need to fatten him up, help his fur continue to grow back, and get him a good dental cleaning. This poor pup is one of the saddest I have seen in a long time. But, we’re up for the challenge, and will welcome the coming changes in his spirit, and physical appearance.

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