Ashley Black Labrador Retriever Female, 6 Years Old

October 3, 2018

Ashley is really doing well. She has learned to sit and wait for her food and treats. Ashley is also very good at taking treats. She does not snap. She will try to take one of the other dogs treats, but that happens with all of our dogs.

She is a needy dog. She follows me around the house. She could be snoring, but when I get up she gets up. She is a little rambunctious when I get home home from work, but does not jump up on me any more. She does do the welcome home dance though. She will not jump up on anyone else that visits the house. She just loves to be petted and loved on all the time. She will make someone a great companion dog. Ashley will be available really soon.

September 3, 2018

black labrador retriever laying downAshley is a very petite 6 year-old black lab. She is a former farm girl who just had her last litter of puppies on May 5th. Ashley is a 70 lbs. bundle of energy. She goes hard and sleeps hard. There is no middle of the road for her and her two foster sisters do not know what to do with that.

If you get up, she gets up, even if she was snoring away. Oh, and she can saw wood with the best of them. We thought our dog Hope was the best snorer, but Ashley is the newly crowned champ at our house. Ashley will follow you around like she is your shadow.

She settled in well with our two resident dogs and they are great together. Too bad we do not enough hands to go around when they all want some love! You just start petting heads and hope you hit all three!

For being a farm girl, Ashley was well cared for! She passed her initial vet evaluation with flying colors. She has not had one accident in the house and can be left alone with the run of the house and everything is how you left it when you left it.

Ash did have an issue with climbing the stairs. We did carry her up a few nights, but she would rather just sleep downstairs on the sofa. Oh, she found out that a dog bed is good, but the sofa is best. She spreads out and sleeps on it like nobody’s business! She did decide one night to see why everyone went upstairs at night, and when we all awoke, there she was! She now goes up and down the stairs great. She just loves to be right next to you.

Ashley also gets along very well with our grandchildren, 3 and 1. No problems with that! Do not know about cats, but loves to chase the squirrels out of our yard, so may not be good with cats.

Ashley will be going in for her spay on 9/5. She will be ready to move on to a forever home soon after. She does need to learn to walk on the leash better and not jump up with excitement. She is much better than when she first came, but we are working on it!

Well, that’s all for now. Will report back after her spay with another report!

August 25, 2018

Ashley received her care box today. It was filled with some wonderful treats, but she really enjoyed the stuffed rabbit. Funny thing is when you squeezed it it makes duck calls.

Check out the picture of her sporting her new neon orange collar. Goes great with her black fur!
black Labrador Retriever profile
More updates coming up

August 21, 2018
black Labrador Retriever sittingAshley, black 6 yr old unspayed female in foster care.
Very sweet, small 60 lbs, affectionate, good with kids and dogs, good on leash.

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