Audrey Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 5 Months Old ID#3210

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverMeet Audrey! This adorable 5 month old chocolate puppy is now in a Brookline foster home.  The farmer couldn’t sell her so he asked the rescue to help find her forever home.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her adventures in foster care.

Audrey is now available:

March 21, 2024

Since coming to live with my foster family a little over a week ago I have had many wonderful experiences. I am so very happy to be off the farm.

I got to meet the Easter Bunny. I wasn’t even scared. Can you believe it? I liked him. He seemed like a stand up kinda bunny. Maybe if I continue to be a good girl he’ll bring me some treats on Easter. Chocolate Labrador RetrieverMost days we go for a ride to pick up my foster sister from the bus stop. I continue to be an excellent passenger in the car never making a peep. Typically I just sit and look out the window or lay quietly and enjoy the ride.

Other days we walk to the bus stop to pick her up. I walk pretty well on the leash but I am very strong and can pull sometimes especially when my fur sibling pulls. We are both working on our leash manners.  Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI got to celebrate my first St. Paddy’s day. Nothing too crazy because I’m just a baby.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverJust some good old fashioned fun in the yard with my foster family. Hudson and I enjoy chasing each other in the backyard and playing tug of war. Once we’re done playing I enjoy a good nap. His dog beds are comfortable and I’m grateful he shares them with me.

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI had my first pigs ear and loved it. It was delicious. Chocolate Labrador RetrieverThe crate was just not my thing. I barked and barked and barked when I had to go in there  I really didn’t like it so FM let me sleep in the master bedroom.   I was a very good girl. I slept through the night and had no accidents. And i have to tell you that her bed is way more comfy than that crate they had me in. Chocolate Labrador RetrieverWhen no one is home I don’t have to go in that crate any more either. I’ve been pretty well behaved  and I only had a few accidents in the kitchen. At least it’s an easy cleanup up for my fosters.

i am doing well with basic commands like sit and come  I am working on wait  I’m a smart gal so I’m sure I’ll be able to learn that quickly. Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI love to eat but show me a lab who doesn’t. When I am given treats, I take them so gently. My fosters are always telling me what a good girl I am. I do drink a lot and make a big mess. Sometimes it looks like more water made it onto the floor than in my mouth.

I have met many neighbors… kids, adults, and dogs. I get along well with everyone. Everyone here has been so nice and I get lots of love, attention, and pets. I love to snuggle and give kisses. 💋

March 15, 2024

Audrey is adjusting to life off the farm very nicely. She is an easy going, loveable young pup. Steps are no longer an issue for her and her appetite has returned and she is eating normally. She spent lots of time outside today enjoying the sunshine with her foster brother.

Tonight she went to visit the Easter Bunny! She was incredibly well behaved. Pics will be coming soon of that adventure.

Audrey is not a big fan of her crate. She barks and cries but eventually will settle down and go to sleep. She wakes up in the middle of the night and barks to let me know she needs to go out. Last night she slept for four and a half hours before barking to go out. She peed very quickly once we were outside and I returned her to her crate. She barked for a (long) while but eventually went back to sleep until I got up for work. I’m sure she’ll become more comfortable with the crate in time. After all, it is a big adjustment from the life she has in the farm.

March 20, 2024

Audrey wanted to say thank you for the amazing welcome box she received yesterday.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe received so many wonderful items including some tennis balls, various toys, pajamas, an Eagles bandana, and lots of treats. It’s safe to say that her favorite gift was the treats.

Obviously she’s a lab. She had fun playing in the sunshine yesterday with her new toys and sharing them  with her furry foster brother.  Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShout out to our volunteers who put together such a wonderful package for Audrey. Thank you to everyone who has provided donations for the welcome boxes. These pups deserve to be spoiled and loved. What a great way to start life off the farm. Thanks again to everyone for giving Audrey such a wonderful gift. She loves it all

March 14, 2024

Audrey continues to enjoy playing in the fenced in backyard with her foster brother Hudson.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverHer appetite seems to have returned After turning down breakfast this morning, she finally ate at 1PM and then again at 7 PM today. Woo hoo!Chocolate Labrador RetrieverThat fresh off the farm smell has been Eliminated thanks to a trip to the tractor supply company where Audrey received her second bath.  She allowed me to scrub her down and rinse her off again today and her favorite part was being towel dried at the end. She did not  like the dryer.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverOn our way out of the store she got her very own giant red tennis ball.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverAudrey is the perfect passenger in the car. She rides so nicely and just sits quietly. Tonight she even napped on the way to tractor supply company and again on the way home.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe has gotten the hang of steps and can now go both up and down on her own. Way to go girl!!

March 13, 2024

So far, Audrey is doing great. She gets along so well with our resident dog.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverThey have been playing tug of war and chasing each other in the yard. It’s great to see both of them so happy.

She has not eaten anything since her rescue ride aside from a pup cup from Brusters, lol, which she seemed to enjoy.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverChocolate Labrador RetrieverI’m sure once she settles in the lab appetite will come back.  She drinks plenty but I think more might get on the floor than her in her mouth.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI gave her a bath last night because she smelled like those cow patties on the farm. Farm funk is a scent that is not easy to eliminate so she will get another bath today when I get home from work. Luckily she didn’t seem to mind being in the tub. She was cooperative and just rested her head in the edge of the tub. I think she found it relaxing and really enjoyed being towel dried after. She smells better but still has a little bit of that farm aroma to her so hopefully after a second bath, we will be able to eliminate it.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe seemed unsure of steps and I had to carry her down the five steps from our sliding glass door into the yard. At first, she was hesitant going up the steps but I think seeing our lab use them made it easy for her to mimic, so going up is no longer an issue. Going down is still a work in progress but she seems to be getting it. Thank goodness because she is a huge puppy. Her paws are literally the largest I’ve ever seen. So picking her up is not an easy feat. I’m confident that by tomorrow she will have fully mastered going up and down the steps.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe didn’t particularly love the crate and barked for awhile until she quieted down and then went to bed for the night. She woke up about 3.5 hours later and barked to let me know she needed to go out. I took her out on her leash and she peed pretty quickly. Then I put her back in the crate with 3 tiny treats that she was not very interest in. She barked for about 20 mins and then fell back asleep. She woke up about 5 hours later and again I walked her until she peed and then she and my resident dog went out back in the fenced in yard to play for quite awhile before I left for work at 7:30am. My husband is still home with her now and when he leaves to take our daughter to school he will put her back in the crate. I know he had some running around to do but he will let her out around lunch time for a bit and then she’ll go back in the crate until I get home. All in all it’s going well. She’s sweet and friendly and we love her already.

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