Babe Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 5 Months Old ID#2838

black labrador retriever mixBabe, and his brother Benji were found in northern MS along with their mother.  Someone took the mom, but not the pups, so a good samaritan stepped up to take the pups, and find a rescue for them.  Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that the pups had contracted parvovirus.  Parvo is extremely serious and lethal unless treatment of the symptoms is started right away.  Even then, they don’t always make it.  Well this boy was a fighter, and he came home from the vet five days later, and has been growing strong and getting vaccinated with a  temporary foster in MS in preparation to head North to Brookline fosters.  Babe is now in Brookline foster care, and has made a full recovery and is going to be looking for his forever family.  Please read Babe’s blog from the bottom up.

March 2, 2021

My name is Babe and I am a black lab/mixed dog. I have nice sized legs so my foster parents think I may be a big dog. However, I am quite skinny, but I am always in the ‘clean plate’ club during breakfast and supper. I also enjoy treats and get a good amount during the day since my mom works at home and us dogs always follow her out to the kitchen. Okay, so it’s true, we follow anyone who goes out to the kitchen!

Although I have only been here for a short while, I have learned to sit and shake my paw. I have been swimming several times and am quite good! I know a few phrases which are the ones the resident dogs hear, such as “who wants a treat?!” and “Who has to go out?”  I am still learning to pee and poop outside, but I am getting better. I don’t tell anyone I have to go, so the foster family needs to ask me every few hours.

I don’t mind the crate when no one is home, but that doesn’t occur too often. Since mom works at home, us doggos hang with her in the office/bedroom during the days. When it’s time to take the teenager places, since he doesn’t have his license, I get to go on truck rides. I don’t mind going for rides in the truck or car, and I especially like it if we go through the ‘drive thru’ for a quick snack. I usually order a burger, but I am not a fussy eater and sometimes I eat chicken nuggets.

The teenage boy in the foster household wants to keep me, as he has been teaching me to bring back his duck when he throws it in the water. I guess he wants me to be a hunting dog AKA duck dog! Foster mom likes me, but would rather continue to foster rather than adopt.

For those of you who have had dogs, labs in particular, know that we are “bed hogs.” Foster mom sleeps all crunched up in a ball while I am all sprawled out. They need a king sized bed in this place!

I was “chipped” on Sunday so if I get lost and then found, I can be returned to my home. I did not like getting chipped! First, the needle was quite big and I am just a pup. I cried so loud, I even scared the vet tech who put the chip in me!

I am good with the resident dogs, but my foster parents think I could go to a home where there are no dogs if needed.

I have to lay back on the couch now to rest up.

Love AKA tale wags, and kisses,


February 24, 2021

black labrador retriever mixHi! My name is Babe. I arrived yesterday morning at my foster’s house after a long drive up from the South. When foster dad picked me up, I gave him lots of kisses. I still like to give lots of kisses, to everyone I meet!

There are three resident dogs at this house, two labs, one old boy beagle. I even give them kisses too! I try to get the old boy beagle to play, but he just walks away from me?! I don’t understand! I am a pup with a spring in my step!

This family is a real hoot! I get called Raven and Bo sometimes before I am called Babe. Raven and Bo were the last two foster pups here at this household. Foster mom must really miss Raven as she talks about how she was a such a special girl and is making a family very happy and how I too will make a family happy!

black labrador retriever mixThere is a 15 year old human boy in this house and he has been teaching me to sit. I guess I am the first foster to be trained at the Irwin household as the other dogs who have come here were just taught that a dog is to be loved. I am special to be learning to sit and to be loved! I like to sit because sometimes I get a piece of kibble! The human boy wants to make me into a duck dog, where I would go hunting!

Foster mom works from home but she took her dad to the doctor’s this morning so I had to be crated. I was a good dog when crated! In the afternoon, foster mom turned the heat off, and opened the house up. I went outside to see what the other dogs were sniffing in the fenced in yard, but then I returned to foster mom’s office and rested on the bed. Foster mom was surprised that I didn’t rip and run all through the yard, but she said that maybe because there was snow on the ground, I didn’t want to go outside, being from the south and all! 😉

Today after work, the family took me and the labs to the dog park. It was A LOT of fun! I got into the water to swim!! I like to follow the male resident lab dog around and so I just did what he did. They laughed and said that a great swimmer I was, as i didn’t even paddle like dogs who don’t have the knack of swimming right out of the gate!

I go up and down stairs like a pro! I have had a few accidents in the house, but my family is taking blame for these first few situations.

I’ll check in tomorrow, but lots of kisses and tail wags!




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