Bailey #20 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 12 Years Old ID#3107

chocolate labrador retrieverBailey is a sweet, loving 12 year old chocolate beauty whose owners are giving her up because they now have two small children, and can’t provide for her needs.

Bailey is in great shape for her age – she has some lumps and bumps, and some arthritis, but she still gets around well and can do carpeted steps.  She loves everyone she meets and her whole body wiggles with glee at meeting new people.  She gets along with dogs, though definitely prefers people, is good with very young kids, is good on leash and is just an easygoing, sweet girl.  She is adorable! Please read her blog from the bottom up.

Bailey is now available:

November 8, 2021

Bailey spent the day at the Vet today in Doylestown. She had some pre-anesthesia bloodwork done and then she had dental x-rays and a cleaning. The Dr. found that the roots of her teeth were in good shape, so did not extract any of her teeth.chocolate labrador retrieverShe is home recovering from her ordeal today and will be looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning I’m sure!  Look for this sweet girl to become available for adoption soon!chocolate labrador retriever

October 26, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverBailey continues to do well at our house. She really likes going for walks… And looks forward to them every day. I think her potential adopters should definitely take that into consideration, as I think it helps her feel younger and energetic take it out there and move a bit!chocolate labrador retrieverShe’s trimming down a bit too which certainly helps any achy joints! Right now, Bailey is waiting out the rain and relaxing.chocolate labrador retrieverShe will be having some dental x-rays and possible teeth extractions on November 8… After her hopefully very short recovery, she’ll be ready to find her forever home!!chocolate labrador retriever

October 13, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverBailey is a joy to have around… She fits right into our family routine and really is easy!  She really loves going for walks and is coming to expect one every day… I will be interested to see she’s lost a few pounds at our next visit on October 20. chocolate labrador retrieverShe sat by my daughter the whole afternoon after she had her wisdom teeth extracted, and she’s always up for eating! She is a typical sweet Lab who really just wants to be with people.chocolate labrador retrieverThe two dogs completely tolerate each other and Toby would love to snuggle up with Bailey… but Bailey really is just really not interested!   She takes nice long afternoon naps. She is going to make someone/some family….a perfect companion:)chocolate labrador retriever

September 30, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverBailey is such a sweetheart.  She just wants love and affection….and gives it right back.  She loves walking around the yard, and is getting very playful with her toys….she loves to find the squeakers…also, we found that she gets very vocal when she’s excited… She likes to tell you that she wants to go out or that she’s hungry!  chocolate labrador retrieverIt doesn’t take much more than a few pets to calm her down but she definitely has a lot of energy in her and for 12 years old she is really playful. She does have some trouble getting up off the floor once in a while,  especially if it’s not carpeted.chocolate labrador retrieverBut she manages to hoist herself up and does just fine after that!  She and our 3 year old resident dog had a very energetic session of “bitey-face” this morning…chocolate labrador retrieverShe has some dental work that needs to be done in a few weeks and after that is completed she should be ready to find her forever home…chocolate labrador retriever

September 17, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverSomeone was pretty excited about her welcome box, and all of the good stuff inside!  Thank you Brookline! Bailey showed a side of her we haven’t seen yet, and was really excited about her squeaky toy and hoarded it to herself….she’s still doing great and getting more and more comfortable every day!!chocolate labrador retriever

September 13, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverBailey has had a great first few days with us! She is fitting in great with our family and loves everyone she meets.  She’s good on leash, and is always up for a short walk….she seems to be attached to people more than dogs, and doesn’t want to let me out of her sight…but she does fine when I leave the house…I always find her lying on her bed when I return.  chocolate labrador retrieverWe have a few things to get checked at the Vet in the next few weeks, but hopefully she will be good to go! She gets along just fine with our resident dog, but I feel like she could take her or leave her! She would do fine as the only dog! She is getting more and more playful over the last few days and found some tennis balls that she has been carrying around…more on this girl soon!!chocolate labrador retriever

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