Bailey #22 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female ~2 Years Old ID#3154

Black Labrador MixMeet BaileyBailey is a two year old black lab mix weighing in at 60 pounds. Bailey is from Mississippi and she was surrendered by her owner after they were no longer able to take care of her. Bailey made the long trek from Mississippi and arrived in Pennsylvania on 03/23/2024.

Bailey is already spayed and currently up to date on all shots.

Please read Baileys blog from the bottom up!

March 27, 2024

Bailey here to let you know about day 3!

I don’t have any problems when anyone comes near my food, and I eat at a slow pace. If the bowl has food in it, I have no issues walking away from it and coming back when I want more.

I spent a long time outside in the yard! I don’t get into any trouble in the yard I just like to trot around and smell things. So far I have not gotten into anything that I am not suppose to inside the house or in the yard. When it’s time to come in I will let you wipe my paws to dry them off. I listen extremely well. If you call my name I will come on the first time.  I was exhausted after playing in the yard.Black Labrador MixI continue to do well on leash walks and a harness.  I do show some interests in squirrels and rabbits,  but don’t we all!  Black Labrador MixI am really starting to pick up on the routine in my foster house. I know the morning means, go outside, do my business, eat and then play with toys until it’s time for the mid morning nap. I am learning how to play rope tug with my foster brother. Black Labrador MixI am sure that the next few days has a lot in store for me and I’ll fill you in on all the details next week!

March 26, 2024

Bailey here checking in with a day 2 update!

Yesterday was another great day!  I continue to do all of my business outside and alert when I need to go out!

I took a quick trip to the vet to get my ears checked since I was itching at them a lot. The bad news is I had a mild ear infection in both ears. The good news is that I am on medication and it should clear up in no time!  I was a great traveler in the car and a perfect patient at the vet!  I also got my nails cut while I was there and while I didn’t love that I also didn’t hate it.

When I got home from the vet there was a box at the house for me. I opened it up and it was full of all kinds of goodies for me! Thank you to Terry Flannery and all the folks at Brookline for sending it to me. As you read yesterday I didn’t know what to do with toys but what a difference one day makes. I played with everything in that box and loved it!Black Labrador Mix Black Labrador Mix Black Labrador Mix Black Labrador MixOne of my foster sisters even took me in the back yard to play fetch.  Checkout the video!

After playing outside and playing fetch I was absolutely exhausted. I laid down on the floor and snored while my foster family ate dinner. I am extremely well behaved while they eat dinner, I just lay down and mind my business.Black Labrador MixI slept in the crate all night long, again without any issue!

I am extremely low maintenance and I’ll be taking applications for my forever family so I can conduct interviews very shortly!

March 25, 2024

Hi All! Bailey here!

I had my first full day in my foster home on Sunday and here is what my foster parents have to say about me.

My first order of business after arriving at my foster home was a bath. I was very well behaved and my foster dad could easily tell that this wasn’t my first bath.Black Labrador MixI am very easy going and affectionate. I love to curl up and cuddle on the couch with people.  You can easily tell that my home before Brookline took good care of me and I am totally use to living in a home.Black Labrador Mix Black Labrador MixI know my name and I listen very well. I know what sit is and I hope to pick up a few new tricks at my foster home so I can show them off when I meet my furever family. I take treats VERY nicely and I walked on a leash with lots of manners. As soon as I saw a leash and a harness I knew exactly what to do. I also know what to do when the treats come out and I sit very nicely.Black Labrador MixI love carrying toys around in my mouth but I don’t really seem to know what to do with them.  I’m sure I will figure them out shortly!
I get along with the resident dog very well. The resident dogs name is Bronco and he’s a Brookline alumni foster fail. He’s been showing me all the ropes around the house and yard and I pick up on things very quickly. Bronco is a professional sleeper and I am learning how to do that. Black Labrador MixI am great with kids. I have 3 foster sisters and I am great with all three of them. Cuddling and Belly rubs rank high up on my list on how I like to spend my time with them.Black Labrador MixI am fully potty trained and when I need to go out I walk to the door and whine. Outside I can do my business on a leash or off a leash it doesn’t matter.Black Labrador MixI have the softest fur you have ever felt! You will want to pet me all day long and I am totally fine with that. When you stop petting me I will nudge you once or twice to let you know I wasn’t quite done being petted.Black Labrador MixMy foster family was told I have never been crated before and I am reliable in the house. Last night I slept in a crate through the whole night without any issues and I didn’t make a peep.

See yall on the Day 2 update tomorrow!

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