Bailey #23 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 4 Months Old ID #3212

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April 8, 2024

Brilliant, blissful, beloved Bailey brings so much joy.

Bailey is becoming quite the little lady. She is gentle, respectful and plays well with everyone. Now that the rain has subsided, she loves her time outside and chases her fur siblings until her little legs give out. She has learned to play fetch, sort of, as she understands that the other dogs are chasing the ball and she will chase them. Her little mouth won’t open wide enough for the tennis ball but yet she tries her best and run after them as they bring it back to FM.

She continues to do well on her walks and has been several days without an accident in the house. FM believes that her sensitive stomach had been the problem all along and now that she is on a different dog food, this seems to have done the trick.  Bailey even will go into her crate without any prompting. Bedtime, she takes one look at FM and goes right into the crate. When FM needs to do an errand, she understands its crate time as well.

Bailey gets excited when it’s time to eat or go for a walk but she waits patiently for her turn and takes her time. She settles easily once she has played and snuggles with the resident dogs.  Bailey’s favorite spot to lay is with her head resting on FM’s foot at the end of every day.

It seems that FM has run out of alliterative adjectives for this beautiful babe, which can only mean one thing — it’s time for Bailey to find her forever home. FM hasn’t had the heart to tell the resident dogs lest they stage a mutiny as she has completely wormed her way into their hearts. She will make a family very, very happy as she is such a joy and has so much love to give.

April 3, 2024

Busy, bossy, bounding Bailey is making her mark!

It’s official – Bailey runs the house.  She has the resident dogs wrapped around her little paw (including crusty ole Riggs).  She always has a canine chaperone in the yard and a furry friend for cuddles.  Gus shares everything with her, including his coveted sticks.  Bailey continues to have her pick of the dog beds and takes full advantage of her houseguest status, trying them all out in various poses until she determines which she likes best.

When Bailey barks at the resident dogs, they all know she wants to play.  Of course, when she barks at FM, it means she needs to go outside.  She is learning to share her toys and bones and even offers them to FM, just in case FM is hiding a treat somewhere.  Bailey is very good with relinquishing something she shouldn’t have when she is told (which is often considering she is a puppy).  She even has learned “drop it” and understands a firm “no” when she shouldn’t have something.   She is easily redirected.

Bailey is great with crowds.  There were lots of people in FM’s house for Easter and she was the center of attention.  She loved every minute of it and didn’t get overly excited or run and hide.  She played well with the children and took belly rubs from everyone.

Every day bring something new for Bailey.  She loves her walks and although she feels the need to lead the pack, she is getting better with staying in her lane.Yellow Labrador Retriever  She is getting better with car rides, although she still is a little wary of them.  Bailey has discovered ice cubes and loves them.  Soup bones are just as fun and occupy her for hours. She is finally big enough to get on the couch like the big dogs and claimed her prize spot. Yellow Labrador Retriever Of, and she even discovered the puppy that looks just like her that lives in the living room—she not only did a double take, but she kept checking herself out every time she walked past.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Bailey is absolutely charming and bright.  She is joy to have in the house.Yellow Labrador Retriever

March 27, 2024

Bright, beaming, beefy Bailey is becoming a big girl!

Bailey had her vet visit and tipped the scales at 29lbs.! Although she complained the whole way there, she was a good girl and made so many friends in the vet’s office.  She got a clean bill of health and on her way.  This time, FM buckled her into the back seat instead of in the crate in the back, which she seemed to like better.  Bailey even napped on the way home.Yellow Labrador Retriever

The vet visit tuckered her out and she snoozed (upside down) for the rest of the afternoon.Yellow Labrador Retriever  By dinnertime, she had recovered enough to claim her Brookline goodie box which arrived for her.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverBailey had some help going through the box but quickly picked out her favorite toy and carried it around with her wherever she went.  Bailey wasn’t as keen to share her toys with the resident dogs as they were with her but she soon gave into their persistence. Pretty soon though, it became clear that the favorite part of Bailey’s gift box was the box itself.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Even though Saturday was so wet, Bailey loved running among the raindrops.  She loved being toweled off even more.  In fact, she would run out just to run back in again for the towel.  She’s so smart! She also jumped in the big puddles in the backyard just to test FM’s patience.  Once she was cleaned up, she snuggled with Gus for most of the afternoon and even learned how to climb up on the couch.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Sunday brought the sun and Bailey enjoyed every minute of being outside.  Bailey hasn’t met a stick or leaf she doesn’t like and then tries to bring her treasures inside.  She loves being active and then just being a couch potato.  She catches on quickly and continues to keep FM on her toes.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Bailey has finally slept through the night and continues to work on her housetraining.  She continues to keep up with the pack and worm her way into the heart of everyone she meets.

March 22, 2024

Brave, bubbly, blossoming Bailey continues to bewitch and beguile.

She doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. When it comes to the resident dogs, the song “Anything you can do, I can do better” comes to mind. For some reason, she seems to think that her pudgy little legs can keep up with the big dogs.’ She is undaunted in trying to chase them down or stay in the middle of their fray.

Within 36 hours, she had mastered the (uncarpeted, hardwood) stairs, which means not only did she go up and down once but she continued to do so several times until she completely wore herself out. She was mighty proud of herself.

She has also managed to sample every toy in the toy box, from stuffies to bones. She has a few in particular that she likes and will often carry them throughout the house during the day. Like Goldilocks, she has tried every bed in the house and finally found her favorite.

Despite all of her puppy energy, she is a wonderful office companion. She plays so hard in the morning that she sleeps contentedly under FM’s chair and oftentimes on FM’s feet. Yellow Labrador RetrieverBailey is learning to leash walk with the pack.  She’s not a fan of walking into the street on her own, but with another dog, she’s game.  FM chuckles as Bailey takes three strides for each of the big dogs’ and runs to keep up with them.  She zigs and zags a bit much so that the four leashes are a tight braid towards the end and the dogs are almost on top of each other.  She’ll get there.  Bailey uses up so much energy that after a walk she crashes and naps for at least an hour.

At this point, she only gets up once during the night to do her business and then settles right back down. She does not complain about her crate at all unless she has left completely alone. Now that she knows when mealtime is, she starts her happy dance as FM goes toward the food bag. She waits her turn and does not try to take anyone else’s food. As FM types this, Bailey rang the bell to go out and quickly relieve herself.  She was super proud of herself (and FM was too)!

Tomorrow, she goes to the vet for her well visit.  FM knows everyone will fall in love with her.

March 18, 2024

Beautiful, bouncy, bold Bailey became a Brookline babe!Yellow Labrador Retriever

After picking her up at Valley Forge where she was driven to with her brother, Bailey came home to meet her new foster siblings. While she was very vocal on the ride home, she became very quiet when she saw the big dogs at her foster home. But within minutes, she fell into line with the pups here.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Bailey made herself right at home and showed what a true explorer she is. She romped in the backyard, exploring what there was with two of the resident dogs. She probably had never been through a doorway before as she hesitated quite a bit. However, after some thoughtful consideration, she mustered up the courage and proceeded into the house. Bailey started investigating the rooms, one by one, returning to her crate in the kitchen in between adventures.Yellow Labrador Retriever

This pretty, spicy girl played herself tired! She followed Dolly’s lead and only peed outside.  She ate all her food and has a healthy appetite. She put herself in her crate whenever she felt like a nap. When it was time for bed, the resident dogs and FM slept downstairs, with Bailey in her crate. She whined every two hours or so, went right outside and did her business, and came back in to sleep. She was finally up around 7:30 AM.

FM had to run her errands and so Bailey’s crate went in the kitchen where she stayed with the resident dogs. She did not let out a peep. Her crate was dry when FM came home and Bailey promptly went outside to do her thing. Given the lovely day, Bailey spent most of her time outside romping around, chasing leaves, finding sticks, and playing with the dogs.

In addition to her stunning good looks, Bailey is sassy and smart.  Her coat is cinnamon and sugar; she has angel wings and dark legs.  Nothing seems to phase her.  Gus is 5x her size and she thinks nothing of speaking her mind to him.  She seems to know her name and comes when she is called.  This afternoon, she even rang the bell to go outside to potty like the big dogs!  She likes balls, although right now she isn’t too sure what to do with them.  She has claimed most of the toys as her own (and lucky for her the resident dogs share).Yellow Labrador Retriever

She’s worn out from yet another day.  Let’s see what fun tomorrow brings!

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