Bailey Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 9 Years Old

September 26, 2019

Yellow Labrador Bailey leashed in the yardBailey, yellow breeder mom, chewing on her nylaboneYellow Labrador Bailey wondering why she was left on the deckYellow Lab Bailey snoozing in her own bedYellow Labrador Bailey walking with her fur buddyWell, it’s been 2 weeks now that Miss Bailey joined our family.  We’ve seen a HUGE change in her, and her personality is really starting to shine thru.  She absolutely LOVES her people, loves to be with them, loves to be petted by them, just loves everyone she has met.

A little over a week ago, we had our first vet check, and besides needing to lose a little bit of weight, everything seems to be great.  Everyone at the vet’s office loved her, and she reciprocated.  We have her spay surgery scheduled for October 7th, and she will also need some mild dental work as well, not a huge deal, but something that needs taken care of.

As I said, she is really starting to open up and show other true colors.  She, in typical Lab fashion, is a chow hound…we are working with her to stop begging while we eat, and it’s getting better with a little bit of redirection with a nylabone or another toy.  Speaking of toys… initially, she had zero interest in balls, ropes, or soft squeaky toys…  over the last few days, something clicked… and now she will drag just about every toy out of the dog toy box and spread them all over.  We did find that she dismembered a stuffed squeaky chicken.  One leg was here… one was there… and there were bits of stuffing all over.  Ohhhhh Bailey.

In 2 weeks, she has only had a couple of wet accidents, and all but 1, were at the door to get outside… so we just need to pick up on her cues a bit quicker.  Nearly every time she goes out, it’s a guarantee that she will at least do something.  She sleeps in a crate every night, which she seems to enjoy any time of day.  It’s her safe place.  She spends anywhere from 6-9 hours a night crated and is quiet as can be.  Not a peep or mess from her.   She goes out right away in the morning and is usually free for about an hour until we leave for work and school, then it’s back into her crate where she spends the next 4 or 5 hours at most.  I usually find her snoring away when I come home from work.  Our resident dogs barking when there is “an intruder” wakes her up.   After that, it’s outside, then most afternoons we do some walking or just hanging outside on the deck or in the yard.  She LOVES to be out in the grass.

About the only thing we’ve really found that still needs some work…  she is a picky picky eater.  We usually have to mix some people food in with her dog food to get her to eat.  Not a huge deal, but it’s there.  Steps are also a hurdle we are still working with.  She does 2 steps just fine.  We have 3 going into the garage, and she is still super unsure about them, but with some reassurance, she will go in and out that way.  As far as a full flight of stairs, I don’t see her doing that for a LONG time, if at all.

And as I’m typing this…. she came in and started dancing around…. time to head outside with the 2 of them, as we get ready to wrap things up for the night.

September 15, 2019

yellow female Labrador Bailey smiling on her freedom rideHello everyone, my name is Bailey. I’m a 9-year-old former breeder momma. My foster family said those days are long behind me!  Whew!  Foster dad picked me up a few days ago.  After getting me into his car, the first thing we did was went and got a bath.  I got one, but I couldn’t help but not get foster dad get wet in the process. After he lifted me out of the doggie shower, he said something about me needing to lose some weight.  Well, I never!  It’s taken me a long time to get up to my current weight of around 90 (or maybe more) lbs.  I don’t understand whatever he means… lose weight.  Ha!yellow Labrador Bailey showing the weight loss needed

The foster boys that live here call me root beer, as in Root Beer Barrel.  I guess they think I look like a barrel on legs.  Teenage boys can be so funny sometimes – I’ll have to chew on their shoes or something.

So far I’ve gotten a bath… ridden in cars… found a super comfy pillow… and have gone on lots of walks.  I really love to walk.  I’m not great with stairs yet, but the walking part, I’ve got that down pat. yellow Lab Bailey enjoying a walk in the yard

Foster dad says that Monday we get to take a car ride, and go to the vet to get checked out and schedule my spay surgery. Yay, no more puppies for these old bones!yellow Lab Bailey hanging out in her crate

I’ll keep everyone up to date with how my visit goes and all of my future endeavors!

Peace, wags, and wet kisses…. Bailey ❤


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