Baxter Black Labrador Retriever Male 6 Years Old

February 1, 2017

I am now on the market for a family of my own. Today FM took me to the hardware store and the pet store. I was happy to meet all the people and the dog at the hardware store. At the pet store I walked past the cats and didn’t even see them, that is what FM told me anyway. Really, who cares about cats when there is all that food stacked to the Labrador Retriever sitting in pet store

January 27, 2019

FM had house guest this weekend so things were very exciting. I just loved having more people to pet me. I did jump up on them but not enough to knock anyone over and stopped jumping when told “off”. After everyone sat down I did the rounds for petting and just took my spot on the floor for a snooze. I did try to take things out of bags but to be honest they did put them on the floor and that was just too much temptation. I did get a sunglasses case but dropped it when I was told to. black and yellow Labrador Retrievers on the floor

January 21, 2019

Baxter continues to improve his leash manors. Today we did some random turning around the back yard and he did really well maintaining his attention. Three more trips up and down the patio stairs. He still darts up but takes the down much better. He even too a snooze on the dog bed last Labrador Retriever sleeping on dog bed

January 19, 2019

I had to go to the vet to be heartworm tested, which was negative!!  FM had to teach me how to get into the back of her car. Can I say the power of cheese. Go figure she had to teach me how to get out too. Once I was in I was nervous and tried to get in the front seat. We made it to the vet early. The next hurdle was to get on the scale. That rubber mat kept sliding and freaking me out. I weigh 80 lbs. After the vet we went to the hardware store as a treat. They give cookies to all the dogs that come in. We walked up and down all the isles and when I pulled FM would stop walking. I started sitting when she stopped. Eventually, we made it back to the girl scouts at the front of the store. FM got her box of cookies and I got some petting from the labrador retriever and two girls

January 18, 2018

Day three was exciting. FM brought some other Brookline volunteers home to pet me. Having them spreading the petting around made easier for me to relax around my foster brothers. I was able to check them out while they were getting pets and I was able to get petting form three people instead of just FM. I am going to the vet on Saturday to get heart worm tested. I hope I don’t have worms, that would be gross. I’ll let you know how it goes.

January 17, 2019

Day two at my new foster home and things are good. I slept through the night in my crate with no accidents or barking (go me). I am starting to be more relaxed around my foster brothers. Turns out they are couch potatoes. This afternoon FM and I walked around the yard pooper scooping and I even started to sit and wait to be told OK to move on. FM tried to get me to play with a ball but I wasn’t too interested in it. I don’t really know how to do stairs esp the going up part. There are a few stairs from the patio to the back yard and I made it up the 5 of them and down. Now it is nap Labrador Retriever sleeping

January 16, 2019

Baxter made the 2.5 drive from the shelter to his new foster home. He is a good looking and friendly but cautious boy. So far he is getting along great with his new foster brothers.

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