Bear Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 10 Years Old

August 20, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever on sofaBear continues to do so well with our canine pack.  He is such an amiable guy to the point that our jealous female has totally accepted him and she and even let him eat a little from her bowl…I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES.

Bear loves to run and play fetch with the ball, and he is quite athletic for his age!   He has also started to enjoy chewing hard bones and rubber Kong toys when he lays around.

Bear has perfect house manners.  The only thing we’re really still working on is making sure he waters the trees instead of the back porch furniture 🙂

Bear is just  the sweetest dog. He loves to snuggle in couch and bed with us. He is a loyal lover and will make some lucky family very happy.

Bear does show some mild separation anxiety and we therefore believe he should be with at least another dog and/or an adopter who would be his companion all the time (work from home, go with for errands, etc).

Bear is healing up nicely from his neuter and he should be available soon.


August 6, 2019

We picked up Bear on Saturday. Out of all the fosters we had so far he was by far the easiest to introduce to our pack of three labs. He was obviously stressed from the day’s journey and the loss of his mom but did great and ate and slept without issue. On Sunday he began to open up by following us around and cuddling a bit, he was still understandably a bit stressed.  Bear seemed to settle in as the day went on. Last night he had his best sleep so far and slept through the night without whining or getting up. He spent most of today napping and chilling since I was working from home. He’s a super sweetheart who is settling in nicely. He has a vet appointment Thursday to check out a small mass on his leg and then we will get his neuter and mass removal scheduled.
More on sweet chocolate Bear soon!

August 3, 2019

Meet Bear, a 10 yr old choc lab who y was surrendered to the shelter. His mom was heartbroken over it and Brookline promised her he is in the best hands and he will be very well taken care of! Bear is in great shape for his age and hopped right into my backseat for his Rescue Ride! Stay tuned for updates.

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