Beau #5 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 1 Year Old ID #3142

November 1, 2022

Beau celebrated Halloween this week! Although he didn’t have any interest in keeping the lion’s head costume on, he did wear a Christmas scarf to greet the kids!

He loves chewing (or even just carrying) bones and rawhides and is adjusting so well to life in a house.

October 26, 2022

Beau is doing fantastic and is adjusting well to home life. He has finally discovered dog toys! He’s been picking them up and playing with them and even has a favorite furry duck that he sleeps with in his crate.

He is becoming more playfully and a little less shy.

He plays really well with our dogs and even tries to play with the cat, although the cat is not really interested in playing :-).yellow Labrador Retriever

Beau went to White Clay Creek and got to splash around a little in the water. He wouldn’t go all the way in and swim with our dogs, but he certainly loved to get his feet wet and run around with a stick in his mouth.yellow Labrador Retriever

He’s getting much better at leash walking. He doesn’t pull and is now following the walker’s lead better.

We’re still working on stairs but so far, he’s adjusted really well. And, he’s still a big sweetheart.

October 21, 2022

Beau is a yellow male lab, 110 pounds.yellow Labrador Retriever

Beau aka The Gentle Giant (as we’ve taken to calling him) is settling in nicely. He is a very sweet dog. He’s getting along well with our two dogs and seems to love all people who come to visit.

He barley notices our cat except for a few sniffs here and there :-).yellow Labrador Retriever

He’s had a lot of new experiences! As a farm dog that had never been inside a house before, everything is new to him. He adjusted to walking into doorways and going up a few steps. He’s doing really well on leash walks. So far, his favorite activity seems to be lying in our foyer by the storm door and soaking in the sun rays and the outside views.

He went to the vet for the first time and did a great job with all the new smells, sounds, and animals. As long as you give him a little reassurance and tell him he’s a good boy, he settles in pretty quickly.

He’s a happy, healthy puppy and a really sweet soul.

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