Beauty #2 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 8 Year Old ID#2999

chocolate labrador retrieverBeauty joined Brookline right from her farm.  She is a 8 yr old chocolate breeder mom who was already retired and spayed by the farmer.  This was a very nice Amish farm with owners who treated her well.  Beauty spent part of her time in a kennel but was free to roam when the family was with her.  She’s friendly with a wagging tail when she greets people.  She’s good with other dogs and little kids as well.

January 11, 2022

Beauty had her surgery today to remove to bad teeth and the growth on her eyelid.  All went well!! She is back home and resting. She is definitely feeling the effects of the anesthesia and pain meds – very groggy and confused.  The “cone of shame” is not a hit with her either.chocolate labrador retrieverI’m also happy to report, her weight is down a little over 8lbs!  She still has about two more to go but the vet was pleased.  You can now feel her ribs without too much digging around.

January 3, 2022

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

chocolate labrador retrieverWe are in our final week in FL and enjoying the warm air and sunshine before heading back to PA!chocolate labrador retrieverBeauty has adapted to being a Floridian quite well.  She loves sitting out on the balcony and taking in all the sights and smells.  She loves her morning walks where we meet lots of other dogs and humans.  We have visited the dog park several times too.  Beauty gets excited to go there but could take or leave the other dogs.  She would rather visit the humans and stay close to me.chocolate labrador retrieverBeauty has had lots of firsts while here – golf cart rides, visits to the beach – not a fan of the water, trips to restaurants, and a trip to see a Christmas display.  She has enjoyed my kids when they were here as well.chocolate labrador retrieverBeauty will have her surgery next Tuesday when we get home to pull the 2 bad teeth and remove the growth on her eyelid.  After that, she should be ready to find her forever home.chocolate labrador retrieverI think the best home for her would be an active one and one where she is the only dog.  She loves being the center of attention and has gotten used to being the only dog.  She is fine with cats, but they might not be with her.

December 11, 2021

Beauty is such a chill dog.  It’s almost too good to be true, but it is.  SInce my last post, Beauty has taken to her dog food with a little help from a teaspoon of wet food, stays alone in the house without the crate – she loves that! – and sleeps on our bed at night – my husband couldn’t resist her sweet face!

Beauty is well on her way to meeting her 10 pound weight loss as is evident in her now loose-fitting harness.  I will be curious to see what she weighs when w go back to the vet.

Beauty had her first encounter with a car wash! Let’s say she was not really sure about what was happening outside the car around her and thought it best to sit on my lap as we drove through – sorry no pics of that.  🙂chocolate labrador retrieverThis week we headed to FL with Beauty – an 18 hour trip over 2 days. Beauty was a champ. We laid her dog bed in the back seat so she could stretch out, but she found herself a better spot with her front paws on the center console between my husband and me and watching out the front window.  When we stopped at the hotel for the night she was curious but had no issues.chocolate labrador retrieverHere in Fl she has so many new smells to investigate but is finding the warmer weather something to get used to.  Although the temps are not too high (75 ish) definitely warmer than home.chocolate labrador retrieverThis morning we went to the dog park.  I can’t say Beauty was a big fan of it but she tolerated it.  Even though she was raised with other dogs, she does not show much interest in other dogs.  She’s not aggressive at all, in fact very submissive to them. She also gets jealous if I pet another dog, evident by a gentle nudge from her to say “um you’re supposed to pet me”.  Maybe after all those years with other dogs and puppies, she’s glad to be the only one.  Something to consider is placing her in a home where she is the only one.

Merry Christmas to all from FL!

November 27, 2021

Beauty has had a busy few days.  She has met our kids and they absolutely love her, but then again it’s hard not to.
She took her first hikes and was in heaven with so many new smells.  She went in the lake for the first time and seemed to enjoy it. Beauty really knows how to walk on the left side while on a leash, the commands “Halt”, and “come around” when she needs to move to my left.  We are working on “Heel” and that is coming along.

Beauty loves routine for sure and being around us.  She now sleeps in her dog bed at the foot of our bed at night and is much happier than in her crate.  After a quick potty walk in the morning, she has been allowed to come up in bed with us for some snuggles.  She doesn’t try to come up unless you give her the OK.  We usually do a long walk in the morning – 2-3 miles – and then a shorter one in the afternoon and before bed.  With playtime in the afternoon.  Beauty loved fetching and will bring back the toy and drop on command.chocolate labrador retrieverAs I said she likes company, so having to go in her crate when we leave is not her favorite, but she goes in with treats eventually.  We are allowing more time for her to get settled before leaving her home outside the crate.  She jumps gates so and gets nervous when confined to a space, so until she is more comfortable, her crate will be where she stays.

Dog food is also not her favorite thing.  Not sure what she was eating on the farm, but it certainly was not kibble.  We need to coax her with some cheese, egg, or a hot dog piece mixed in to entice her to eat the kibble.  It is getting better slowly bc she realizes that she’s not getting table scraps.  Beauty’s waistline is trimming down and we are starting to feel her ribs more. We haven’t weighed her but I would say she has dropped some of the 10 pounds the DR recommended.chocolate labrador retrieverBeauty and the cats are getting along and she does well around other dogs as well.  She seldom barks except when she hears the UTVs in our community.  Her whining and singing is way less now too.

November 13, 2021

Today was a quiet day at home because of the rain.  We were able to get out for a long walk before and after the rain though.  We also introduced her to our inside cat and that went well.  Beauty did better than our cat, but then again our cat is not very social.chocolate labrador retrieverWe picked up a new toy for her today and first she was not sure what to do.  But you will see she quickly found it entertaining.

We did find her weakness today – CHEESE!  My husband was cutting some up for a snack and she went crazy trying to get it!  It must have been a treat for her previously.chocolate labrador retrieverBeauty is settling in and less restless and whiny today.chocolate labrador retriever

November 11, 2021

I picked up Beauty around lunch time.  She was very shy because she had not really ever been off the farm.chocolate labrador retrieverWe loaded her up and began our 2.5 hr drive to our home.  Beauty did amazing in the car.  She was relaxed and looked out the window.  When we arrived home, her sniffer was on overdrive!  So many new smells!  We took a nice walk and I forgot how much energy they have. ( Our former lab was 14 so she had slowed down considerably)chocolate labrador retrieverBeauty walked right up our steps and into the house like it was old hat.  I think she may have been in a house before.  She needed a bath as the manure smell was bad.  After some minor coaxing, she walked into the shower and enjoyed her bath.  She is already smiling and wanting affection from us.  Beauty and I are tethered together for now and she seems to like that.  Beauty knows her name and the commands Sit and Paw.chocolate labrador retrieverShe already has her first nickname – Miss Beauty!chocolate labrador retrieverShe also went right into her crate and is resting now.chocolate labrador retrieverIf she stays this easy finding her a forever home won’t take long.

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