Beauty Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 7 Years Old ID #2991

yellow labrador retrieverBeauty is a 7 year old, Yellow Labrador Retriever that came into Brookline’s care from a puppy mill situation.  This girl has had many, many puppies in her day and was in very much need of rescue.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

Beauty is now available:

October 2, 2021

Beauty continues to make slow but steady progress with her manners. She is learning from her foster brother and sister how to enjoy life as labs do so very well.yellow labrador retrieverShe imitates them and starting digging in the yard (uggh) and was so close to Boomer when he was vigorously kicking up the dirt that she was covered in it (uggh again).yellow labrador retrieverShe is very happy and is now playing with all the dog toys and loves to chew on Nyla bones. She also loves being part of the pack. She runs to the fence to greet the  neighbor’s dogs and has come fully out of her shell as a Class A snuggler.yellow labrador retrieverUnfortunately, her spay has been cancelled twice because of Covid outbreaks. She is rescheduled for this Wednesday and will also get microchipped then.

September 23, 2021

I am so very excited and happy to write this update about Beauty. In the past week, she has very gradually but steadily come out of her shell! yellow labrador retrieverLast week, she got fed up just looking at our resident labs, Hannah and Boomer  through the dog gate so she knocked it over, strolled into the kitchen, licked me on the back of my knee when I was cooking, and laid down. My dogs were very gentle with her and she became “one of the pack” quickly.

After that, she didn’t want to be separated from them for one second. She whimpered to join them that night to sleep in the living room and has been quiet and content every night since then. Over the next few days, Beauty sloooowly followed the other dogs outside and wasn’t afraid when the neighboring dogs met her at the fence! Her tail was wagging the whole time! It took her no time to do her business with the others and she has not had a single accident since!yellow labrador retrieverShe has free roam of the entire downstairs even on the days we work. There’s lots of hair and toys spread everywhere but everyone’s happy. Beauty is a totally different dog now. She has been treated for fleas and an ear infection and appears
much more comfortable.

Beauty is an extremely content, happy, and loving girl who will be looking for her forever home soon. Since she is settled and no longer traumatized and anxious, she will be getting spayed soon and will be adoptable once she completely heals from her procedure. We sooo love this beauty and will miss her terribly when the time comes to say goodbye.

September 14, 2021

yellow labrador retrieverBeauty is making slow but steady progress and is becoming less timid around our 2 labs. We put up a see-through gate and allowed her to roam the first floor with Boomer and Hannah gated in the kitchen. Beauty did a little tail wag but was still afraid to approach them. She spent hours allowing my son to give her a nice back rub with his feet and enjoyed every second of it! She is so sweet and affectionate. She continues to love her walks as long as there are no “scary dogs” along the way. The hope is with time, love, and patience, Beauty will come to love other dogs and not fear them. Her favorite flower to sniff so far are zinnias. Go figure!

yellow labrador retrieverOur visit to the vet last night went better than expected. We had explained her dog-phobia so they kindly cleared the waiting room for her. Despite all the animal smells, she was not afraid and made several human friends! She is now being treated for her ear infection and some skin issues from fleas. She slept peacefully through the night again and greeted us with tail wagging this morning. She loves to eat but is a slow grazing eater.

yellow labrador retrieverEach day we see new sides of Beauty’s social and special personality. I offered her a Nyla bone and she has been starting to chew on it. Some toys are next! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

September 13, 2021

Beauty is becoming more comfortable within our home and in the fenced- in yard. This molto bella breeder mama is the sweetest girl ever!yellow labrador retrieverShe absolutely loves affection and her tail wags non-stop when we greet her, pet her, hug her, kiss her. She also has discovered the joy of a nice walk. These have probably been the first walks this farm girl has taken. She loves sniffing the air and flowers and exploring the area. She tugs slightly on the leash but is much better than expected. We took a few 30-minute walks yesterday and she loved every second of the experience.

We will be working on Beauty‘s fear of other dogs, especially barking dogs. She drops her tail and cowers. We have been allowing her time to settle and decompress from the farm life before introducing her to our two labs, Boomer and Hannah. Both of their noses have been firmly planted under the door leading to Beauty. She seems very interested in them too but is just a little afraid so slowly we go.yellow labrador retrieverBeauty slept through the night peacefully on some blankets on the floor (the dog bed was next to them but she was not interested) and, when I checked on her this morning, she was sleeping on the chaise lounge like the queen that she is!  She is getting more relaxed with her surroundings and starting to open up and enjoy the “labby” life. I have no doubt that Hannah and Boomer will be happy to train her in all the other aspects once she’s ready. Each day is a new and exciting day- we can’t wait to see her reach her full potential!

September 12, 2021

Beauty arrived yesterday, fresh off the farm and ready for a new life. It was a gorgeous day and Beauty seemed content on the ride home, watching out the windows and enjoying the cool breeze with a few yawns.

We can tell she has been through a lot in life, so we are hoping with some patience and TLC, we can help her learn the joyful life of a house pet.

The first stop on the way home was for a bath, but Beauty decided she had absolutely no interest in stepping into a store. She was very content to sit on the sidewalk and watch the other dogs come in and out, one even happily greeting her, but decided this was not for her yet. So, we settled on a backyard bath, which she did not protest once we put away the terrifying hose. She seemed to somewhat enjoy a soapy massage, followed by a warm water rinse with pitchers of water.

Afterwards, Beauty explored the whole backyard and whole house, and would stare at us with tired eyes trying to figure out our intentions. Inside she ate a little kibble mixed with some fresh refrigerated dog food. Back outside, she quickly went into flight mode when the male dog in the house caddy corner to our backyard ran out into his backyard and started barking excitedly. Beauty ran right over to the gate she knew she came in at and started digging and chewing off pieces of wood in a panic. We quickly led her inside and talked to her and pet her calmly. Then the poor girl was so tired she began dozing in the sitting position. She spent most of the rest of the day napping in the living room.yellow Labrador Retriever When we went to bed, we showed her some options…. a dog bed, a blanket next to our bed, and a crate with a quilt laid in the bottom. After we were both in bed, she walked right into the crate and laid there all night with the door open. The only sounds we heard from the poor exhausted girl were some light snores and jingles from a few active dreams.yellow Labrador Retriever

This morning Beauty seems a bit more relaxed and we are looking forward to getting to know this very special lady.

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