Benny Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 5 Months Old

August 25, 2019

Labrador puppy Benny behaving and chiilling outGood Morning! I was trying to think about what to say about Benny.. there is just so much.

Benny is house trained, dog door trained, knows sit, and tolerates the crate. He has also mastered the stairs and believes everyone should have them because they are so cool.  Benny started off great in the crate but developed some SA during the day starting on Friday.  He destroyed his bed in the afternoon.  He will sleep in the crate fine at night and I put a new pillow in. I left for one hour yesterday and the same result. NO more pillows for Benny during the day.Labrador puppy Benny doing what puppies do

Healthwise Benny is doing well. I had one day in which Benny was not weight-bearing again which was Friday, so that may have contributed to some of it.  We are doing our best to keep Benny chill, but it’s tough with a pup.  I am a little more optimistic about his knee than I was when this first happened. I plan on seeing the orthopedic vet on Friday in State College to see what he has to say when he feels the joint.  We will not be neutering any of the pups and they will be coming with a neuter contract.  The Board thankfully approved the delay in neutering due to Bo and Benny having leg/knee injuries within the first couple days of being in foster care. We are hoping this improves the chances for healing and allows them to grow at a normal rate to hopefully avoid future issues.

Ok…now for what to expect when you live with Benny.  Benny is everything I love about a lab. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy a fun, goofy dog, Benny is it.  Benny is adventurous; he may be nervous at first, but he will eventually check it out.  Benny is like a kid you see at a playground who wants to try everything.  He is like the kid who wants to try the highest slide, but inevitably something will go wrong. Benny will somehow turn himself backward and head first midway down the slide and land in a pile of dirt at the bottom.

Labrador puppy Benny all worn outYesterday we went to my parents for dinner and Benny was checking out their baker’s rack which holds like the George Foreman grill, cooking oil, and toaster oven. Somehow, some way, didn’t Benny manage to get the leash hook on the collar onto the handle of the toaster oven….which then ended in Benny running with a toaster oven still attached.  This also caused the baker’s rack to fall over.  Now you think that would enough for one evening, but not if you are Benny.  When Benny gets/ excited anxious he acts like a jumping bean and wants to hug you.  So as I am trying to get him to settle, my husband goes and gets a drink out of the cooler. He is standing there and next thing you know, Benny goes over and jumps, and as God is my witness. Benny’s tooth punctured the can that wasn’t opened, causing a steady spray everywhere!

Yesterday I sat down with my morning coffee and I went to take a drink.  Benny also felt 100% this was the most opportune time to jump because he was excited, sending the entire cup of coffee all over me, my couch, and the dogs.

I could go on and on and on… it’s only been a week. This will now be your family’s life if you choose to apply for Benny!  Get ready. God help us!



August 23, 2019

Meet Benny! He and his two brothers were recently surrendered to Brookline. Like most puppies, Benny is a real character. He loves toys, his foster siblings, and all the people he meets.chocolate and yellow Labrador Retriver on dog bed
Benny never lived inside before, so he can be a little timid around things like the sweeper or other noisy household items. The good news is Benny appears he will learn to be confident pup. He will check out things from a distance, and once the sweeper or other household item is off, will come up and check it out.
Benny is crate trained, house trained, and dog door trained. He does like to be on the furniture so keep that in mind.
This is a super sweet dog with a wonderful temperament. Unfortunately, Benny sustained an injury almost immediately after coming in to foster care. He hurt his knee,  and is at times not able to put weight on it. I am still assessing this situation and Benny might be in foster care longer due to this injury. Benny will not be neutered when he is adopted out and will be coming with a neuter contract. It’s been shown that holding off neutering a dog with an injury like this is beneficial. Benny will be utd on all of his shots.
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August 22, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever bow tie
Check out My New Tie

August 19, 2019

Meet Benny! Benny was born 2/28/19. He is a giant goofball that loves to play with toys. More to come as we learn more about this boy!


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