Bernie Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male, 2 Years Old

September 12, 2018

Bernie is doing great. He has warmed up to his new surroundings and more of his personality (and puppy traits!) are coming out. He has started to alert bark a bit and he is finding the sights and smells of the kitchen more interesting. I have a feeling he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen in his previous home because everything seems new to him. He’s eating well, sleeping well, and totally housebroken. No incidents.
Doug and Bernie went to a local dog park. There were about 8 dogs and Bernie did great. He sniffed and allowed sniffing and played a while with a few dogs. He has a sweet disposition and one of the dog dads commented about that.
Doug had him microchipped on Saturday which was quite a process. The first vet didn’t show and they sent a replacement so Doug and Bernie waited for about an hour before the line even started moving. Bernie had many temptations – mean dogs, meowing cats, friendly shoppers – and Doug could really see his desire to greet everyone and no negative reactions. Bernie definitely needs leash training – he’s strong and pulls – but that’s easy enough to fix over time.
We have one sad thing to report. Last week Doug took Bernie outside to fetch for some exercise as he usually does. This time he decided to use the chucker to get the ball farther away. Bernie was watching for the ball and as soon as Doug lifted the chucker in the air, Bernie cowered to the ground, fearful of the throwing stick. Doug instantly realized his response and put the chucker down. Then this weekend Doug was getting dinner ready and took grilling tongs out of the cabinet. As he lifted them to walk outside, Bernie saw them and scampered away. So we are afraid that he has experienced something bad in his past that he’s recalling when he sees “stick like” objects. There was no aggression at all on Bernie’s part in those instances and we haven’t seen anything in his interactions with us and the kids. He’s a sweet boy. We are really sad for him that he experienced something to make him fearful. The chucker was always a “wand of excitement” for our lab.
We’re giving him lots of love and he is giving back!

September 1, 2018

black labrador retriever sittingBernie came with lots of food and supplies
from the adoption center. Bernie was well loved there!

We had a
peaceful ride home – Bernie slept the whole way.

We’ve spent the
Afternoon introducing him to Fiona the pug, to the yard and the labrador retriever, pug man and 2 women
He is a very sweet and adaptable dog!

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