Betty Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 10 years old

February 5, 2019

10 year old chocolate lab BettyGood morning! Betty is doing wonderfully- she is such a lovebug. She is now jumping up on the couch and putting her head in our laps whenever we sit down.vvSomething else I discovered is that she DOES NOT SHED. I have never met a lab that is a non-shedder but this little lady sure is. I keep checking for the brown hair but only see Katie’s black hair everywhere. She also loves to do the downward dog position and can hold it for quite some time. She looks like she is doing yoga!  One of her favorite sitting positions is the “sphinx” pose. Every time I try to get a picture, she gets up but I’ll keep trying. She is loving our long walks in the morning also. So far, she has had no applications which is shocking for such a beautiful and loving chocolate nugget.

January 24, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever on dog bed Miss Betty Boop is ready to go to her forever home and is now available for adoption.   A few things about  Betty:

  • Betty is a 10 year old low-maintenance chocolate nugget. She is 72 lbs of love,
  • House-trained – stands at door when she needs to go out
  • Dogs: She is currently living with our resident lab and they LOVE each other. She has met many other dogs on our walks and she is hesitant but friendly.
  • Cats: She currently lives with a cat and they peacefully coexist
  • Children: She is very gentle and sweet
  • Betty takes treats gently, loves squeaky balls and toys and will decimate a stuffed animal in minutes. She loves to chase tennis balls for a few minutes then is content to nap.
  • She enjoys the run of the house and would not do well being crated. She does not climb flights of steps but can manage 3-4 with no problem. She has arthritis in her left front leg and will need to remain on Galliprant  and fish oil daily to keep her healthy, pain-free, and limber.
  • She loves short walks and is great on harness/leash with no pulling. She LOVES following her humans around and sleeping curled up on the couch alone or next to them. She is great in the car but needs a boost to get in and out. Tolerates baths nicely.

January 18, 2019

Betty has been really enjoying the snow! She loves to chase the tennis ball with Katie. She got up on the couch for the first time the other day. I thought my husband “helped” her up but she did it on her own. Then, last night, we were sitting on the couch and she launched herself over him to sit in my lap. That’s a 72 lb lapdog!! I’ve had bigger (including mastiffs) but this one completely took me by surprise. I proceeded to launch my glass of wine and its contents onto the wall behind me. Just another day in the Cox household.

January 15, 2019

Good morning all from Betty Boop! chocolate labrador retriever on dog bed Betty is doing very well! She had her vet appointment yesterday and they fell in love with her. She could not have been more gentle and laid back with all the animals there as well as the staff.  Heart and lungs were clear and URI is improving slowly but surely. No ear infection ( I was concerned since they were so gunky). She will finish the doxycycline in another week and will hopefully not need any more. Her senior blood panel came back amazing and she is Lyme negative.  Since she is still limping on and off, she will start on Galliprant for her arthritis. Betty travels very well and is very calm in the car. She needs a lift (which is not difficult since Miss Boop is so petite) getting in and out.  She rarely needs to go out more than 3 (at most 4) times a day and she is completely house trained, and less velcro now that she is comfortable with us. She continues to steal Katie’s bed on a regular basis and they both race in from outside to see who gets to lay in it. Crazy girls. Last night, she LOVED sleeping by the fire.  Betty LOVES a bed with boosters on the side not a flat bed even if it’s posturepedic. chocolate labrador retriever on dog bed Betty got her gift box yesterday (thanks Carolyn!!)  and has really enjoyed her two new toys. The stuffing is almost out of the pink toy and she is working on the dinosaur now. The treats went over well also (of course).  Betty takes them very gently. That’s all for now!

January 12, 2019

Hello all from Miss Betty!!

chocolate labrador retriever on dog bed
Betty loves Katie’s bed!

The true personality of this senior miss is coming out after a few days. She remains velcro but is now having more fun with the toy basket, is stealing ALL of Katie’s balls (much to her horror) and is now jumping into Katie’s bed before she can get there. She is more lively outside and was chasing the tennis ball in short bursts today. She goes for hours with no limp then will hold up her paw and not want to walk (usually after resting). Her breathing seems better and she is panting less. She met the new labradoodle puppy next door today (7 weeks old)  and was very interested in him.

January 10, 2019

Chocolate Labrador Retriever
What a face!

Meet Betty, the newest Brookline “kid” on the block.  Betty came to Brookline when a shelter reached out for rescue help due to her age (10) and the fact that she was getting depressed in that environment. Brookline lined up a great foster and her freedom ride happened last night.  Just in time as  Betty was not only sad but she also has an upper respiratory infection and a limp so Brookline is glad we could help her get into a nice quiet home to rest. Indeed Betty has hit the jackpot as her foster mom is a pro at getting these older dogs healthy and happy again.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever on dog bed
Happy Betty

Her foster mom reported this morning that all is well- Betty is a velcro sweetheart who enjoying the companionship and taking the lead from the resident lab.

Please check back for updates as her foster family learns more about her, but it’s already safe to say that we have yet another senior sweetie that any family would be lucky to have!

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