Bianca Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 6 Weeks Old ID#2895

black labrador retriever mixBianca came into Brookline’s care on 11/26/2020 as part of Nora’s litter when Nora started to give birth around 2am in her foster home early Thanksgiving day.  She was 1lb, 3oz on 11/28.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

January 7, 2021

black labrador retriever mixBianca is now six weeks old and growing big!  She is tied for the heaviest pup with Ace at 10.9 lbs.  The puppies are too big to weigh on the table top weigh scale so now I weigh them on a regular scale while I am holding them.  All the puppies got their dewormer on December 30, and have been doing well.  They get another dose next Wednesday, and will be going for their 8 week vaccinations on January 22.

black labrador retriever mix

Bianca is one of the most vocal of the pups, and is one of three pups that really are fiesty when they play.  Bianca uses her voice a lot to tell you what she wants.  When she wants to be picked up, she will stand up on the side of the pen and bark or whine until you get her.  When the food is coming, she lets out excited yipping. When she is playing with her siblings, you will hear a lot of barking, snarling and growling.  It’s not very often that Bianca gets pinned by a sibling.  She is usually the one holding everyone down.  Bianca, Eliza, Penny and Georgie can usually be found play fighting with each other, and they always seem to be the first to wake up to play and the last to go to sleep.

When I let the pups explore outside of the pen, Bianca was very brave and did a lot of exploring. She really didn’t have any problem with a change in surfaces and with her sister, Eliza was trying to climb up the stairs.  Bianca loved running around the gym and climbed up on the treadmill.

Bianca will play independently but also loves her snuggles.  She gives out lots of licks when she is being held and runs right over to play or sit in a lap.  She is usually in a puppy pile when she is sleeping. She reminds me a lot of her Mama, Nora.  Fiesty but super sweet and loving with her people and a big snuggler.

black labrador retriever mix

January 1, 2021

black labrador retriever mix

Five weeks old!

December 28, 2020

black labrador retriever mixBianca seems to have a lot of her mom’s personality.  She is a scrappy little girl who talks quite a bit.  She will always let you know when she wants to be picked up or is hungry, and barks at Mama when she walks by the pen to get her out of there.

black labrador retriever mixblack labrador retriever mixShe is always wrestling with her siblings and was the first out of the bunch to bark and growl when they were playing with each other. She is usually the one who gets everyone going and runs around the playpen spinning and hopping.

black labrador retriever mixEven though Bianca is fiesty, she is one of the biggest snugglers.  She loves to be held and likes to fall asleep laying against her peoples chest with her nose tucked under a chin. She now weighs in at 6lbs 11oz.

black labrador retriever mixblack labrador retriever mixblack labrador retriever mixBianca was very interested in the Christmas ornaments during the photo shoot but did a great job sitting for the pictures.

All the pups are lapping up water now when they get thirsty.

December 22, 2020

black labrador retriever mixBianca is now three weeks and five days old, and continues to be as fiesty as ever, but super sweet and snuggly too! This little girl loves to be held and get kisses and always wants to be the first to be fed.

black labrador retriever mix

black labrador retriever mix

She lets us know when she wants attention by barking her little head off and scrabbling on the side of the pen until someone does what she wants.

black labrador retriever mix

black labrador retriever mix

She is a fiesty player with her siblings.  She barks and snarls and runs up on everyone. My son’s GF says that she is a bit over the top and that Mama would correct her with this behavior so when she gets too aggressive with her play we scruff her.  She usually settles right down. Bianca plays hard but then sleeps hard.

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix

Bianca is also a snuggler and likes to sleep in puppy piles and on laps and barks at me to pick her up for a snuggle.  Bianca liked to snuggle with Nora (Mama) when she was here but had no hesitation to start getting snuggles from us instead.

black labrador retriever mixblack labrador retriever mix

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mixShe often falls asleep in my arms.  She enjoys playing with stuffy toys already and really whips them around, and brings then places. Bianca also likes to rearrange blankets and pulls them into a spot she thinks is perfect for a nap.

black labrador retriever mix black labrador retriever mix

Bianca is great being handled and was a good sport during the nail trimming session we  had.

black labrador retriever mix


December 7, 2020

black labrador retriever mix

This adorable pup was born very early morning Thanksgiving day (11/26/2020) to my foster Nora along with her four sisters and two brothers.  I’ll never forget their birthday since it is my birthday too! We decided we would name the pups from our favorite cartoon shows and movies.  Bianca was named after the daring and adventurous mouse Miss Bianca on the Rescuers. Our Bianca is definitely daring and adventurous, and unlike Miss Bianca, loud..  Bianca always lets us know when it’s time to eat, and doesn’t stop telling us until her little belly is full. Each time I have had to add another level to the whelping box is because Bianca is trying to climb out to get to the milk at feeding time.  Bianca was our biggest pup at birth, 1lb 3oz and is still the biggest at 2lbs 2/5oz.  Bianca is one of the bossiest, aside from Frankie, in the group.  She was the first to bark and growl during play with her siblings and is always knocking others off a teet. This little girl is going to be a ball of energy from what I can tell now.  Good thing she’s cute, and likes to snuggle!

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