Binx Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 6 Months Old ID#3026

chocolate labrador retrieverBinx arrived into Brookline’s care through a collaboration with Justice Rescue. Please read her blog from the bottom up.

February 3, 2023

Hi Lab Lovers:

This is Binxi providing an update with how I have been doing at the Irwin Household. First, I finally know my name! My foster mom calls be Binxie Bunny and I like that too!Chocolate Labrador RetrieverI’ve kept the Irwin’s busy (as well as the resident dogs) over the last month, but hey, I am a pup so what do you expect? I have the household routine down and can often be found chewing my toys, playing tug-of-war with the resident dogs, and counter cruising! I must have grown a lot because my foster parents need to push the goodies the whole way to the back of the countertops!chocolate labrador retrieverMy foster mom says that I am almost as tall as one of the resident dogs! I weigh 48 pounds too. My foster parents say that I am one of the best eaters they ever had and I am in the ‘clean plate club’ every day! I have a slow feeder bowl and I gobble the stuff on the top, then, I start to get frustrated so I just tip the bowl over and eat the kibble off the floor!

I know how to sit and my foster parents are working with me on taking treat nicely. I “talk” sometimes, leaving out sighs and whimpers when I am bored. My foster mom works from home so us dogs rule the house during the day. I’ve stayed in my crate for up to three to four hours a time while my foster parents had to be out of the house for a bit.

I am quite shy, but I am trying to be braver. At my last doctor’s visit, I didn’t try to hide behind the chair! When I go for walks and see new people, I am usually nervous. I back away so I must have a harness on or else I could easily slip away! Maybe when the weather is nice and I get consistent walks, I won’t be as shy. A big plus is that I don’t pull on the leash.

I stayed at Maggie’s Peacock’s house. She’s kind of a rock star at Brookline. My foster parents had to go away for a week for work. They left the resident dogs home with the teenage boy, but foster mom wanted to ensure that I was watched closely due to my medical situation, which I will address later. The week with Maggie was fun and the teenage boy allegedly didn’t have any parties. Who really knows? All I know is that the house didn’t burn down. Anyway, at Maggie’s I met her husband and we bonded. He’s a nice guy and we watched football together and so he became “my person.” You see, I like dogs and all, but if I had to choose between a house with dogs or a house with “my person” around, I would prefer to have “my person” with me.

I had to go to the doctors several times for urinary track infections (UTI), eye infections, and ear infections. The foster parents keep a close eye on me because I have had times when I’ve leaked. I don’t know that I am doing it and I leak inconsistently so I’ve gone to the doctor’s a few times to be checked for UTI’s. Whoever adopts me will need to know that I am not peeing on purpose. They got my UTI cleaned up and I have only leaked a little bit. It’s been almost a week since my foster parents noticed any leaking.

If things continue to go way they are I should be posted, looking for my furever home.


Binxie Bunny

December 13, 2022

Hello Lab Lovers:

This is Binxie (or Binxie Bunny or Wee One), as my foster family calls me! Sorry for the delay in writing, I’ve been so busy having a grand time at the Irwin’s.

First, you should know that I have completed the antibiotic for kennel cough. The past few days I have been cough-free, which makes me feel good and has my foster mom thrilled!

I’ve been growing like a weed! The resident dogs say that’s because I sleep through the night, take a few naps during the day, and eat like someone is going to take my food away! My food seeking behavior has caused the resident dogs to call me ‘counter cruiser’ and the family is trying to teach me that it’s not polite to try to jump and lick the kitchen table and counters. I can’t help it! I am sooooo food motivated! chocolate labrador retrieverI’ve learned to “pee” outside because I am so treat-crazed! My foster mom works from home and so we go outside to get her away from the computer several times throughout the day. She asks me if I have to pee and I go flying outside to squat. While I am peeing, I look up at her to ensure that she sees me as I want to get a treat for my good behavior. My foster mom tells my foster dad that she’s not sure that I am completely emptying my bladder because all I can think about is getting my treat!!

Because my foster mom works from home, I really have gotten attached to her (and I think that she has gotten attached to me too!). LOL! I would like a family who has someone at home throughout the day.  I love the resident dogs, but if I had to choose between a house with a stay at home mom or dad, or a place with other dogs, I’d prefer a house with a stay at home mom or dad. chocolate labrador retrieverThe Irwin’s haven’t had too many visitors to the house since I’ve been here, but when they have, I typically stick close to my foster mom or foster dad. I wouldn’t let the Irwin’s adult daughter pet me when she came to visit because I was afraid, despite her trying to show me that she was a trusting human. Also, the Irwin’s have a teenage boy who lives here. (Well foster mom says he eats, sleeps, and showers here, much like a hotel and he is always coming and going!) I like him well enough ad he has his buddies coming and going too. For the most part I stick with my foster mom when they are here, but they try to pet me. On teenage boy put his hand out so I could sniff him and I growled! I was just scared and I didn’t bite him, nor does the Irwin’s think I would be a biter.

I have puppy behaviors so I still chew a good bit. The resident dogs told me that I am going to get a lump of coal for Christmas, but I don’t know what that even means! My foster mom tells me I am a good girl and I hear her tell the resident dogs that I am just a puppy so when I get in their faces and lick and chew their ears, that it’s all good. (Truth be told, my foster mom is the bees knees!)

Anyway, since the rescue is closing down soon, I will be spending the holidays with my foster family. My foster mom said that I will learn how to open gifts all by myself! All dogs in the Irwin household open their own gifts and they have taught other fosters how to do this too. I am sure that I will pick up on it and will be able to open my gifts like a pro after this holiday season.

I hope that I find a good forever home and the Irwin’s said they would do the best they could to find a good fit for me. Foster mom said that Brookline Rescue is the best and the people who run it are too! Over Thanksgiving I heard mom say that she was thankful for Maggie Peacock, who has been their family’s mentor from day one and that Maggie is always helping when mom freaks out about anything dog related.

Anyway, my mom has to get back to work, so we need to head back into the office. I will promise to write again soon!

Tail wags and dog kisses,


November 22, 2022

Binx arrived at the Irwin Household on Sunday, November 20, 2022. She’s a sweet, sweet girl who gives kisses to humans and the resident dogs. Binx loves to snuggle and enjoys taking naps on whoever will permit her to snooze on their lap or chest.

chocolate labrador retrieverBinx is a counter cruiser and is a good eater! At first, Binx wouldn’t take treats from anyone’s hands but would only take them if they were on the floor. We found that out as we noticed that she enjoyed stealing the crumbs from the resident dogs’ treats. After a few treats of chicken from the hand, Binx now takes regular dog treats from a human’s hand.

chocolate labrador retrieverBinx doesn’t enjoy sleeping in her dog crate, but she seems to be getting a little better each night.chocolate labrador retrieverWith only a few accidents in the house, we are sure Binx will be potty trained in no time.

She is coughing a good bit, so she has an appointment to see the Vet today.

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