Blondie #5 Yellow Labrador Retrieve Mix Female 1 Year Old ID #2544

April 30, 2020

This girl worked extra hard on commands this week, and has nearly mastered “sit”, even if her puppy excitement doesn’t allow for her to sit for long.

Blondie enjoys any and all toys, and is a ball of energy, until she decides its nap time to refuel.

She’s the perfect dog for someone who enjoys their sleep-she slept in our son’s room until we woke them both at 9am, and I believe she would’ve made it until whenever we woke her! Works hard, plays harder, sleeps hardest!

She really enjoys hanging outside in the nice weather, and the smudges on the inside of our door to the backyard prove she’s always on the lookout for those rabbits

April 25, 2020

This girl has quite a personality! She’s falling into her groove of waking up, eating, a good walk and b-lines straight to her bed for a good long morning snooze until the teens in the house liven up the home.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix laying on boys lap

While she continues to be driven by food, she’s intent on standing guard at the back door and alerting us to the offensive rabbits, who continue to feast on our plants. Although she has yet to catch one, we are hoping her food-driven personality does not include our furry backyard friends.

Blondie is everyone’s buddy, including our next-door neighbor, who speaks to her through the railing on our porch. After a recent pitch visit, Blondie had a hard time accepting he went inside, and stood watch at the railing to catch a glimpse of her new friend.yellow Labrador Retriever Mix paws up on railing

We are working on commands and leash training.

April 22, 2020

April 17, 2020

When she’s not chasing bunnies in the yard, this pretty girl is playing with her toys. Blondie met her foster cousin puppy Miller this week.and enjoyed being “watch dog” at our back door between walks. She loves being set loose on the intruding squirrels. Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix and black puppy

Blondie also enjoys being “watch dog” at our back door between walks. She loves being set loose on the intruding squirrels.yellow labrador retriever mix looking out the windo

After a week together, she’s walking better on a lead, taking numerous naps after unlimited play time with everyone home, and is starting to listen to commands like sit and stay (although stay is a tough one).Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix with toy over nose

She is now putting herself to bed by 10:00PM if we are not ready (climbing into the crate) and sleeping soundly until whomever wakes up first to take her out. Although she doesn’t bark at the doorbell or knocking, she barks at people walking by to acknowledge her, tail wagging the entire time. This little lady likes to be acknowledged and loves other dogs!

April 11, 2020

Another good sleep before a full day of playing. We took her to a fenced in baseball complex to see how she does with running/fetching. She was fantastic and really enjoyed the desolate spot for chasing baseballs and lacrosse balls.

Blondie mastered our indoor steps, both up and down, enjoying much more time with the teens in their bedrooms.

After all the excitement of several walks, play time and even a cleaning session of vacuums and washing machines, she’s pooped. We found her snoozing all over the house.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix sleeping

April 11, 2020

Blondie spent her first night with us last night. 11pm-7:30am in her crate downstairs without a peep! She was so happy and pleasant when we let her out, put her harness on and took her out for a walk. She happily ate, played with the kids and her toys throughout the morning and afternoon and had a session every few hours with her harness/lead. Since she is not a big fan of the harness, we are trying to encourage her and take baby steps to a better experience on the lead.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix running

This little lady is pure joy. She shows absolutely zero signs of a long travel to New Jersey, nor any hesitation towards humans or other animals. On our walk today, she encountered our next-door neighbors’ dog, a partially paralyzed German Shepherd in a hind-leg wheelchair. We allowed them to sniff each other, and after a few licks and tail wags, we realized they were fast friends.

Blondie is inquisitive of sounds and lights, and although she likes to steal the occasional slipper, she is gentle and easily drops the stolen item.

We will also be working with her on indoor steps, as she is just not yet ready to attempt indoor stairs. All in good time.

She had a wonderful evaluation at the vet last evening, where they saw no orthopedic issues in her hind quarters, nor any other abnormalities, and they saw no need for any medications other than the usual preventative treatments. As expected, she won the hearts of everyone in the office. Blondie sure has had a full day and one half with our family.

April 9, 2020

Blondie pretty much settled in right away! She is cute as a button and just as sweet! Blondie is such a doll. Here is A little update on how she’s settling in:Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix in bunny ears

Her outgoing personality and feisty nature help her fit right in, and all she wants is to have something in her mouth. Be it her hedgehog, a ball or a lacrosse stick, her Lab is showing! She’s not exactly returning the items yet when playing, but all in good time.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

Soon after her arrival, we gave her a bath in the tub and she was so calm. A little shampoo and water, a few little shakes and she was good as new and ready to play. She loves to bark at passers-by, with or without dogs, and we began working with her harness and lead. While she is not a fan of it, I think she’ll realize how much fun walks can be during this quarantined time.

Blondie is extremely friendly, loved belly rubs and kisses and only seems hesitant when it comes to steps inside the house. No doubt she will adjust quickly

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