Blu Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 5 Months Old ID#2980

black labrador retriever mixBlu is a 5 month old, black lab mix who was found as a stray in Mississippi.  He has arrived to his foster home, and is settling in.  Please read his blog from the bottom up.

Blu is now available:

October 5, 2021

Hello Friends and Supporters of Brookline Rescue!

You may remember me, my name is Cliff and I am the alpha dog at the Irwin household. I am a beagle and a momma’s boy! I’ve done these write-ups before for other labs we’ve had, so it’s like I am going down the same road. A road I ‘d prefer not to travel, may I add!

My mom works from home and I like it that way. I get lots of treats throughout the day and I can handle the two other resident dogs, but every once in a while my mom gets the crazy idea to “help another homeless dog.”black labrador retriever mixI am not sure of this dogs name, because I just give these fosters numbers. (They ain’t stayin long so it’s easier to just give them  a number.) Well, we are on dog number 10. Yes, 9 other dogs have come and gone through this house and I am ready for 10 to start packing!black labrador retriever mixNumber 10 is as “cute as a button”…my mom’s words, not mine! He has puppy breath and is a happy go lucky bundle of “love.” Again, my mom’s words. Sometimes the young whipper-snapper wants to play with me and I tell him, “Look, kid! I am 18 years old! Go play with the labs!” Yes, I will agree with my mom, 10 is smart (at least he knows the leader of this house!) Another example of how he has been a quick study is that he already knows that when mom goes out to the kitchen, we all follow with hopes of scoring a treat!

Number 10 eats really fast, like labs do, so he needs a slow feeder bowl. He has had the hiccups about 5 times since he has been here, which my mom says is “precious”…as they said in the 80’s “gag me with a spoon!”black labrador retriever mixLike other wee ones, 10 wants to please and wags his tail a lot! He must have gone to “Charming Humans 101” as he is always getting “he is so sweet” remarks from those who meet him.

Mom said that we will likely only have 10 for a few weeks, but it must be a loving home, or he has to continue to stay until he finds his furever family. I am hoping that you may be interested in 10.



October 4, 2021

I’ve been at my foster’s house for the past two and a half days. I continue to do quite well! My foster mom thinks it’s because I am a sweet boy and because I am still a pup. I love to cuddle but I am not a bed-hog. Foster mom says that not being a bed-hog is a good “selling point” and I will quickly find my furever home!

I can go up and down the steps! I sometimes skip steps on my way up, as I am a true pro!

One of the resident dogs, “Babe,” (also a Brookline Boy) is a great fetcher! My foster mom tried to get me to fetch the ball and while I go after the ball I don’t bring it back. LOL—I am so silly! I want to play with Babe but foster mom says that he can get carried away and gets too rough, so she keeps a close eye on us.

I do like to chew, but hey, what puppy doesn’t?! My foster’s have a “teething table” which is a coffee table, in the living room.  Seems like some other fosters might have tried it out but not me! I don’t chew on the table just my chew toys as I am trying to be on my best behavior.

I am a good eater and learned real quick that I should follow the resident dogs out to the kitchen to get in line for a “treat.”

The male humans in the house went out of town all day Saturday and now, part of Sunday. I had to be crated for a few hours on Saturday, but I was a good boy!

I haven’t had any accidents in the house nor in the crate.

I’ll give you an update tomorrow as now it’s time to sleep!

Love, Blu

October 2, 2021

Hi! My name is Blu and I came to my new foster house yesterday afternoon. I am as cute as can be! My foster mom told me that I am adorable! black labrador retriever mixI am good with car rides and I like people and other dogs. I am a curious, playful, and confident puppy. I am a good eater and like other labs, I’d eat all day if you would let me! I jump up on the furniture like I’ve done it a million times. My foster parents are warm–I am am not just talking about their hearts! I slept between them last night and I was cozy! Again, my foster parents tell me I am sooooooo adorable, but maybe that is because I give them labrador retriever mixI am average build and I have a boxy shaped head. My fur is black/silver and my foster parents think it kind of has a blue tint to it…guess that is why the family who picked me up called me Blu. My foster parents have a fenced in yard so I have been exploring the place!black labrador retriever mixI did go on a “walk” with my foster mom today. I didn’t do too bad. No pulling on the leash but after a bit I decided to try to chew the leash and prance around in a puppy manner! I’ll let you know tomorrow what adventures I have with my new foster labrador retriever mix

Tail wags and kisses, Blu

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