Blue, Black Labrador Retriever Female Mix, 1 year old

October 18, 2018
Hello Blue here. Taking some time out from my squirrel chasing to send a quick update about me. Foster Mom recently had knee surgery so the 15 year old human has been holding my leash when we take walks. Lucky for her, Foster Mom puts the gentle leader head collar on me so I can’t take the 15 year old for a walk. On our walks I love meeting new people and taking different routes. I can’t decide if walks or cuddling with my humans are my favorite time of the day.
black labrador retriever mix
I am finally learning how to bring the tennis ball and drop it so someone can throw it
again for me. I sure do love to play, but I like when my fur brother chases me for the ball most of all. I’m kind of a toy hog. I got this really cool treat puzzle bottle that I think I’ve finally figured out. When it’s filled with treats I roll that bottle around and toss it in the air again and again to try to get yummy treats. Foster Mom posted a video of me playing with it. She says she loves it because it keeps me busy for a long time.

So back to the squirrels…. We have tons of trees in my neighborhood so we have many squirrels. I watch them patiently from inside my front door scurrying around having so much fun. I just wish I could play too.

August 17, 2018


It’s a been awhile since my foster mom has updated everyone about me.  She keeps telling me that I am a work in progress.  I guess that is why she has me on a very strict routine.  Foster Mom has been getting lots of great help and advice from a fellow volunteer that is a trainer and FM says she’s got my ticket now.  I don’t remember having a ticket so I’m not sure what she means by that.

So as far as my routine goes after my breakfast FM takes me and my fur brother, Milo, on a walk for about 30-40 minutes.  She makes me wear this new collar called a gentle leader.  It’s took me a long time to get used to it and I even still paw at my nose sometimes, but I sure do like our walks so I guess I better wear it. black labrador retriever mix

black labrador retriever mixDuring the day I get to take two short naps in my crate.  FM says this gives her time to get stuff done and me time to settle.  In between my naps, we sometimes take another short walk or play fetch in the yard.  I’m working really hard on giving the ball back after I get it each time.  At dinner, FM puts half of my meal in a kong.  She says it helps me use up some of my extra brain energy.  Before bed we usually take another short walk and then off to dream land where I sleep in my crate, well behaved, all night until Foster Dad lets me out and I jump into bed with FM and start the whole day over again.

2 black labrador retriever mixWhen we go on walks I’m doing good.  I wag my tail at all of the people and other dogs I see.  FM says she doesn’t think I’d do well with a cat since I like to chase squirrels and birds and I can be pretty rough when I play with my fur brother, Milo.  I am really good in the car.  The other day FM took me to get my nails trimmed.  I wasn’t at all happy about that, but I do like riding in the car.


Well gotta go it’s almost dinner time.




June 11, 2018

black Labrador Retriever play bow with tennis ball in mouthBlue has fully recovered from her spay surgery and is ready to find her furever family.  She is UTD on all of her shots and overall healthy.  She continues to be very energetic and will need much exercise and play time daily.  We give her treat filled puzzle toys on rainy days when we can’t be outside to tire her mind.  She has learned sit and down and we are working on wait.  She is crated during the day when no one is home, but has full roam of the house when we are at home.
I just purchased a new leash for her and can’t wait until Amazon delivers it to try it out.  It is an all metal leash that I have been told will prevent her from wanting to play tug of war with it.
She is now fully housetrained and will even run to the backdoor if she needs to go out.  She absolutely loves to be outside even just lying in the grass or on the steps keeping watch on the neighborhood.

Due to her activity level and energy I would ideally place her with an active family with children over age 10.  She currently enjoys playing chase and tug of war with our resident dog, but would probably do best as an only dog because she craves much attention.

two black Labrador Retriever girl on bed


May 29, 2018Blue Black Labrador with soft toyBlue Black Labrador close up of face

Blue is now available for adoption.

May 14, 2018

black labrador retriever sitting profile
At attention sir!

Hello.  Let me introduce you to Blue.  She is a beautiful 56 pound black lab mix.  It appears that she was left behind when her owners moved and was taken in by ACCT before being rescued by Brookline.  She is extremely sweet and very affectionate. She is very athletic and loves to play ball.  She has not yet mastered the return part of fetch, but she is getting better.

Blue came to live with our family of 4, which includes two children (11 and 15), and our resident dog on May 4th.  To be honest she does not have very good manners, but we are working on that.  For the first few family meals in our home, Blue barked and circled the table to try to get our attention.  Within a few days she began to remain quiet during meals and now she lies in the dining room quietly waiting for us to finish.

black labrador retriever laying in the grass looking away
Just chillin’
Alternative text: Look how flexible I am!

Blue is not very good on the leash.  We have been working on this, but she continues to pull in all directions and at times will play tug of war with her leash.  Blue seems to be very smart so I am certain we are going to work through this. Things have definitely improved since day 1, but bad manners take time and consistency to correct.

As I mentioned above, Blue loves to play tug of war and she is very vocal when doing so.  See her playful sheep video below to see how happy she is when she plays with her toys.

Blue will most likely be spayed this week and ready to go a few weeks after.

black labrador retriever standing looking up
Let’s go. I’m ready for my walk.

Check back to see how she’s doing with her manners training and when she will be available.

Thanks for choosing adoption.








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