Bo Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 16 Weeks Old ID #2798

October 29, 2020

Bo, who we call Bodie as we recently lost our “Beau”, is probably one of the best-behaved pups ever.  He willingly goes to his crate to eat and nap time and we will often find him there on his own sleeping.   He loves to play with our 3 other dogs, two of whom are much larger than he and one who is not so much a fan.  Interestingly, she will give him the business, and he just wags his tail and comes to me for a cuddle before taking off to play again.  Doesn’t phase him.

He loves to play tug and chase and is a big fan of every toy in the toy box.   He comes when called, isn’t aggressive, just one happy boy!  He has the most amazing color.  Although he looks like a black dog, he has beautiful brown highlights in the sun and is truly an awesome sable color.  He is going to be a very handsome boy as he grows with very unique white markings. Most especially, he loves kids.   The only time he pulls on his leash is if he sees kids playing.  Any age!  He is awesome with them!   And they all love him!    They walk him on a leash and he stays right with them.   But he prefers to run around and play catch!

We are guessing Bo came from an outside situation and therefore had no boundaries when it came to relieving himself.  So, his one downside is getting him outside to go.  He is getting better, but we do have accidents, but never in his crate.  He is smart enough that I am confident he will be fully trained in no time.    He mirrors a lot of the behaviors of our other dogs and they do everything together, so it’s just time.   Funny story, our dogs sit and give paw before they eat.  We never trained Bo on this, but when we tell him to sit, up comes the paw!  Especially for dinner!

He also still has his baby teeth and is teething.   We give him a flat hand and then a toy to redirect.   He gets it, he just gets excited and forgets sometimes!

Bo would be a great fit for just about any family situation; kids, dog or multiple dogs, or on his own getting all the attention.  The only thing we don’t know is how he is with cats.  It will probably be more of a ‘how the cat is with him’ situation.

October 21, 2020

Bo is doing great and is showing more and more of his awesome personality.   He loves kids!  He loves playing with the kids in the neighborhood and gets so excited when he sees them!  And, they love playing with him!    He is now confident enough to play with the big dogs and taps their nose when he is ready to play… again… when they are trying to sleep!  black Labrador Retriever Mix and chocolate Labrador Retriever chocolate and yellow Labrador Retriever He has taken to sleeping on the top of the couch and on top of his crate, which is puppy cute, but I don’t think his future forever home will appreciate the full-size Bo on top of the couch!

We will work on redirecting that behavior!   He still sleeps the full night in his crate and as I work from home, he gets nap time from 9 to 11 in the morning in his crate and doesn’t make a sound!    He is such a great boy!

October 11, 2020

“If I cant sleep in my crate I will sleep on it!”

October 8,2020

We found our zoomies!   “I was a very quiet and calm boy but gaining comfort and confidence in my new environment and I am taking off!   I love playing chase with my foster brother Jackson who is just as much a clumsy goof as me! ”   Bo is doing great and has mastered the art of getting up the stairs and back down again!   He has been going on walks with one of the other dogs and does really well.   Yesterday we learned Bo is an amazing swimmer!  I don’t necessarily think it’s his “thing” but it’s good to know he will be safe around water. He still just wants to crawl into someone’s lap and get belly rubs and give kisses. But he is just as happy to hang out in his crate and chill as he is been upstairs with the other dogs while I have to work.

October 6, 2020

The foster is Bo and his Brookline ID is 2798.  He is around 16 weeks (pre-transport medical records say birthdate is 6/29/20.  He weighs around 25 lbs.  and he is the most interesting color as he presents black until he is in the sun and his brown highlights kick in and his is this amazing sable color with white markings and toes!

Welcome to Delaware Bo!  You had a long trip here from Mississippi and you were one tired pup but we are so happy you are here!    Bo is the biggest love bug and such a good boy!   He is crate trained and has no issue with just hanging out in it with his Bully Stick and a couple of toys.

Sleeps through the night!   He so wants to play with other dogs, but they are all so much bigger than him!  He is currently being fostered with a 9-year-old and a 4-year-old Lab.   But that certainly doesn’t stop him from trying. He knows his name and some basic commands, “No!” and “Come” and “Sit”    We are working on the rest.   And the housebreaking, right now it’s a timing game!

Bo is the happiest boy and had a blast yesterday running in the yard with our neighbors 3-year-old son, now they are the perfect size for each other!  He will make a great playmate for your kids and pets!

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