Bojo Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 7 Years Old ID#3061

chocolate labrador retrieverBo is a 7.5 year old chocolate lab who was sprung from the farm.  He has acclimated to life off the farm and enjoys the comforts of a warm home- such as sleeping on the sofa and being fed good food!  No more barn or pen for this guy!  Bo is very sweet and is quite the talker!  He makes a sound like a low growl when he is happy and being loved on.  He is quiet while inside but once on a walk there are times he lets the whole neighborhood know he is out and about.   We are working on how to be a good neighbor but sometimes his emotions get the best of him!


November 10, 2022

Bo is still waiting very patiently for his forever home. There are a few things that would make his life a happy one.

Bo loves hanging outside looking around and on patrol for bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks so a fenced in yard would be best. A suburban area would also be preferred over city living.

Bo enjoys have his peeps around more than not.

Bo is king so being an only dog would suit him just fine though he would get used to having a friend and roommate.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverBo is very vocal! He loves to talk especially when he is happy. His voice can sound like a low growl but this boy has not a mean bone in his body. He is also talks and whines while on a walk – he has a hard time containing his excitement! I think he is part hound as he has his nose to the ground all the time! He has become a protector while out walking as well.

Bo would do best with older children. He is a big boy and sometimes gets into your personal space with his entire body! He just wants to be loved.

Please email with any questions about sweet Bo.Chocolate Labrador Retriever

October 18, 2022

Bo is a 7.5 year old chocolate lab who was sprung from the farm.  He has acclimated to life off the farm and enjoys the comforts of a warm home- such as sleeping on the sofa and being fed good food!  No more barn or pen for this guy!

Bo is very sweet and is quite the talker!  He makes a sound like a low growl when he is happy and being loved on.  He is quiet while inside but once on a walk there are times he lets the whole neighborhood know he is out and about.  I’m not quite sure what Bo is trying to tell me, watch out for that danger or if he is just so excited on his walk.  We are working on how to be a good neighbor but sometimes his emotions get the best of him!

August 3, 2022

Bo is enjoying life off the farm.  He has settled in nicely and enjoys all the comforts of home.  He enjoys walks, breakfast, outside time and sleeping on the couch.  He loves to be loved on and enjoys a good belly rub but he’s very stingy when it comes to giving kisses!

chocolate labrador retrieverBo is my constant companion.  He follows me wherever I go and greets me like no other when I return home.  Our morning walks are early and Bo likes to wake up the neighborhood with his whining bark when he sees a rabbit.  His walking skills have improved but he still is doing the zig zag walk – always sniffing and looking for a bunny.
Bo enjoys being outside watching for bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks.  He is not as fast as they are but he gives it everything he has and puts up a good chase.chocolate labrador retrieverHe is still not very interested in playing with a toy.  And not at all interested in chasing a ball.

Bo comes upstairs when it’s bedtime. He does okay on the stairs.  Sometimes he’s just too excited and in a hurry – that’s when he could get into trouble.   He prefers the floor over the bed but will make me happy and snuggle for 5-10 minutes on the bed.

Bo is sweet and gentle.  He knows his name and will come running when called.

This boy asks for nothing but love.  Look for him to be posted as available very soon.

July 1, 2022

Greetings from Bo!chocolate labrador retriever It has been almost 8 weeks that Bo has been with us.  He has been a wonderful house guest!  After living on farm for so many years there were many things he had to learn.  Bo has adjusted to living in a home quite well.  His leash walking still needs some work as he is very strong and stubborn – likes to go where he wants to go!  The freedom harness still works best for walking.

Bo enjoys spending a lot of the afternoons outside pursuing a very brave bunny that comes through the fence.  Bo is ready at a moment’s notice to run and chase.  Thankfully the bunny always gets away!  Bo sits patiently and waits and waits….chocolate labrador retriever

Bo is very sweet and gentle.  He does well meeting new people.  He will be meeting my 3 little granddaughters this weekend for the first time.

Bo has had free roam since he has been with us – no problem touching or chewing anything.  He has been left up to 5 hours alone and is so happy upon our return!

Bo has learned about eating good meals and treats.  We moved to a slow feeder so he can enjoy his food a little more.

Bo has a vet follow up appointment July 12. Stay tuned for more about sweet Bo.

June 16, 2022

Bo has been with us for just over a month.  He has adjusted to life off the farm and seems to be enjoying all the comforts of home!Tomorrow he is scheduled for his second distemper.

Bo has had free roam of the house from his first days here.  The crate was set up but he wanted no parts of it so we took a chance and he proved us right!  He has been left alone for 4+ hours and was well behaved- nothing touched, nothing chewed.  Good boy Bo!

Bo enjoys spending a lot  of time outside chasing the bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks.  He has his regular favorite spots and can spend an hour or so just watching and waiting.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Walks are still a work in progress.  He is very excited when we go out – doesn’t matter what time of the day or evening.  He still can pull like a champ but can be redirected with a firm NO.  He has his nose to the ground always sniffing!

This week we have a house guest.  Carly was a previous foster and she came to visit for the week.  Bo and Carly are doing great together.  Bo has showed her all his favorite places to sit and wait.  Together they run and try to chase.  Then it’s rest time!

So many changes for this big sweetheart and he has handled them well.
More to come…

May 23, 2022

Bo has been with us for just about 2 weeks and it has been a busy time. Bo went to the vet and was updated on all shots. Then last week he went back to the vet to be neutered. All went well and he is healing and feeling better everyday.chocolate labrador retrieverBo weighed in at 82 lbs last week – I think his 82 lbs is all muscle! He enjoys his walks and is always on the lookout for bunnies and squirrels. He is getting better about not going full speed ahead when he sees one – the freedom harness is a beautiful thing!chocolate labrador retrieverBo enjoys being outside. He enjoys sitting and waiting for something to chase. The pictures show his patience.chocolate labrador retrieverThis week I plan on taking Bo up to meet my sisters dogs. We were waiting until after his neuter surgery. I am sure Bo will enjoy meeting them – he will enjoy the company of other dogs.chocolate labrador retrieverBo has mastered the stairs- yay Bo! He goes up and down without any problems.

Bo has had free roam of the house when we are not here and is great. He does not touch anything that doesn’t belong to him – the perfect house guest.

More to come….

May 14, 2022

After several days getting to know Bojo, I have decided that he’s not a Bojo!  He is just Bo- sweet, gentle Bo!  He seems to like his new name as he has no problem running to me when called.

Bo has been with me since Tuesday and we are getting to know each other.  He is sweet and after his initial marking everywhere he has settled down to a good routine.  Some things I have learned:

He does not enjoy sitting on the furniture.  I know hard to imagine!  He will join me for a short time then it’s back to the floor and sometimes his dog bed.

Bo does not like to cuddle for too long.  Though he does stay close and loves his belly rubs!

Bo is very selective when giving out kisses.

Bo likes to follow me around but he will venture off on his own for a short time. He is never too far away.

Bo is not a fan of stairs. We are working on this.

Bo loves to look out the front door and can stay there for hours.chocolate labrador retriever

Bo does not need a crate.  He sleeps on the floor next to me.  Yes, I’m still on the couch so he’s not alone.  Once we work on stairs, I hope we can both enjoy a bed!

Bo is a fussy eater.  Not a fan of kibble but chicken- yummy!  I’m sure this is from years on the farm.  Mixing together kibble and chicken is working.

Bo enjoys his walks and gets very excited sniffing all the new smells.  Last night I found out he would love to chase bunnies! Thank goodness for the freedom harness!

Bo had a vet appointment yesterday and weighed in at 82 lbs.  He goes back to the vet on Wednesday to be neutered.

May 12, 2022

Bojo had a great day today!  He slept all night in the crate- not a peep out of him from 10pm-6am.  In fact, I had to wake him up to start our day.  We went on a good walk this morning.  Bojo is walking with a freedom harness and double leash.  He’s not doing too bad for his second day on leash- let’s just say his walking is a work in progress.

We spent a lot of time outside this morning. chocolate labrador retriever

We opened the foster care package that was sent/ thank you Brookline for all the wonderful toys and treats!  Bojo is not very interested in toys but he spent a few minutes making me happy!

The afternoon was spa time!  Hair, nails, ears – what fun!  Bojo enjoyed his 3 hours there getting cleaned up.  He looks and smells amazing!! He is a beautiful sweet boy.

Tonight, Bojo followed me up the stairs- uh oh – not a good idea.  Going up was easy – getting down is a bit harder.  But a few pieces of chicken worked magic and I was able to guide him down slowly – step by step.

Nothing on the calendar tomorrow so we will enjoy outside and relax a bit.  Friday is vet appointment.

Stay tuned for more about Bojo!

May 9, 2022

Today was a big day for 7 year old Bojo!  He left the farm forever!  Thanks Maggie for starting this guy on the path to his best life.  Thanks Val for helping transport this sweet but smelly guy!  I think all of our cars need a good clean out! chocolate labrador retrieverBojo was a wonderful passenger in the car once he settled down.  He looked out the window and smelled the air.  When we arrived home we worked on fitting the freedom harness on him.  He is a slim guy but still needed the XL harness!  He’s strong and solid! chocolate labrador retrieverWe spent the afternoon outside in the yard.  I tried giving him a bath but not so good on my part.  Bojo was great, he just stood there and let me clean him up best I could.  He has a spa day tomorrow- hair and nails.  Bojo explored the yard and sniffed everything!  Once he settled in, he has been a pleasure. chocolate labrador retrieverWe are going to try the crate tonight for sleeping.  He seems to be looking for a place to relax and that might be it.  We will see how it goes.chocolate labrador retrieverWe went on a short walk tonight and Bojo did pretty good.  This might be the first time he’s ever walk on leash.  He sniffed lots of new scents and explored his new neighborhood.
Overall a very good first day for this handsome guy.  More tomorrow.

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