Bonnie Chocolate Labrador Retriever 13 Years Old

February 1, 2020

Bonnie has officially settled in at our home. She can be left out into our fenced in yard to potty and comes right back to the door. She carries around her stuffed animal so gently but did murder my daughters plush “Olaf” that she left laying on Bonnies bed! Olaf was replaced before my daughter got home so she was none the wiser.

Bonnie loves to be loved in the form of pets and food. Her tail wags when you talk to her and she’s always giving her paw to request some attention. She has really bonded with our senior resident rescue “Rudy.” They’re always together, sleeping all cuddled up. Rudy will often lay on “her” bed but Bonnie will squeeze in any space he leaves her!

Bonnie went to the vet today to have her staples removed from her spay surgery and she is down 6 pounds since coming to our home! The vet said she is a nice weight but could slowly lose a few more and being a senior any pounds lost will help her joints feel better. Bonnie is an older lady at 13 and she can be a little limpy when she first gets up from a nap. As she starts walking around it’s like her legs warm up and pretty soon she’s moving again with no problem! She may do well on a joint supplement but we haven’t started one with her being ready for adoption so soon. 

She remains sweet as pie toward our kids (3 and 1) minus that small misunderstanding with my daughters stuffed snowman. She waits patiently for my son to be let down out of his high chair and then carefully takes the Cheerios off the butt of his pants to help us clean him up! She then follows him around wagging her tail- maybe she thinks he’s one of her pups? She remains very careful around the kids- never pushing past them, just waiting for what seems like an hour for my son to crawl through a doorway so that she has room to pass.

We really couldn’t ask for a sweeter dog- Bonnie has a heart of gold, a true “mama” and she’s so ready to be loved on!

January 22, 2020

Bonnie has been doing amazing! She’s so social and loving, greeting everyone by leaning into their legs and longing to be pet. She sleeps the night from 10-7, has not had a single accident in the house and LOVES our kids. She’s getting more comfortable too, laying lazily in the next room and dozing off, joining us when she wakes up from her nap.

Bonnie has gone as long as 8 hours with free reign of the downstairs of our home. No accidents as I mentioned but she also does not chew, scratch, bark or cry while we’re gone (video camera evidence!) Now she says goodbye at the door and goes back to her bed as if to say “okay but are we still on for later when you agreed to pet me again?”
January 18, 2020

Bonnie arrived to our home this past Thursday. What a honey! She is 13 years old and has had her share of litters coming to us as a retired breeder mama after all these years. Bonnie loves her humans, always near by the closest hand JUST IN CASE you would like to pet her. If you aren’t sure if you’d like to pet her, she’ll place her paw up on your lap or chair to persuade you. If you take a break from petting her, she will kindly ask that you continue with a paw on your lap.

If you tell her know she will ask 3-5 more times just because she’s very caring and she wants to be sure you’re confident in your decision to stop petting her. She loves our children ages 3 and 1. She sniff sniff sniffs them and her tail wags like crazy- like she recognizes babies as babies. She is very gentle around them and careful! What a good mom! Bonnie likes to be near someone when you’re home and will lay by the door when you leave. She seems to do well having a dog companion. She has not had any accidents in the house!
For now one of us has slept downstairs with her while her belly heals from her spay surgery. When she is safe to do stairs she will sleep on her bed on our bedroom floor. She is easy going and truly a lover, Bonnie is making up for lost time on the farm and learning to love the warmth of the indoors.

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