Boone #2 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 9 Years Old ID #3156

April 3, 2023

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last update.  I have been getting more and more comfortable in my foster home.  I am no long afraid of every door way.  But they keep trying to get me to go to new areas of the house.  It’s confusing when they have gates up and tell me to go through them.

I am starting to really like my foster brother.  We were playing with his blanket that he has had for a while.  It’s ok but we did put a few holes in it playing tug of war.  It was fun.

My foster family’s daughter brought over her friend.  A big English chocolate lab. We spent time running and playing in the backyard.  It was fun running in the pack. Yellow, chocolate and silver going crazy in the yard.  Labrador RetrieverThere is a big bouncy thing in the yard, they say it’s a pool cover.  I am told not to walk on it, but sometimes you just gotta explore.   Can’t wait to see how we play in the pool.

My foster dad took me to the park for a walk.  It was a double win as I got to ride in the car to get there.  The next day we took my foster brother with us for a walk in the park. My FD keep telling me to explain to my foster brother how to walk on the leash.  He says I walk very well on the leash.

I don’t understand why my foster family doesn’t take me with them to go in the car, I should be with them.  They have left me home with my FB alone.  We just catch up on our sleep and wait for them to come home.Labrador Retriever

Last weekend I was almost kidnapped 3 or 4 times.  My foster family had a birthday party for their grandson.  People keep saying they were going to steal me because I was such a good boy.  There was a lot of people here. There was several kids from 1 to 10.   The one year old was crawling around on the floor.  I had to protect him.  I never took my eyes off him, but gave him space to play.

They tell me Wednesday is a big day for me.  Something about a neuter.

March 22, 2023

I climbed up into my Foster Dads lap today. I saw my FB do this a few times, so I thought I would give it a try.  Worth the effort for the belly rubs.Yellow Labrador Retriever

March 21, 2023

It’s been a week since I’ve been in my foster home. I’m no longer afraid to go through doorways. I love the special food my Foster Family makes me. I “Smile” when I get my bowl of food. In the morning I started greeting my Foster Family at the gate. I am so happy to see them because it means I get to go outside and get my breakfast.Yellow Labrador Retriever

My FB and I explore the yard each day to see what we can smell. There are always new animals going through the yard. My FB and I have a peeing contest (only outside). He goes and then I go, you get the picture. I think I am winning. By the way, we get along so well, but he is a little crazy (he is only a year and a half old), but plays nice with me.

My FM says I am happy, I am always wagging my tail.

My ears were still dirty from the farm, so my FM cleaned them today. I didn’t like it, but I just stood there and let her get it done. They are starting to feel better now.

March 20, 2023

My Foster brother and I played tug of war with his blanket.Yellow Labrador Retriever When my FM got up, I meet her at the gate in the kitchen. ( Yes I am not afraid any longer) I have one more room to explore (they call it the laundry) and I will be everywhere on this floor.

I got my first bath today. My FD took me to the pet store. I thought I was getting food, treats or a toy. No, I got soaking wet, but the all-over rubs with the soap felt pretty good. He even used the hose to blow the water off me. I was not sure what was going on, but FD said I was AMAZING. I just stood there and he did all the work.

As my FB and I look out the front window, we watch out for things and sometimes bark (not me) and growl at the neighbor kids getting off the bus. We are trying to get their attention to come play with us.

March 19, 2023

Today my foster brother was looking out the window barking at the bird feeder as usual. So I decided to help and give a little growl. This was the first time I had decided to make any noise in my FH. Everyone seems so glad that I was starting to break out of my shell.

March 18, 2023

I have been a little afraid to go too far into the house. Today I ventured into the kitchen. I am getting braver with my exploring. I am still a little scared of doorways, but everyone else seems to be fine with them. I might have to trust them some more.

March 17, 2023

Happy St Patrick’s Day. Today my foster parents left me for two hours alone with my foster brother. He was in his crate and I slept on the sofa and bed. They said I was a good boy. I didn’t chew anything or have an accident. Later in the evening, my foster dad brought home something called pizza. It made me get very excited. They said it was obvious I had it before. I loved the crust. My foster dad says he believes I’ve been given table scraps a lot.  After the pizza, my foster brother and I chilled out and waited for the next adventure.

I really like relaxing on the couch with my head on my Foster Parents’ lap.  I get ear rubs and belly rubs.yellow Labrador

March 16, 2023

Morning came early. My foster parents were very happy with me. No accidents overnight. I finally decided it was time to try the food here. Not bad, I finished my whole bowl. I didn’t even care when my foster brother tries to get my food.

After breakfast and for the rest of the day, we would go outside to play in the yard. Then we would come in for a rest. My foster brother and I played with his throw toy.  I’m not real crazy about chasing after the toy as he is. I’d rather stay back with my foster dad and get belly rubs.

In the evening I spent time with my foster mom watching TV. I saw an ad with a dog driving a car (Subaru golden retriever) and gave a small ruff at it. My mom said I was really cute.

March 15, 2023

First night in my new foster home. It has been a really tiring day. I only marked inside the house twice but it was on the sun room floor. I’m not too crazy about going from room to room. My foster parents aren’t sure if it’s the vinyl plank floor or the doorway. They put down some yoga mats and runners to help me adjust. yellow Labrador I expected to stay in a crate, but my resident foster brother gave me his bed to sleep in while he slept in the crate. My foster dad slept on the couch to make me feel safe.yellow Labrador

March 15, 2023yellow Labrador

It was rescue ride day for Boone. We were told he likes riding in the car. Boone spent a lot of time relaxing on the back seat.  From the farm to meeting his foster family and then to the Vet.

For a farm dog he is so good on the leach. Never pulling, just happy to stay with his foster family. The vet gave him a clean bill of health and brought him up to date on his medications.  Not even a whimper while being poked and prodded.

He spent a lot of time getting to know his resident foster brother. They got along so well. Running in the yard, learning not to walk on the pool cover. I am sure he is wondering when he can start swimming.

He has found his place in his foster home. It’s called the couch. He has been resting comfortably and recovering from his busy day.yellow Labrador

As an older dog, he is surely wondering what is in store for him.  He is really an amazingly good dog.

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