Brandy Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Female 5 Years Old ID #2544


Meet Brandy!  She is a petite 4 year old Labrador mix.  Brandy came to Brookline after being found as a stray in Mississippi.  Through a collaboration with the animal clinic that was providing her care and a Brookline volunteer, she was able to be transported North.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

Brandy is now available:

June 11, 2024

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I told you what I’ve been up to so here goes…

I’ve been working really hard on my reactions to other dogs on our walks. I’m so much better when I hear a dog but I still need a little more work when we are walking on the same side of the street. We take a lot of walks so my FM thinks I will just get better and better.

Now that the days are hot, FM fills up my pool but I don’t want to go in. FM tried her best to get me in but putting my favorite ball in the water but I just walked around the circle and barked.

  • Finally, FM listened to my protests and gave me my ball!
  • I helped FD get his pool all ready for summer
  • But I don’t want to go in that one either!
  • And I finally got my very first pup cup! It was so yummy!
  • I even got a new toy. I’m working really hard to get that squeaker out.
  • After all of that “fun in the sun”, I love to take a snooze on the deck and dream about more pup cups.Labrador Retriever mix

Well, that’s it for now. I want to bother my foster brother and see if he will take me for a walk.  Stay tuned for more updates to come!

May 8, 2024

A day in the life of Brandy

By: Brandy

I thought I would let you in on what a day in my life looks like just in case any of your families might be interested in a dog like me.

My day starts pretty early, especially if FM is wearing her blue clothes. If she is, she lets me out in the yard and when I come back in I get my greenie. Then I have to wait for FD to wake up and we go into the yard again and we play fetch for a little bit until he leaves for work.

If FM doesn’t go to work, we go for a long morning walk

Sometimes we even go to a “sniff spot” just for me and I get to be free and explore.Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

I usually spend most of my days in and out of the house.  I love to be outside in the sunshine.

Even at night, when my family makes a fire, I like to be out there with them.Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

The only time I don’t like being around my people is when I eat my dinner, it makes me a little nervous so I have my alone time on the deck with my food while FM makes their dinner. We try to take a walk before we eat and then another after FM and FD watch a bunch of guys hit balls and chase them around a really big yard on the TV. They told me I’m supposed to say GO PHILS!

I also like being the Queen of the house, I like all of the attention to be only on me!

Check out my new queen bed! 👸🏼Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

By the way, I did something that I’ve never done before. FM called it “cuddles”

I only did it for a few minutes but it made FM very happy, so I gave her a kiss.

Well, that’s about it, my day in a nutshell. If you think you might like to have a day like that with me, let my FM know. I know she would miss me but she would smile even bigger if I found my furever family.

April 23, 2024

Hi Everybody!Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

I am so excited to tell you about the day I had yesterday.  FM took me to a place called “the woods” and I had so much fun!

FM made sure we had the place all to ourselves but there must have been a canine there before me because FM stepped in a big pile of 💩. She was not happy especially because she was already carrying a bag of mine!

Anyway, I was able to run free and explore.

There were so many new smells. I really loved it.

There was even a tiny stream that FM told me I could go into. I dipped my paws in but it was cold so I didn’t stay in for long.Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

I really liked chasing the squirrels and birds.  There was even something FM called a chipmunk.  We played hide and seek.  He was so good at hiding that even though I tried, I couldn’t find him.

FM said I was such a good girl and she told me that I was going to get a special treat from the truck that drives down the street and plays music but the truck never came. It was okay, I was really tired anyway. Maybe the truck will come today.

April 10, 2024

Brandy reporting in.

It looks like spring has finally sprung! I hope everyone had a nice Easter, because I really did. FM made me wear stupid bunny ears but she said I look so cute.  What do you think?

I did meet some really cute little humans and they played with me.  FM reminded them that I don’t see that well so they made sure to move slow and come down to my level.

The little girl even played ball with me and I did whatever she told me to do cause she kept throwing that ball to me. FD said I was such a good girl.

I really like my blue squeaky ball but really I will play with any of them.

I especially like to hide under the deck with as many as I can find

We’ve been taking a lot of car rides too and I really like looking out the window to see where we are going.

FM said we are going to a place called “the shore” soon and she told me I can swim in the water and get sandy, whatever that means.

I love going for walks and investigating everything I find.

Speaking of walks, it’s time for FM to take me on one, so that’s all for now.

March 12, 2024

Hi all!

Top o’ the morning to ya!Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

No, I’m not a leprechaun, it’s me Brandy! We are busy getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day. FD said something about green beer.  Is that what humans have instead of greenies????Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

Speaking of my FD, he got a new hip and he is home with me all of the time. I like to lay by his chair to keep him company while he watches TV.Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

When he’s not binge watching Netflix, me and FM take HIM for a walk.

And I didn’t like that he stole my tennis balls!

And when he naps, I nap! (FM makes us take a lot of walks!)Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

By the way, I am still looking for my furever home.

February 8, 2024

Hi all! It’s me Brandy.  I’m still here in my foster home (which I really like), but I’m still looking for my forever home. Here are some of the qualities I’m looking for:

1) I love to be outside so I’m looking for a family that loves to be outside too. My foster family takes me for walks every day.  I still like to pull when we start our walk, but I settle in nicely once we get started.  I’m completely housebroken and I will sit by the back door when I want to go out to the yard.

2) I love to play fetch.  My foster Mom has a cool gun that shoots out my ball so she doesn’t have to touch it when it gets yucky.

3) I don’t mind if my new family has kids but they should be a little older because sometimes I get excited when we play and I don’t want to knock a little one down.

4) I don’t like when another dog gets too close and barks in my face but I do like playing in the yard with my friend Brae who lives next door.  We run around and play nice together so if you have a dog, I might fit right in.Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

5) I’m not a big fan of cats.  My foster family has two.  I really don’t like Gladys so I will chase her, but Marge usually stays away so we have learned to co-exist.

6) Lastly, I don’t see really well, especially when something is above my head, so I need a family that will remember that because sometimes I get anxious when people move too quickly around me. My eyesight doesn’t stop me at all! I love running through an obstacle course for fun and I know how to work my puzzle to get all of my treats!Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

If you think I might fit into your home, I would love to meet you.  My foster family says I’m real smart too (I know exactly where they hide the treats) and I would be a great addition for the right family.

Love, Brandy

January 21, 2023

Hi all!

Just me Brandy reporting in.Labrador retriever mix

I hope everyone has been enjoying the snow, because I really have been. My FM hates the cold and snow but my FB said she must really love me because she keeps taking me in the backyard to play.

I have this new ball that squeaks and makes a lot of noise and I love it.  Plus, it’s really thick and tough and I haven’t been able to chew it apart.  It’s so much fun!

All of this playing really tires me out.Labrador retriever mix

FD has been taking me for a lot of walks and trying different types of leashes and collars.  I definitely don’t like the metal collar with the prongs and I wasn’t too thrilled with the one that went around my nose but when he tried a harness I didn’t mind it. We are still working on my leash skills, so all of this practice is good for me. FD needs to have surgery to replace his hip (boy am I glad I’m a dog!) and I like to help him with his exercises. Really, I just bother him till I get scratchies!Labrador retriever mix

FM is looking for someone to take me for walks on the days that she works because I really do love being outside and go for walks. The cold doesn’t bother me at all.Labrador retriever mix

Well, that’s it for now.  I have to go meet my friend Brae for a playdate. Labrador retriever mix

December 29, 2023

Hi all!

It’s me Brandy.  I hope everyone had a nice holiday because I had the best Christmas!!! The day started off with just me and FM.  Everyone else slept in because they all went to a party the night before and came home real late.  I didn’t have to sleep in the crate that night and FM said I was such a good girl and said no more crate. She even gave me a special bone after we went for a long morning walk, just us girls. BTW, I like to take a ball with me when we go for walks.

When we came home, FD was making breakfast and it smelled soooo good so I sat right next to him while he was cooking and he snuck me a piece of bacon without FM seeing. Yum!

Later that day, I got to go through a basket of toys and treats that some fat guy in a red suit brought for me.

He even left me a toy that looked just like him so I made sure to thank him properly by playing with him until all his stuffing was gone!

I got a snuffle mat that FM ordered from a nice lady from Brookline. I love finding all of my hidden treats, it’s so much fun!

Right before the football game started, FM put on my very own Eagles shirt so I could be just like everyone else.

Well, I’m kinda tired.  It’s been a long day. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year and most important, GO BIRDS!Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

December 22, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

It’s been 3 full days since Brandy came to live with us and she is doing fantastic!  I wish we could call her Bailey because she is as sweet as the Irish cream. She did amazing on the long car ride home (1.5 hour) and kept her head close to FD shoulder for the first 20 minutes before settling in for a long nap. Yellow Labrador Retriever mix We went for a long walk when we got home and she was a little excited and pulled slightly but responded to gentle correction.  Since then, she has been a perfect little lady on the leash. She met the next door neighbor’s dog and loves to run along the fence with her. Yellow Labrador Retriever mix My son brought his new puppy over today and Brandy played with her in the yard but was a little more guarded in the house.  Other than that, we really haven’t seen any signs of anxiety and are following the vet’s recommendation for weaning her off her medications.  She has been sleeping in her crate at night from 10:00 -11:00 PM to 4:30 AM when I leave for work.  She then has free roam of the first floor until 6:30-7:00 AM when my hubs wakes up.  She loves to fetch and will carry a ball around for hours, she will even take one with her on her walks!

She can be a little grabby with her treats, but will easily let you take the ball from her mouth during play.  She is fascinated with the cats ( who don’t appreciate another dog in their home) and she will bark and chase them, so we are working on “leave it.” It is clearly evident that she has difficulty seeing anything above her eye level so the cats have learned quickly to travel along tables and the back of the couch to avoid Brandy seeing them.  She also cannot track and catch a ball in the air but will chase one thrown on the ground until she is exhausted.  No accidents in the house, no begging or counter surfing and eating, pooping, and peeing without any issues.  She has been a perfect little house guest and we are so glad to be a part of her second chance in finding her forever home!

Stay tuned for future updates as we learn more about this petite little love ❤️

November 29, 2023

Hi! It’s me again, Brandy.  Well things are going good here in Kamp.  I just got a whole bunch of new toys and stuffed bones.  When I go for a walk, I like to take one with me.

I had some toys in my kennel that were really soft but they just weren’t very sturdy!  When I wanted something to do in my kennel, I’d chew on them but all these little pieces kept on breaking off.  I didn’t mind but my friend didn’t think it was too safe for me I guess.  The new toys I got are real strong and a perfect size so I’m happy that I can chew on them and the pieces don’t come off.  Don’t you think my new toy looks like a yummy donut? I love it.

November 10, 2023

Brandy was having way too much fun out in the yard today to come in and work on the computer so she asked me (her favorite friend at Kamp) to fill in for her.

Brandy continues to enjoy her time at Kamp.  She has been having yard time with her new friend, Senna.  They both like to play fetch with the ball, and did a great job sharing.  They both were focused on getting the ball and didn’t really pay much attention to each other.  Brandy doesn’t typically get super excited but today she had the cutest case of the zoomies while I was throwing the ball for Senna.

yellow labrador retriever mix yellow labrador retriever mixBrandy does really well in her kennel and run.  She has not been showing any signs of anxiety even when she is alone, and always keeps her area clean and does all her business out in the yard. Brandy is pretty good on leash using her regular collar but does best on a harness.  She will occasionally pull but listens to correction.

She loves her time with me, and kennel staff but is choosy with her furry friends and prefers them to be easy going and not very vocal at first sight.  Brandy is well behaved, and doesn’t jump up on people nor steal things she shouldn’t.

Brandy loves toys, and carries them around with her.  Another one of her favorite pastimes is chewing on antlers and bones.

October 26, 2023

Hello!! Brandy here checking in from my new digs!  The yard here is great, and there is always something I can take along with me when I’m exploring.Yellow Labrador Retriever MixYellow Labrador Retriever MixFirst off, I wanted to tell you about this awesome friend Virginia I have here.  She takes me for walks, and plays fetch and tug with me.  Sometimes Virginia says it’s time to “work” but she gives me lots of treats when I get something tough correct so it’s all good.   Cole thinks the treats are delicious too, and I don’t mind sharing.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

I love it when she gives me scratches too.

I like to visit my friend, Cole.  He’s a nice older boy who doesn’t mind one bit when I come to visit his house.  He never barks at me and I really like that.  When I visit he lets me pick out any toy that I like.  He’s a great friend.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

My favorite time of day is playtime in the yard when I get some toys.  Virginia said I was real good playing with toys with my other new friend, Senna.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever MixLike I said, Virginia plays fetch with me all the time but I also got to meet a Brookline volunteer the other day at Kamp, and she played fetch with me too.  She told me I was amazing at bringing the toy back to her and that she couldn’t believe that I had anything wrong with my eyes!Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever MixVirginia says that it’s almost Halloween and that we have to pick costumes for our party.  I thought I made a  perfect lion!  What do you think? Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix I even got to pretend that I went hunting…  Look what I caught.Yellow Labrador Retriever MixWell that’s all for now.  I’ve got to go practice my roar!

October 17, 2023

Brandy has moved to Kamp and has been adjusting well to her new environment.  She is a super sweet friendly girl that loves people.  She has the cutest face and is always wagging her curly tail.  She now weighs in at 50lbs so she is a nice medium sized lab.  Though she does have some vision issues, they don’t seem to get in her way very much.Yellow Labrador Retriever MixYellow Labrador Retriever MixBrandy loves toys, chews, water and exploring.  She’s pretty good on the leash and she is excited to go to new places to investigate.  Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

Brandy isn’t completely sure about other dogs, which could be because of her vision issues or possibly a lack of experience.  We are going to work on that and see if we can find some friends for her.  So far, she has met an old boy who pretty much ignored her, and she was okay with that.  Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

August 23, 2023

Brandy continues to do well and make improvements.  She is a regular now in the pond.  She loves to wade and explore.  She has a new favorite ball, that she loves.

We are continuing to provide her with positive experiences with unfamiliar dogs.

Brandy is looking for that special someone who can provide her with a consistent schedule, and environment but also loves to stay active and enjoy a game of fetch!

July 8, 2023

Hi everyone.  Brandy here.  Yellow Labrador retriever mix

I have other news.  I’m eligible for the Pets for Patriots program and they just featured me on their “Forget Me Not” website page! If you’re a U.S. Military Veteran looking for a pet companion, please check out this wonderful program.  By joining forces with Pets for Patriots, Brookline offers a reduced (or no) adoption fee, free supplies and more to veterans who adopt program-eligible dogs through its partnership with Pets for Patriots.  For more information or to join as a member, go to:

To read Brandy’s ‘Forget Me Not’ page, click the link below.

June 1, 2023

Brandy has been working on retrieving.  She has squeaky ball that she adores and will retrieve it until she’s tired.  She has also discovered that interesting creatures live in the cattails at the pond, so she has been hunting them regularly.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

April 25, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

Brandy continues to really enjoy spending time outdoors and loves her exercise excursions – especially the obstacle course.  She getting more used to the sounds of traffic and farm animals (chickens, sheep, horses) out here in the country. Brandy has improved when seeing new dogs at a distance but still may bark on occasion. The majority of the time though, she responds to correction. Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

Brandy is a great little dog.

March 30, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

My name is Brandy but you can also call me ‘Sunny’ because that’s the kind of personality I have!  I’m a very friendly, petite four year-old female Lab mix at 45 lbs. who enjoys playing and being around people. Like most Labs, I love to chase a ball and I’m food motivated. I’m always willing to learn something new.

An eye doctor determined that my sight is limited to what I can see at ground and eye level but it doesn’t really slow me down. Sometimes when I’m on a walk, and a dog barks at me, I’ll bark right back because I can’t tell if they are friendly or not.  I do know all my good doggie manners. I sit, lay down and to wait on cue and I walk well on a harness.  I love going outside and playing with the ball and looking for critters.  If you call me, I will reliably come running to you. I am housebroken and trustworthy in the house uncrated.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

I am ready to find my forever family!  I’ll be your ‘sunny’ companion who loves to be by your side.  ❤️Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

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