Bruno #8 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 5 Years Old ID #2954

July 27, 2023

Well, the dog-days of summer are here and I’m still waiting patiently in the kennel for my furever home. I’m go into daycare twice a week, but I prefer lounging in the office under my own fan to playing right now.

I do nicely share the cool office floor with several other calm dogs. I will make the perfect “work from home” buddy or companion. I don’t ask for much other than belly rubs and unconditional love.

A couple of volunteers have come to visit me and bring me treats and toys. I love squeaky balls and Chuck-Its, too, but I haven’t felt much like playing lately.   Check me out hanging under the desk in the office while I keep my kennel buddy company.

July 11, 2023

Bruno had a good day today at camp. He spent the morning in Daycare; then, after lunch, two BLRR volunteers came to play ball and snuggle with him.Yellow Labrador retriever mix

Bruno is an expert fetcher and reliably drops the ball— every time!

Bruno will also jump up to catch the ball if you throw it directly to him.

Bruno’s favorite thing is getting pets and belly rubs—which were in no short supply today. He is very malleable and loves ear rubs, too.

He’s a very gentle boy who is waiting patiently for a home.

July 7, 2023

Bruno is an affectionate, people-oriented, inquisitive Lab who loves playing catch and then curling up to snooze on a comfy bed or couch, especially when his people are nearby.

Bruno loves bell peppers and belly rubs and will do tricks (double high fives!) to earn them. Bruno thrives in a quieter, calm environment and needs a stable, consistent daily routine to help manage his anxiety.

Bruno has spent time in doggy daycare and is sociable with some calmer dogs, but he prefers human company to canine. He has given chase to cats and other small critters, so no other animals, please.

June 23, 2023

Bruno here! I’ve been back at the kennel for 12 days now. While I like everybody and they’re taking good care of me, it sure would be nice to have a quiet home to rest in.  I was too nervous to go back into daycare right away, so a Brookline volunteer has taken me for a few walks in a nearby field and I relish sniffing all the smells. I saw a fox at a distance and was curious, but didn’t want to chase it. I don’t pull on the leash too much – I walk well on a slip collar and lead.

Loud noises (like thunder and loud delivery trucks) make me nervous, and if I get spooked I pull back to my safe place, so that’s something the trainer is going to work on desensitizing me to.

I went to the vet for a booster shot and laid quietly in the backseat of the volunteer’s car while bucked in to a seatbelt. Yellow Labrador retriever When we got inside the vet’s office, I was nervous; I whined a bit in the exam room (there were four humans in there, plus me) but Doc fed me Pupperoni treats and we became good enough friends.  Dr. N is awesome and was so patient with me: he wanted to make sure I had a positive experience and ended our visit on a good note. Until I feel more confident, the vet recommends I get some calming medicine to take before any future vet visits (and before any thunderstorms).Yellow Labrador retriever

The kennel staff are going to bring me back into daycare in the next day or so once they feel I’m more comfortable. In the meantime, I’m going for walks and playing ball (which I LOVE!).

March 23, 2023

Bruno here! I visited with two nice volunteers who took me and my pal to get canine influenza boosters today. I was a perfect gentleman who sat patiently in the waiting room and met a sweet older lady who remarked on my good behavior. There was a Labapalooza there: five Labradors!

While we waited, I was all about leaning in for snuggles and ear rubs. On the way back to camp I took a quick snoozle in the soft backseat of the volunteer’s SUV: I am a great passenger and love car rides! I’ll sit quietly and look out the window for a bit, but eventually curl up for a nap.Yellow Labrador Retriever

The folks at camp say I’m such a catch and can’t understand why someone hasn’t adopted me yet. I’d make an excellent work-from-home buddy: I don’t make any fuss, or try to take anything I shouldn’t have from the office. At camp, I’m happy to lie at the staff’s feet, contented with and comforted by their presence. See the video from today.

I get along well with most other dogs, so long as they don’t try any funny business (like mounting me, or being to assertive in my face). I enjoy playing in daycare with my friends, too.

Please keep sharing my story. I really want to find my furever home soon. Spring is coming and I’d love to be able to share it with my new family. Might that be you?

Love,  Bruno


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