Bruno #8 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 5 Years Old ID #2954

March 23, 2023

Bruno here! I visited with two nice volunteers who took me and my pal to get canine influenza boosters today. I was a perfect gentleman who sat patiently in the waiting room and met a sweet older lady who remarked on my good behavior. There was a Labapalooza there: five Labradors!Yellow Labrador Retriever

While we waited, I was all about leaning in for snuggles and ear rubs. On the way back to camp I took a quick snoozle in the soft backseat of the volunteer’s SUV: I am a great passenger and love car rides! I’ll sit quietly and look out the window for a bit, but eventually curl up for a nap.Yellow Labrador Retriever

The folks at camp say I’m such a catch and can’t understand why someone hasn’t adopted me yet. I’d make an excellent work-from-home buddy: I don’t make any fuss, or try to take anything I shouldn’t have from the office. At camp, I’m happy to lie at the staff’s feet, contented with and comforted by their presence. See the video from today.

I get along well with most other dogs, so long as they don’t try any funny business (like mounting me, or being too assertive in my face). I enjoy playing in daycare with my friends, too.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Please keep sharing my story. I really want to find my furever home soon. Spring is coming and I’d love to be able to share it with my new family. Might that be you?Yellow Labrador Retriever

March 4, 2023

Hi Friends,

Bruno here checking in.yellow labrador retriever I spent the morning with a BLRR volunteer who took me for a booster vaccine against something called canine influenza. Whatever it is, it sounds nasty and I don’t want to get it, so I didn’t mind the injection. I didn’t even flinch and the vet tech said I was a great, brave boy.

When that was finished, we went on a walking sniffari –I love smelling the smells, engaging my mind, and getting the news shared by all the other doggos around. That was fun! I walk pretty well on leash (flat collar) and know my name. I also “check in” to make sure my person is still there (and if that person offers me treats, all the better: I take them nicely!). The BLRR lady asked me to show off my handsome profile and my “touchdown” trick – I obliged (check out the pictures & video).

After the sniffari, I enjoyed a nice nap in the backseat of her car while we travelled back to the kennel. I really love snuggling on soft beds and can’t wait until I find my furever home so I can have a permanent soft bed to rest upon. All I want is someone to rub my ears, take me for walks and play ball, and help me feel safe and show me love.

Please keep sharing my story with your friends. I know my family is out there – I just need help connecting with them. Will you help me out?

Love, Bruno

February 10, 2023

Bruno having fun with friends at camp.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

January 19, 2023

Bruno is having fun in daycare now that he’s over kennel cough.Yellow Labrador Retriever His recall outside is coming along and he enjoys playing with his pal Obi.  Bruno is eager to find his furever home to get nonstop love and snuggles.

December 20, 2022

Obi and Bruno are enjoying playing together out in the yard.

The trainer said Obi is coming along nicely – he’s a strong puller on leash, but improving every day. He still jumps up for attention, but that’s diminishing.

Bruno is still a little nervous with high-energy dogs and puppies, but getting more confident each day.

Both Obi and Bruno love getting attention from the staff and are wishing for their furever homes for Christmas.

December 14, 2022

Bruno is making good progress at the kennel. He was a little unsettled after his buddy Marley left, but he’s gaining confidence each day. The trainer is working on Bruno’s leash skills and getting Bruno to focus and respond to commands consistently. Bruno can still be a bit mouthy (soft/Labby) so that’s a work in progress.

According to his trainer, Bruno needs a little more leash work and some focus/response reinforcement.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Bruno is a great dog who definitely needs consistency and stability in his forever home. He loves attention and craves physical contact—he’s perfected the Lab lean and will gladly accept limitless belly rubs.

December 1, 2022

Hi! Bruno is a neutered male; he’ll be five on 12/17/22. yellow Labrador RetrieverHe loves people and cuddling. He is getting acclimated to life at the training kennel and enjoying spending time with friendly dogs and staff.

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