Bubba #2 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 13 Weeks Old ID #2643

March 10, 2020

Bubba has been with us for three weeks now and is capturing the hearts of every one he meets. This little guy is one of the sweetest and calmest puppies I have ever had the joy of being around. He loves to snuggle and play with our Charlie. black and yellow Labrador Retriever on dog bedHe does still have his moments of puppy craziness running around our house and getting into things he shouldn’t. His house training is coming along with fewer accidents in the house. He sleeps a good portion of the night for the most part now. He likes to go for walks with our Charlie which is a bit tortuous for Charlie as Bubba jumps up on him pretty much the whole walk. He loves to chew on bones, play tug, and chase balls.

The most exciting news for Bubba is that he had his stitches from his eyelid tacking surgery removed last week. No more cone of shame, yay!!! We are keeping a close watch on his eyes to see if he starts to have any trouble. So far so good. The original eyelid tacking surgery was a temporary fix since he cannot have the corrective entropion surgery until he is over 6 months of age. Sometimes the eyelid tacking surgery will actually correct the entropion and the permanent corrective surgical procedure will not be needed.yellow Labrador Retriever

He is scheduled next week to get his final deworming treatment and will have his Bordetella, rabies vaccine and last distemper booster. He will most likely be made available towards the end of this month.

February 25, 2020

Bubba is definitely starting to settle into our home. He is a relatively calm puppy, but he is definitely still a puppy and has his moments of crazy mischievous puppy time. He is starting to get a little mouthy but is easily corrected. He is starting to attempt to chew on non-dog items, but he pretty quickly stops when you say his name in a firm voice and offer him a dog item to chew on as a distraction. He does annoy my two resident labs at times. He loves to jump up on them and try to get them to play. He especially loves our Charlie and cuddles up with him often.

We have gone on short walks in our neighborhood and he is not a super fan of them yet unlike most labs. We get probably a tenth of a mile away from our house and he puts on the brakes and wants to go no further and turns around wanting to head back home.

Bubba went to the dental veterinary specialist at VRC, Dr. B. today. We were told that Bubba has a shorter lower jaw which is genetic and has caused his upper and lower teeth to be misaligned and forces malocclusions of his canines and incisors. There is nothing we need to do at this point because his lower puppy canines have formed a pocket in the roof of his mouth behind his upper puppy canines. Since that pocket is not bleeding, inflamed, or causing Bubba any pain or discomfort it is best to not extract the puppy teeth as they will not get any bigger. Unfortunately, there is no way to correct the length of the jaw, so when Bubba’s adult teeth erupt through the gum line his lower adult canine teeth and possibly his lower incisors will need to be extracted. Poor pup! He is one resilient little guy, and this will not slow him down or hold him back from getting into mischief like the typical lab puppy he is.

February 21, 2020

Bubba got his big box of goodies from Brookline today. He and his fur brother had a ton of fun opening the package and pulling out all the goodies.

He slept pretty well last night. Only getting up once in the middle of the night before the whole house starts getting up just before 6am. Bubba slept on a dog bed on the floor beside me in our guest room.He has had a pretty active day playing with his fur brother Charlie and playing with the toys already in our toy basket plus his new toys.

We did find out today that Bubba needs to go to the vet tomorrow because his bowel movements today had nice little passengers in it. Ehhh…worms!!!!

More to come later…

February 19, 2020

Welcome to Brookline Bubba!yellow Labrador Retriever puppy in cone

Bubba is a 10 week old fox red male lab puppy who came into rescue today! He is one super adorable and sweet little guy! He is recovering from surgery to have his bottom eyelids tacked as a temporary solution for his bilateral entropian until they can permanently correct it once he is over 6 months of age. Hence the dreaded cone of shame for a couple weeks for this poor guy.

More to come as he settles in to our home.

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