Buddy #33 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 5 Years Old ID #3032

June 2, 2022

Buddy has spent the past week healing from his surgery, and he has been a champ about wearing his cone.

He was happy to hang out in the kitchen during the workday. He still enjoyed his walks and liked the attention he received from folks questioning his need for a cone which was always followed by a sympathetic “ohhhh “.

Buddy was great company while I did yard work over the long weekend, he of course watched from the comfort of the shady spots.chocolate labrador retriever

Tomorrow the cone comes off and he will be ready to start his search for his forever home.chocolate labrador retriever

May 27, 2022

This has been an exciting week for Buddy.

He went for a long ride to the shore and did so much better in the car, he is learning to settle in the back seat and the seat belt buckle is working great. Unfortunately, the beach was crowded that day and there is a no dog policy in season so we could not sneak this big guy onto the beach.  He did enjoy some long walks and new smells though.chocolate labrador retriever

Buddy continues to meet neighbors and loves them all. Our morning walk is around the middle school bus pick-up time, so he welcomes all petting from the students. He really loved meeting our next-door neighbor, it was a sweet moment.chocolate labrador retriever

Buddy was neutered on Wednesday this week.  He was a very good boy but the staff said he really wanted all their attention and pets.

His cone is on!

May 21, 2022

Buddy has had another busy week with visitors and activities. He was happy to see everyone who came and went. We tried introducing him to the visiting cat, but he wanted to chase and she is an older gal who is dog savvy and wanted nothing to do with that game. He was aware that she was upstairs in the guest room but did not make a fuss about it and respected her space.

Due to all the family/work events this week Buddy had to spend more time in his crate during the day and he did it with no complaints. He was rewarded for his good crate behavior with a few very long walks on the local nature trail. Buddy enjoyed all the smells!!chocolate labrador retriever

This week’s storms were very stressful for Buddy. He found comfort in corners and during the last storm settled on the cool bricks in front of the fireplace. Once the storm passed, he was his typical goofy self again.chocolate labrador retriever

This week he is scheduled for his neutering surgery and then soon he will be ready for his forever home.

May 13, 2022

Buddy is an absolute lovebug! He just loves to be touched. He is happy to meet everyone and is non-reactive when we see other dogs on walks. His favorite thing is to just be in the room with people.

Buddy has gone on a few more car rides, he is a bit anxious in the car but is ok when tethered in with his car harness. He went back to the vet this week for his vaccines and next week he will be neutered.  The vet ran typical tests on his first visit and we learned that he has hypothyroidism so he started medication for that this week too.

Buddy also got to go to the drive-thru bank where he got some dog treats, he really liked that.

Buddy continues to sleep well in his crate, but does need high value treats to go in, he is catching on.  He does well for a few hours in the crate when we are all out of the house too.

Buddy continues to be a great work-from-home partner. He is starting to settle nicely under my desk.chocolate labrador retriever

May 7, 2022

Buddy is becoming a Velcro dog; he is such good company. He also believes he is a lap dog, all 94.5 pounds of him.chocolate labrador retriever

This week he opened his welcome box from Brookline, he appreciates the tasty treats and is learning to play with the toys.

The house has been busy with visitors and overnight guests. Buddy enjoys all the activities and loves everyone. He especially liked when folks hang outside with him, chocolate labrador retrieverwhile he is not the best at fetch, he does relish the attention around it.

Buddy had his first vet visit and will be scheduled for his neutering soon. He was a very good patient; we were so proud of him.

This morning we learned Buddy is not a fan of going out in the rain, but we powered through with a quick walk to take care of business.

Buddy wishes everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

April 29, 2022

Buddy is learning about dog beds, toys and belly rubs.

He has gone on numerous walks with different family members and is becoming a better leash walker with every walk, still a puller but not uncontrollable.chocolate labrador retriever

Buddy is doing great with crate training; he has slept in it both nights and has spent a few hours at time in it while we were all out of the house. Buddy joined us on a family errand run followed by driving one of his foster sisters back to campus.  He spent most of the ride with his big block head being held, even dozed off a few times during the ride sitting up.

When we arrived at campus, he got to say hello to roommates and I have a feeling he would have enjoyed staying on campus with all of them.

This gorgeous chunky chocolate boy is settling nicely into his foster home.

April 27, 2022

Today Buddy #33 left the farm to become a Brookline dog. After a series of car rides Buddy arrived at the pet washing station to get his first bath, which he didn’t mind at all.

He spent most of his day exploring the house and the yard, he even did a flight of steps up and down. Buddy loves to be pet and is happy to follow us around waiting for attention. He enjoyed a short evening walk, and did surprisingly well for his first day on a leash. Buddy is settling in nicely and we’re looking forward to getting to know more about Buddy over the next few weeks.

He had a great first day with his new foster family!

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