Buddy #35 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 2 Years Old ID #3225


Yellow Labrador Retriever

Buddy 93-pound purebred, yellow lab.  And he is ALL Lab.  As long as he is getting exercise and attention, he seems happy and content.  He is sweet and listens very well.

Buddy came in with Luna #9 and they really enjoy each other. They would like to be with another dog and you can check out Buddy’s blog by clicking this link. https://brooklinelabrescue.org/blog/luna-9-yellow-labrador-retriever-mix-female-1-year-old/

Yellow Labrador Retriever
Buddy left and Luna right

November 19, 2023

Buddy is a two-year-old pure bred yellow male lab who came to Brookline in October, after surrender from her former family.  Buddy lived with one other dog, a female spayed mix lab, and one pre-teen.  Buddy’s former family is going through a challenging period and were unable to continue to care for him.  He was well loved, and well cared for.

Buddy is a wonderful, typical two year old male lab.  He knows commands, such as sit, paw, and stay.  Before he eats, we have him sit and stay until he hears “Ok, Buddy”.  He is on a very regular schedule, wakes at 6:30 AM, whines to go out, does his business quickly, then looks forward to being fed.  He is very good on a lead on our property.  Given the chance to run though, sometimes, his instincts kick in.  We believe that with continued training, practice, and patience, he will learn to better obey “stay” and “come” when he is outside.

Buddy is loving, and well-mannered inside.  He enjoys his toys, and will destroy a toy, if left alone and unoccupied.  He has not chewed or destroyed anything else in our house.

What Buddy is looking for in his new home:

Love and attention.  He understands words very well, and usually follows commands when he is inside.

Lots of excercise, training, and mental stimulation.  He is distracted outside, so the more focus he is given, the better he behaves outside.

A physical or electric fence would be ideal for Buddy.  He loves to play tennis fetch and retrieve.  A fenced yard will give him freedom to run and exert energy.

Buddy would excel in an environment where he receives attention, training, and excercise.  He is a large, athletic dog, and only two years old, so he still has lots of puppy tendencies.  He may (unintentionally) knock over a small child, or someone who is frail, because of his size.  He is not aggressive in any way, simply a typical large, energetic lab.  Thank you.

Buddy is neutered, and will be micro-chipped, and UTD on all shots and preventatives as of 11/17/23

November 9, 2023

Buddy’s name so completely describes Buddy.  He is an excellent companion.  And, he is the typical lab. He loves to fetch and play.  He’s very good indoors.  He’s very good outdoors alone.  When he is with another dog, he gets very rambunctious and distracted.  I think that with continued lead training and time, he will learn.  When he is walked alone, he is fine.  He is usually focused, and if distracted, he is quick to be corrected.

We think he’s wonderful, and at two years old, has the potential to grow into a wonderful adult dog.  For someone looking for a dog to continue training and working with, he’s ideal.

October 31, 2023

Buddy has been with us for a week now.  He is a very good dog.  He listens well, and walks well.  He will pull a bit, but corrects with a little redirection.  Buddy is good on a long lead.  We continue to work with him on a short lead and with commands.  Buddy is a very lovable and sweet dog.  He keeps himself occupied in the house by taking his tennis balls out of the basket, one by one, and carrying them around.  He likes to fetch, so when he is inside, we think this is his way of keeping himself busy.  He is a large lab, and is all muscle.  His adoptive family will have to be willing to walk him often, have a fenced yard, so he can run and play, or make sure he has a way to burn off energy.

October 25, 2023

Both dogs are beautiful and absolute loves!  Their coats are soft, their eyes are bright, their teeth are in great condition.  They are healthy and athletic.  These two have been so loved and well cared for by their owner.

They get along very well together.  We introduced Buddy and Luna to our son’s 1-year-old female chocolate lab and the three of them played very well together.  We also introduced Buddy and Luna to some family members.  Both dogs were quick to engage, friendly, wanted pets and scratches, and to play.

We think that the key for Buddy and Luna will be to have lots of play time, interaction, and exercise.  Here is a picture of Buddy and Luna sleeping through the Phillies game.  Yellow Labrador Retriever

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