Buster #10 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 10 Months Old ID #2976

May 12, 2022yellow Labrador Retriever

This smart-as-a-whip cutie is going to be spending some time at Bedminster Canine Kamp, having fun running around with lots of fur buddies and working on some manners.  This super sweet, high-energy youngster is already a favorite at Kamp and has already made a lot of fur friends – check out the video!

He loves playing and plays nicely – fellow Brookline dog Otis says he’d like to keep Buster as his own pet.

Buster loves everyone he meets, and always seems to have a smile on his face.  And he’s got the head tilt down perfectly!yellow Labrador Retriever

Buster says that in his forever home, he’d love another dog to play with that loves to run and play “catch me if you can”.   And a fenced yard would be a bonus, but he also enjoys his walks.  He is very good on leash with just a flat collar.

Stay tuned for more Buster adventures!

April 29, 2022yellow Labrador Retriever

Approximately 10-month-old Buster is enjoying a brief vacation stay with a temporary foster while his foster Mom & Dad take a long-planned trip to exotic Indonesia.  He’s getting to play with resident dogs Henry & Nina and dividing his time between mowing the lawn (with his teeth), stealing and re-stealing the combined toys of all three dogs, and playing bitey-face, bitey-leg, nip-flank and yard zoom with Henry.

The dog hierarchy seems to have worked itself out in the first 24 hours with only an occasional residual growl and snap and some foster motherly intervention here and there. Buster has quickly settled comfortably into the household and found all the soft spots to snooze in.

He revealed that he doesn’t much care for foxes, deer and Canadian geese– warning them off the property beyond the fenced yard in no uncertain terms.  It sounds like his voice may be changing with adolescence– it kind of breaks between high and low pitch!

The slow-feeder bowl given in his crate for meals seems to be doing the trick of controlling his reported tendency toward food-vacuuming.  And he slept soundly in the crate the whole first night with nary a protest until the other dogs woke him up (very early, as usual).  No accidents in the house, of course, thanks to the careful training of his foster Mom.

While his foster parents are traveling, his placement questionnaire will be updated a bit, so that the people interested in this sweet young playful boy can get an even clearer picture of Buster’s personality, requirements and desires and we can get him the best possible match for a forever home so he’ll only need to pack his bags one more time.

April 20, 2022

Buster had the best time this weekend! Since the weather was so warm, we were able to bring out the baby pool for Buster and his foster sister Stella to play in, he LOVED IT!  He liked it so much he would sit in the pool after the water was dumped out too! Buster truly is an adventurous little guy, always wanting to play and be outside and he loves to sunbathe in the grass.yellow Labrador Retriever

Saturday night our neighbors had a BBQ and he had a chance to play with the female boxer across the street who we call his “girlfriend” because they are all over each other every time we visited. yellow Labrador RetrieverAdditionally, the 6-year-old boy had 2 of his friends over who just adored Buster, he was such a ham! They were petting him and reading him books and he was in HEAVEN. Buster truly loves kids and he is so gentle and playful with them, it truly amazes me.

After a weekend of fun filled adventures Mr. Buster Brown passed out real hard and slept for a very long time! yellow Labrador RetrieverWe cannot wait for Buster to find his forever home so he can make more fun-loving memories with them as well!

April 13, 2022yellow Labrador Retriever

Well, it’s been a busy two weeks for our Buster! Due to no fault of his own, his adoptive family decided after 2 weeks of having Buster in their home that they were not able to take care of a dog at this time. They had nothing but incredible things to say about this handsome boy and were devastated to return him, but they knew that he was special and deserved more.

Buster is now back with his original foster family and boy has he not even skipped a beat. The minute we walked into the house he picked up right where he left off and seems happy as can be! Doing laps around the back yard and playing ball with his foster sister, Stella.

Buster is going to make a great family dog now that he has experience with young children and even cats! This poor guy has been through a lot and still has his happy go lucky attitude, we really hope to find him his forever home so he can settle in nicely. But until then, we are making sure Buster knows how loved he is! Well, it’s been a busy two weeks for our Buster! Due to no fault of his own, his adoptive family decided after 2 weeks of having Buster in their home that they were not able to take care of a dog at this time. They had nothing but incredible things to say about this handsome boy and were devastated to return him, but they knew that he was special and deserved more.

March 16, 2022

We have had another exciting week over here with Buster, we can officially say he is housebroken! No accidents at all and lets you know when he needs to go potty by nudging the gate near the door. He is really settling in nicely and has become quite the social butterfly in the neighborhood. He has played with the neighborhood dogs once in a while and has a BLAST, even when some are not “keen” on his puppy energy. He takes the cue and moves onto the next one. He also LOVES to play in the mud and tries to disguise himself as a “chocolate lab” LOL.

We also had our 6-year-old neighbor over to socialize with Buster and he did awesome, just watched in awe at Owen and followed him and played very gently.

He loves to give kisses to literally everyone he meets, no seriously even the UPS man almost got a nice face lick from Buster, LOL. Even though Buster is house broken he does like to play little games such as “can I steal the shoe?” literally after leaving him alone for 1 minute, he ran upstairs grabbed a shoe brought it down on the couch and laid on it like a pillow. He didn’t chew it but he knows it’s funny when we say “nooo Buster how did you get that!” his little tail wags and he thinks it’s so funny.yellow and black Labrador Retriever

We think Buster would literally adapt to any situation he is put in; he is the happiest guy around and loves to show you how much he LOVES to be around you.

Buster also got “fixed” today so he will be on the recovery the next few days.

March 11, 2022

Buster is doing so well over here; we are officially 4 days with NO ACCIDENTS!  He seems to really “get it” too and it making the most of potty time when we go outside. Buster also LOVES his walks in the mornings and the afternoons, he does very well on a leash and doesn’t bark at other dogs walking by, unlike his foster sister, Stella.

Stella and Buster are doing much better at co-existing; Buster loves his foster sister so much that sometimes it can be TOO much. However, they have learned to share their toys and bones with each other and Busters does stop his “teenage” behavior when we tell him to.

Buster is really such a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle up on the couch and give you kisses. He is going to be a very good dog to his forever family as long as they show him the love and support that he really has never had during his puppy life.

Here is Buster cuddling with his lamb chop before bedtime.yellow Labrador Retriever

March 8, 2022

We are getting into a great routine over here and Buster is really making great strides! He sleeps in his crate all night with no problems and does well with no accidents through the night. We were able to get outside and play before the rain yesterday and we taught Buster how to play fetch! He truly has the lab spirit, becoming very enthralled with balls and sticks.

We realized that Buster eats and drinks whatever is out, mainly because we think he didn’t know how long it would be before he would get another opportunity at food or water, so we have given him designated “water breaks” throughout the day where we give him access to it because leaving it out for him to help himself has caused some accidents. We find that he is starting to slow down with his food now that he is on a schedule and goes to the bathroom right away after eating.

He is a good boy and stays quiet in his crate at points during the day and stays quiet until you let him out. When he wakes up at 6:30 AM we let him out potty and play and then he goes for a morning walk and zonks out completely for a few hours. He loves a cozy couch during the morning times, but we then transition to the crate later in the afternoon. Lunch time we play out back and do fetch and stick eating then he does his “toy parades” squeaking his favorites and chewing on a good bone. While he is still a puppy, his energy is very predictable and controlled and I think that as long as he is on a routine schedule and receives love and treats, he will be a very easy dog.

We also had our neighbors come over with their 1-year-old Boxer (Penny) and their 6-year-old boy Owen and Buster had a blast! He was so good with the new dogs and showed zero signs of aggression towards Owen or Penny. He did give lots of kisses to Owen and tried to jump a little on him, but we corrected him and seemed to get the hint. We will be doing more experiments with kids but overall, we think he will be fine around them.

Buster is very loyal and loving and we know he will make a great dog to his forever family.

March 7, 2022

Buster is starting to really make himself comfortable in the house, only 2 accidents again but for entire day and a dog that has never been inside before, I consider this a win. He slept in his crate for 9 hours last night and did well in the middle of the day when we left to go run errands. He needs a little motivation to get in the crate but once has in there he gets quite comfortable.yellow Labrador Retriever

Another big update is we learned the “sit” command on day 2! He is a very smart boy and the time we have spent with him training seems to be sticking. He also went for his first walk on a leash, and truly he is better on a leash than our resident dog. He does not pull and walks very very well and he doesn’t even have a harness.

He still loves his toys and bones and finally starting to get into a routine. He is really just a happy guy and based on what we are seeing is incredibly adaptable! He loves people and doesn’t hardly bark unless he hears another dog bark at first, but is definitely still a puppy. When his Foster Sister Stella is not interested in playing, he keeps himself occupied and doesn’t “push” Stella to play when she is relaxing on the couch (but Stella will also let him know with a low growl that she is not into it).

On day 3 we are going to try and work on commands like “stay” and “paw.”  And hope that day 3 we get down to no accidents in the house!

March 6, 2022

Buster is 10 months old and is 40 pounds.

Well, it has been an exciting first day over here! If there is one word, I would use to describe Buster it would be GRATEFUL. This little love bug met so many amazing people yesterday on his transports and always greeted everyone with kisses and snuggles. Upon arrival to our home our resident dog Stella was quick to greet him and play in the back yard for about an hour! He loves the play and has been getting the hang of listening to his name being called. yellow and black Labrador Retriever

When he came inside the house he was like “holy heckin toys” he saw all of Stella’s toys and just went to town! He LOVES TOYS! He played with 30 different toys last night! yellow Labrador RetrieverAlways looking and making sure we were still there during play time. Eventually he even went in his crate on his own for a little break, we were shocked, given he has lived outside his entire life. yellow Labrador Retriever

We had 2 accidents in the house but we quickly corrected him.  He drank so much water yesterday that I think he was just excitement peeing.

Buster went into his crate about 10:00 PM last night and had about a minute of whining and then slept till 6:30 AM!! No whining and no accidents! He was so happy to see us this morning and still just living his best life.


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