Buster, 4 year old male black lab

February 1, 2018

Buster black labrador retriever sittingI’m overdue with an update on Buster.  He just reached his maintenance dosage for his allergy shots and I’m happy to report that he is looking good and his fur is growing in nicely. We’re really pleased, and I can’t imagine how happy he must be not to be itching!  I am so impressed with him as he does not fuss at all when getting his shots;  this was a huge relief since giving shots was first for this foster mom.   So as much as we’ve grown accustomed to this cutie, it’s time to think about posting him as available.  He is very happy here with three other dogs, but I know we can find him a great match where he will be just as happy or even happier.  His ideal home would be one with an active family (and the more people the better) that would like to include him as much as possible.  He loves walkstwo black labrador retrievers laying down and hikes and he loves playing fetch, chase and tug in the backyard.  He is a speed demon when galloping around the yard.  He hasn’t met a dog that he doesn’t like but he still can be a bit exuberant when he plays one-on-one with another dog.  It really all depends on the personality/play style of the other dog.  If the other dog doesn’t want to play Buster gets it, and will leave them alone.  two labrador retrieves laying, standingBuster is a real people dog and he’ll take as much attention as you’ll give him.  He’s a lush and a bit of a hog for getting those pets.  He’s got great house manners and doesn’t get on the furniture (although I know he wants to) and he has never chewed anything, never once had an accident and rarely jumps up.  Please contact maggiewp21@gmail or more information or questions about his allergy treatment.black labrador retriever sleeping

January 1, 2018

black labrador retriever standing tongue outHappy New Year everyone.  Buster’s foster mom here.  I took   Buster to a specialist last month and it was confirmed that Buster indeed has environmental allergies.  It’s an impressive list of things he’s allergic to, but now we know what they are, we can treat him effectively;  Buster has been getting a special concoction of allergen injections specific to his exact sensitivities that we’re administering here at home.  What a trooper he is.  He doesn’t fuss at all when he gets the shot (every other day now) and I’m happy to report that we haven’t seen any negative reaction from the shots.  We’re in the phase where we’re gradually increasing the  amount and strength of the allergen. When he is at his maintenance dosage he will be getting a shot once every three weeks*.   The goal is to lessen Buster’s reactions to what makes him itchy so that he can lead a more normal life, and we’re feeling very optimistic that it’s going to help him feel a lot better.  And his coat is already starting to fill in and look much better.

Buster is a very sweet dog that wants nothing more than to be with his person, and the more people the better – he loves being part of a family.   He’s an alert and active dog who runs like a colt and he’d make a great hiking or running partner.  But he’s equally happy cuddled up with his person.  We’ve not let him on furniture and he’s happy to use his dog beds (although I’m sure he’d love couch and bed time too -he’s a real snuggler).   He’s great with other dogs and is living here with three labs from age 3 to 8, both male and female.  His play style can be fairly rough though (although he really doesn’t have a mean bone in his body), so if he ends up living with another dog, it should be one that is not a pushover and is able to correct him.  He also respects the cat, is good free roam and isn’t a jumper or barker.  All is all he’s one of our favorite foster dogs and he will take a piece of my heart.  If you have have questions or need more information,  please feel free to contact me at maggiewp21@gmail.com.  Buster will be posted as available once he gets to his maintenance dosage unless the right person comes along who is willing to take over his treatment.

 * The allergy shots will cost about $230 for a 7 month supply, not a bad price considering you will be rewarded with a healthy and happy dog!




November 28, 2017

black labrador retriever serious faceBuster is doing well and had his first road trip – a trip to Maine where he got to see how he did on long car rides (excellent) and how he liked the beach (sand, rocks and seaweed lots of fun, water not so much).  Everyone loved Buster and he was in his element with a houseful of people to interact with. Buster is all healed up from being neutered but unfortunately the skin issues have not gone away as his foster mom had hoped they would even after some hard frosts.   His foster family has had him on a very clean diet and there is no sign that this is a food allergy, so Buster will be making a trip to see a veterinary dermatologist soon to see just what environmental allergen is making him itch.  As yellow, black labrador retriever oceansoon as we know and can treat the cause, Buster should be available.  In fact he could go to the right family now if they commit to treating the allergies.  What they will be rewarded with is a dog that loves his people, loves all other dogs (although he is totally confused if they don’t like him), leaves cats alone, will fetch until you stop throwing, is totally trustworthy in the house and he stays off furniture and doesn’t counter surf.  He’s a catch for sure.  Please stay tuned or contact maggiewp21@gmail.com for more information.two labrador retrievers and two people, beach

October 24, 2017

Buster was neutered last week and he’s healing up from it nicely.  Foster mom would like to get his fur looking a little yellow, black labrador retriever toybetter and then he’ll be posted.  He’s pretty comfy here, and we’ll miss him.   Buster loves his two walks a day where he spends half the walk healing and other half walking in front exploring with a long lead.  He also enjoys a daily fetch session and he has gotten really good at retrieving and bringing the ball back and dropping it.

Buster continues to love everyone and everything and it is rare for him to bark.  He does need work on not pulling his foster parents towards whoever he wants to meet, but he has the best intentions.

Inside the home he is still a bit velcro.  He basically wants to be wherever his people are, and you can’t blame him.  And with his impeccable indoor manners, he should be a popular fella.


September 20, 2017

black labrador retriever fleece toyBuster continues to do well and his fur is growing back in nicely and he is getting less itchy.  He should be able to be neutered soon and then be made available for adoption.  He continues to be a perfect dog inside (no barking, no counter surfing or garbage picking, doesn’t get on furniture, good free roam, no accidents).  He loves the outdoors and still is very eager to keep moving on walks.   He’s got a very keen sense of smell.   Note that we mostly do woods walks as we have black labrador retriever standing grasshundred of miles of trails outside our back door so there are a LOT of good smells.  When I walk him around the block solo he is much easier to manage and heels pretty nicely with some reminders.  He is also learning to play more appropriately with his fur siblings.  He’s no dummy though.  He totally respects the older resident lab, but the younger one he still gets a little too wound up with – but she’s encouraging him.  Buster also loves to play fetch and boy can he get up some speed!  All in black labrador retriever blue ballall, he is going to make the right family very happy!







September 5, 2017

black labrador retriever tongue out laying downBuster’s foster parents are happy to report that Buster has settled in so well and he is showing no signs of stress at all.  He’s a happy boy who loves his food, walks, and companions (two legged and four legged).  He’s more interested in the cat than he was at the beginning but one hiss and a swat and boy this dog can duck!

Buster loves to fetch and he is very fast.  He’s doing better walking with a harness on, but it’s still a work in progress.  I have no doubt that he’ll make an excellent running partner although he only knows fast and faster!  He loves to wrestle with his younger fur sibling, and we’re working on his remembering that he can’t play with his people the same way (he’s a little mouthy when he’s excited).

three labrador retrievers dog toysBuster’s coat is continuing to look better and at two weeks he’ll go back to the vet to assess where he’s at and whether he still needs to be on medication.  When we feel he has stabilized, he will be neutered and then become available to be adopted by a very lucky family.  Buster hardly ever jumps up, has barked maybe four times the entire week,  is fine free roam and he doesn’t get on the furniture.  Is he a catch or what?!  For more information, please contact maggiewp21@gmail.com.







August 30, 2017

black labrador retriever sitting wood floorMeet Buster, the new kid on the block.  Buster came to Brookline because his family did not have the means to deal with some allergies he seems to have developed in the last few months.  Well, we’re always up for a challenge and we’ll spend some time getting him on a better diet and some healthy supplements (and some antibiotics to clear up the infections) and see if we can black labrador retriever, carget him looking better.  If he’s not feeling well, he’s doing a great job of hiding it.  He is happy as a lark in his foster home that he shares with two other labs, a cat and a teenager in addition to his foster mom and dad.  Buster is loving the long walks, and he slept happily on a dog bed next to his foster parents and didn’t make a peep all night long until he heard the humans stirring.

three labrador retrievers in the woodsBuster is quite the puller on leash but he didn’t get to walk much in his previous home so his foster parents are thinking (hoping) he’ll settle once he realizes he gets to do these walks twice a day!  Thank goodness for harnesses!

Buster is house trained, ignores the cat, loves riding in the car and loves playing with his toys. He is doing great with his fur lab siblings who are always up for a game of tug or chase.   Baths, however, are not his favorite thing, but having bi-weeky medicated baths is a small price to pay for all the other amenities he is enjoying in his foster home.    Stay tuned for updates about this great guy!black labrador retriever tongue out laying down


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