Calli Chocolate Labrador Retriever, 5 Years Old

July 25, 2018

chocolate labrador retriever sleepingCalli is a sweet 5 year old chocolate lab who currently weighs in at 110 pounds (she needs to lose some weight). She is house trained, up to date on her vaccinations, micro-chipped and spayed. She is 110 lbs of pure love and affection.

Calli is a mostly calm girl who loves to just be around her people and her other furry roommates. She enjoys laying at your feet  or snuggling up with one of my resident dogs. She always has to be in the room with you or be able to see you from wherever she is curled up. She loves meeting new people and her tail never stops wagging.

She is so docile you can brush her teeth, cut her nails, clean her ears and she just sits there and lets you do it. She walks great on a leash, no pulling at all. She actually walks next to you so she is almost touching you, sometimes she bumps into you because she is so close. She responds to most commands.

Calli takes treats very gently. When she first came to our house she was not sure about eating and would walk away and leave food in her dish. My three labs have taught her to get more excited about eating and she has started doing the “happy dance” along with them and she doesn’t walk away until the bowl is empty.

Calli is such wonderful dog filled with so much love and is always happy. She is a beautiful girl!  She will do well in a variety of homes, but we feel will be best in a calm home that has people home more often than not. She gets along very well with other dogs and is quite submissive to them. When she first came to our house she would not go upstairs but now she comes up to our bedroom at night. She is still learning things as she did not have a lot of these experiences in her previous life. She should have free roam of the house. She also needs exercise to help lose weight and she loves to go for walks

July 21, 2018

chocolate Labrador Retriever facechocolate labrador retriever bonrCalli is recovering well from surgery, her sutures will be removed next Friday and she will be ready for adoption.  She is the sweetest and most loveable dog. She is also absolutely beautiful!!! She does not require anything but love and attention. She walks great on a leash, she no longer counter surfs, no accidents in house, does not stray when off leash. She gets along with other dogs. She is perfect and she has the most soulful eyes as you can see in the pictures.

July 15, 2018

Calli had a busy day today.  I gave her a pedicure and cleaned her ears before we went for her pre-surgical vet appt. They loved her at the vet clinic, who wouldn’t. She has a lot of tartar on her teeth so I scaled her teeth tonight and brushed them. She is great for all of this. She also went to pet store to get microchip.

She is not a fan of car rides and it is a challenge to get all 114 lbs if her in the car. She really needs to lose weight so it is a good thing she loves to go for walks.
chocolate and yellow labrador retriever She likes to hang out with my girl Layla. The best thing is that Nellie has stopped trying to pick a fight with Calli and is starting to accept her.
She will be spayed Tuesday and should be up for adoption 2 weeks after that. She is such a joy to have around, you can’t help but love her

July 14, 2018

Calli is doing great! She walks very well on a leash and comes when called. She will do a few steps but not a flight of steps. She slept downstairs with one of my other rescues who doesn’t do steps. They were quiet all night. I came down a few times to check and I could hear the tail before I could see her. She has had no accidents and goes to the door when she wants to go out. She will surf counters. She is such a wonderful girl.

July 13, 2018

Calli is settling in. She is such a sweetheart and the tail never stops wagging. She ate dinner and we went for a walk with my other 3 labs. They did great together and she loved meeting any of the neighbors who were out. She is not sure about the pool but will try again. She needs to lose about 15-20 lbs so swimming would be good. She is great with other dogs, very submissive. Nellie was a little jealous and attempted a fight but Calli turned away. She is beautiful!!!!

July 12, 2018

Straight from the farm and waiting for her vet appointment. She’s a big girl at 101lbs, but she’s sooo sweet! I’m looking forward to updates and seeing this girl blossom!


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