Carla Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 4 Years Old ID#2851

chocolate labrador retriever

Carla is a beautiful, Chocolate chunk that has come into Brookline’s care from an Amish farm.  She is currently learning the ropes to inside living in a foster home.  Please read Carla’s blog from the bottom up.

February 11, 2021

Carla has been with us for just over 3 weeks.  Her life has changed in many good ways since she left the farm.  She was pampered with a bath, she was treated for anaplasmosis, she was spayed, treated for an ear infection and microchipped.  She has been a busy lady!

chocolate labrador retrieverCarla continues to do better everyday.  She has lost 9 lbs and now weighs in at 95 lbs. Carla loves her walks and is very good on leash.  Her tag wags and she whines a little when we see other dogs walking.  I think she would love to play with them!  Once see is healed we will try a play date.  Carla enjoys the snow and has been running around the backyard.  She must be feeling so much better!

chocolate labrador retrieverWe are working on her separation anxiety – little baby steps everyday.  When I leave in the morning she watches me pull out and whines for a while.  Carla has managed to find a special seat on the window sill!   She then checks every room out and then slowly settles in and waits for my return.  Maybe having another dog in the house would help with the anxiety.
Everyday I see the positive changes in this beautiful girl.   She is a smart, sweet girl loving her new life!

January 30, 2021

My sweet big chuck of chocolate continues to be a sweetheart – wagging her tail and loving everyone she meets! She has been with us a little over a week. She walks well on leash and looks forward to her walks.

Carla met my sisters 3 year old farm dog yesterday. She was interested, sniffed a bit and then walked away. Loud noises can sometimes be upsetting to Carla. She is improving when she hears a loud car or truck while on a walk – she stops and hesitates – then will continue. The vacuum cleaner seems to be her biggest challenge. She still does not go up the stairs. She has been more curious what’s up there so maybe the day will come when she decides to give it a try.  Carla is still a very picky eater. She still will not take a treat.

Carla was at the vet the other day for some shots and her initial exam. She weighed in at 104 lbs! I knew she was a big girl but wasn’t expecting that big! Hopefully the walks will help her lose a few pounds. Carla was also diagnosed with anaplasmosis. This is a tick-borne disease transmitted through bites of the deer tick. Carla will be on doxycycline for 30 days 2x day.  Today was day 1 of her meds, and I was pleasantly surprised that she took the three pills – wrapped in chicken – what else!

Carla is scheduled to be spayed February 9.

Right now she’s snoring away…. pleasant dreams Carla!

January 27, 2021

Carla received her foster dog goodie box today.  Carla has not had any treats – this was her first!! She says it is sooo delicious- thank you Brookline!

chocolate labrador retriever

January 23, 2021

Carla continues to do well.  She is sweet and gentle and so thankful to be off the farm.  We are still working on a routine – for all of us.  We walk in the morning, and again in the evening.  In between she goes outside and checks things out. Walks are improving and she is great on the leash.  

Loud noise will scare her but she recovers and moves on.  Outside in the backyard she stays close to the deck and then after a good 10-15 minutes she will walk down the steps and look around. Last night she saw a bunny and the chase began!  I was so surprised!  Thankfully the bunny was faster than Carla.

Carla has had no accidents in the house- yahoo!  Good girl Carla! Food still can be an issue.  Not a fan of her kibble so we are sticking with scrambled eggs, kibble and a little wet food.  Turns her nose up at treats- except for the turkey!

She still has not gone upstairs yet.  I have stayed downstairs on the couch to help ease her anxiety ( or maybe my anxiety). Well, last night we ended up sharing the couch!  Carla is scheduled for her shots this week. Hoping all goes well since she will be going into the vet office by herself.

January 21, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverDay two and Carla is doing great.  It has been a challenge getting her to eat but scrambled eggs have been a game changer.  Carla is settling into her new routine and learning to relax.  No stairs yet. She is enjoying her walks and the cozy comforts of an indoor home.  No interest in toys or balls.  Carla is easy and such a love bug.  She is snoring away.  Time for bed for both of us.

January 19, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverMeet Carla!  Such a sweetheart!  A Brookline volunteer picked Carla up today from an Amish farm.  Her freedom ride was about three hours, and did well on the ride apart from wanting to jump into the front passenger seat to be co-pilot.

chocolate labrador retrieverCarla went for a much needed bath today and seemed to enjoy being pampered.  As you can see, she is exhausted.  She found a soft bed to sleep in and she hasn’t moved.

chocolate labrador retrieverThank you Brookline for getting this sweet girl off the farm and for giving her a chance- she is going to have a great life!

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