Carson 2 yr old black male

January 26, 2018

black labrador retriever training classMy fourth time to training class and the teacher thinks I am a fast learner. I really like having a road trip and one on one time with FM. We worked on parts of my healing and sitting. I even did a 3 minute sit stay with all the other dogs in class big progress. The jumps are fun because I get cheese when I jump over them. I also did great when my FM left me at one end of the room and called me to come and sit in front of her. I do like to go for my runs in the yard but the ground is frozen so no ball chasing. I found a big stick to run around with. FM makes me drop it at her feet and sit before she tells me to take it. I get to run around and do black labrador retriever big stick black labrador retriever big stickit over and over.

January 17, 2018

black labrador retriever hardware storeIt has been a busy week for me. I got to go to a Brookline Meet and Greet on Sunday so people could come and meet me. FM took me to check on my weight and I can say I am now 79.5 lbs and looking good. While I was there I met a few dogs in the reception area and we were all model citizens. The best trip was to the hardware store to help FM get stuff to finish our shop project. I was very good sitting when FM told me to while she picked out stuff and checked out at the front. I even got my photo taken to show how good I was at the store. I am going to obedience training class again and I am learning very labrador retriever hardware store








January 1, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  At first Carson wasn’t sure about the snow now you can see he really enjoys chasing his black labrador retriever snowball in the snow. We changed to the big green ball since he uses sight more than smell to find the ball. The tennis ball would be harder to find in the snow. Check out his new video.


December 24, 2017

Carson here under the Christmas tree looking for Santa. I really think the right family will find me if I make a wish under this totally labrador retriever tree.  Merry Christmas all!

black labrador retriever Christmas tree

December 8, 2017

Hi, it is me Carson looking really good after my spa bath. Check out this really cool robe FM makes me wear so I dry fast without getting the house wet. I did see the vet this week and he felt I still needed to gain more weight so now I am on puppy food. Since it is the holiday season I hope this means I will put on the weight like everyone else! I will keep updating you with my progress!

black labrador retriever faceblack labrador retriever wrapped in towel

December 1, 2017

Hi, it’s me Carson just wanted everyone to know that I am doing well and have started looking for my new family. I spent Thanksgiving at my foster home giving up a great big thank you to Brookline for rescuing me. Now I would like to make my Christmas wish for a new family to call my own. Just check out my new photos and see what a good looking young boy I am.  Just so you know I am the one on the dog bed in the middle of the lab lumps.

black labrador retriever in crateblack labrador retriever curled up

black labrador retriever sittingblack labrador retriever laying down

four labrador retriever sleeping




October 29, 2017

My FM brought out this big green ball that is now my new favorite. I do like to follow FM around the house so when she is working in the shop I hang out on the mats. As I said I have to have medicated shampoo baths once a week to help my itchy skin. The baths are really helping my skin heal up, so this week I decided it was time for my bath and just walked into the shower while FM was taking hers and stood there waiting for mine. What can I say if it feels good go for it. FD also had some video guys at the house doing a thing about him. They thought it would be fun to shoot some video of me too.  I hope to be able to show you some cool video of me chasing my tennis ball. That is all for now!! Check for updates soon!  Love, Carson

black labrador retriever bathblack labrador retriever green ballblack labrador retriever green ballblack labrador retriever laying down

October 24, 2017

I am letting everyone know that I am doing great. I went to the vet he said that my ears are looking great and that my skin is doing well. I have to keep getting weekly baths for the next 3 weeks to help get it healthy again. When you spend time as a stray you don’t get the best of everything like I am getting now. I have put on 4lbs and still have about 10 or so more pounds to go. I love playing ball and have gotten good at retrieving and bring it back to my FM. She makes me sit before she will throw it again so I am getting really good at that. This past weekend I went to events with my back up foster mom and dad. We had a great time meeting people and spreading the lab love.  I even got to do a sleep over at their house. By the way I don’t bark at bed time anymore now that FM leaves the light on for me. I have to say that I don’t like dogs getting up in my face and have no problem telling them to back off. People are another story, the more petting and attention the better. By the way I don’t bark at bed time anymore now that FM leaves the light on for me.  Check back for more update Carson. 

black labrador retriever in yardblack labrador retriever laying down blue ball


October 14, 2017

Carson came to Brookline for the Brandywine Valley SPCA. He is a 2 yr old neutered black male. Currently he has some itchy skin and is about 20 lbs underweight. He is very calm for a young lab and is getting along with the 3 other male labs in his foster home.

black labrador retriever laying down

Well Carson has made it through his first night at my house. He was crated in the dog room with my three male dogs. He did bark for about 20 min after crating but than not a peep until we got up around 9:00 am. You have to love a dog that will let you sleep. He has been eating and drinking and doing his business. So far no accidents in the house.. He really likes balls which is good since my guys are not that into them he has them all to him self. He is very skinny and itchy. He does like attention but will also go off on his own to explore. He is tall and has no problem reaching the counters and I think given the chance would steal food if in reach. So far so good.

black labrador retriever sittingblack labrador retriever sitting

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