Casey Black Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old

October 27, 2018

Casey had her spay on Thursday. Everything went well, but Casey just isn’t comfortable yet. It’s going to take a few days before we see that tail going and her roaming around more. black Labrador Retriever Laying in grass
Some other notes that I haven’t mentioned in the previous blogs – she rarely barks, goes into her crate when we leave nicely (with a little cheese enticement), sleeps very well at night and will only jump up when we get home, otherwise she is not a jumper even when she meets new people.

October 20, 2018

Casey has really settled in with us. Her personality has come through with flying colors. She is loving the beds,couches and warmth…but who can blame her, after being neglected for a month and sleeping on a concrete Labrador Retriever laying on window seat
After here course of Clavamox, all her inflammation and ear issue have all gone away. She is much calmer now and less anxious. She has settled into my pack of currently 4 dogs. She is great with children, adults and other dogs. We have taken her on multiple walks. She will pull a little , but then settles back and walks easier. She has encountered other people and dogs on her walks. She pays no real attention to other dogs and is affectionate and trusting of new people she encounters on her trip.
Casey is now housebroken! Taking cues from my other 3, she has learned quickly. She is also like velcro, always at your side for companionship. We are still working on stopping her from counter surfing, but that will come with more time and training.
She is set for her spay next Thursday. After the healing process, look for her to be available.

October 11, 2018

Casey has now been with us since Saturday. I will say…Casey is an absolutely doll to foster. Her poor past situations have not broken her spirit. She is soooo eager to please and have human interaction. Very very affectionate and always by your side.

 We took her for a second visit to the vet to check out an ear and throat inflammation. The doctor has put her on Clavamox for her infection. We are hopeful this will knock it out.
One of her funny characteristics, is she LOVES to carry a tennis ball in her mouth all day. Whether playing fetch or not, it’s in her mouth all the time.
Casey’s Spay is set for 10/25. I believe soon after that she will be ready to place. She will make her forever family very happy to have Casey as their lifetime friend.
Lastly, Casey received her care package today from the Rescue’s coordinator. The package was packed with sooo many good things. Casey’s sense of smell has her tracking it all over the house, but it’s tough to fool her.

October 7, 2018

CASEY (formerly known as Missy, No Name) has arrived! She’s been in foster with us now a little under a day. We picked her up from Animal Control yesterday – and boy – did she enjoy her Rescue Ride home!! She was soooo excited to get in the car with us.

We had her vetted and bathed on the way home. Casey weighs 72 pounds and is 5 years old. She is now UTD on her shots and tested negative for both Heartworm and Lyme. She will need a spay. Casey has such a great temperament. Wonderful with my other 3 resident dogs and my children. She slept through the night (10 hours) and didn’t move. Totally decompressing from the now , poor situations she was in. She loves playing fetch, chewing her bones and just being free to run in the yard. Housebreaking, counter surfing and leash walking will  be on our list to work with her.
We will be setting up her spay appointment tomorrow.
More to come on Casey in the next few days as we get to know this gorgeous girl. Enjoy the pics from our yard and the Rescue Ride. FREEDOM!!!

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