Cassie, Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 7 Years Old

May 3, 2019

yellow Labrador Cassie enjoying some outside time Cassie, yellow Labrador enjoying a romp in the yards close up of yellow Labrador Cassie Cassie yellow Labrador female chilling in the sun

















April 15, 2019

Cassie was welcomed back to her foster home earlier this week, after exhibiting signs of Separation Anxiety. She acts like she hasn’t skipped a beat and knows the rules and routines from her previous stay here. She absolutely loves her morning walks or going to the dog park to socialize with both dogs and people! Since returning, we’ve determined that having a good exercise regimen before leaving is essential for her to keep calm and collected. She is very excited to see us upon returning, and is well-mannered and given free roam of the house when we leave. She loves being near us and is a great snuggle buddy. She looks forward to her training sessions and is really eager to please. We will continue to work on her training, and refining the commands she has learned.

Meet Cassie! Cassie is a 7 yr old spayed female who is recovering from surgery in one of Brookline’s awesome foster homes!

January 14, 2019

Cassie is continuing to become more comfortable with her surroundings. She enjoys her daily walks and minds the leash very well. She is definitely a velcro sweetie who thrives on affection.
She is healing well from her surgeries and is becoming stronger and more comfortable every day. She recently has discovered that soft toys are fun to carry around and curl up with, which is adorable.
As for training, she is progressing well with “come”, “back”, and “sit”. She is housebroken, though she does not ask to be let out; she holds until we take her and our resident dog out. She does show signs of anxiety when she is confined in a room with a baby gate. However, she can be given the freedom of the house without reservation, and does fine if left alone outside of confinement. She is exceedingly friendly and eager to please.

She will be meeting some new fur friends this week and we will be sure to include that in her next update.

January 10, 2019


yellow Labrador Retriever laying on dog bed Cassie had it tough on a Lancaster farm but now is living the good life. Put that all behind you sweet girl, the best is yet to come. Here is a picture of Cassie getting ready for surgery! Here  are more updates from Cassie’s foster mom and dad! January 7, 2019 Good evening, Cassie is continuing to adjust to her new atmosphere. She struggled to sleep last night, she needed the reassurance one of us was in her line of sight at all times. She did however sleep a good portion of the day with no problem, which is great because she is still recovering from her surgery. She continues to enjoy walking the backyard at a leisurely pace and does well on a leash. Jon brushed her today which she really liked and wanted more of. two yellow Labrador Retriever We started working on sit and minding her manners when doors open. Though she likes food, she is far more motivated by affection, which should also help with losing weight. She is facinated watching our resident pup Freyja play with toys and she tries to grab a soft plush toy. Her teeth are still sore so she doesn’t hold it long but she does have the desire. I will update tomorrow how she does with sleeping tonight. Otherwise she is lovely and follows us everywhere. 1/6/2019 Good Evening, Cassie is settling in today with her first night here. She did really well meeting our resident dog Freyja. She doesn’t show any signs of food aggression or dominance, she is a very sweet girl. She enjoyed walking the property and watching Freyja play fetch. She doesn’t know what a toy is, poor girl, we will work in that. She did really well with stairs and has no problem using them. She had no reaction to our resident cat other than mild curiosity, which is great! She will follow Jon or I around everywhere we go. She is more inclined to follow me, if I get up or move anywhere. She will stay laying down if he gets up as long as he stays in sight. She is just settling down for the night. She is doing extremely well on her first night and we are excited to see her personality come out. Melissa & Jon

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