Cece (FKA Sissy) Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Female 1 Year Old ID #2499

yellow labrador retriever mixThis petite adorable girl was surrendered to a humane society in Louisiana because her elderly owner was unable to continue caring for her. Sissy has been transported North and is settling in to her foster home.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

May 22, 2021

Hi! It’s me, Cece!

I’m so excited to tell you about my new adventures! I’ve been going on car rides to some local parks to walk and meet new people and dogs! It’s been so much fun! I love riding in the car and am so well behaved. I love to sit and look out the window at everything. I’m a good girl and just watch without barking at all. I also got to try one of the bigger daycare groups! The first time was really fun and I made some great new friends, but there was another day, where there were a lot of dogs crowding me and I got a little scared. I got to leave the group and go out in the big yard with a few friends, which I liked a lot better. I love to run!

I’ve been meeting so many new people and dogs and even got to visit inside the BCK owner’s home! I did check out the counters a little, but I’m getting calmer each time that I visit. Cole (another Brookline foster) lives there and he’s super nice to me. He even lets me steal his toys! Even though I love my friends at BCK and I’m happy there, I hope that I get my own fur-ever home soon!

<3 Cece

May 10, 2021


yellow labrador retriever mixI’m Cece (formerly known as Sissy, and now sometimes called Cecelia!) I was in a wonderful, loving foster home with a great family, but since I was having a lot of issues behaving myself around new dogs, I came to Bedminster Canine Kamp to work on my socialization skills.

yellow labrador retriever mixSince arriving, I have met so many wonderful new people and dogs! I was shy and nervous at first, but everyone I meet is so nice, giving me treats and cuddles. I’m starting to get the hang of this “social” thing. I used to be so nervous when I saw other dogs on walks. I barked at them and pulled on my leash.yellow labrador retriever mixNow, I’ve been meeting and playing with new dogs and am starting to realize that they aren’t all as scary as I thought! My trainer says that I’m ready for the next step – meeting new dogs at other places, so we’re going on some field trips this week to some local parks.

yellow labrador retriever mixI hope that it’s not too scary for me, but I’ll do my best. I hope that since I’m improving so much, I’ll get to find my fur-ever family soon!

<3 Cece

May 8, 2021

yellow labrador retriever mixCece apologizes for the delay in updating her blog.  She has been a busy girl!  She was loving life at her foster Mom’s, and getting lots of love and snuggle time, along with working on her reactivity to meeting dogs on leash.  She was improving, but it was decided that she might progress a bit faster if she went to Bedminster Canine Kamp, where she could work with a trainer and continue to hone her skills.  What a great opportunity!

yellow labrador retriever mixThis petite girl has discovered that there are a ton of fun pals she can hang around with.  She was a bit leery at first, but with careful introductions and encouragement with treats, she has found out that other dogs are GREAT playmates!  She now has a LOT of new friends, and is thoroughly enjoying spending time with them.

yellow labrador retriever mix

The trainer describes her as a natural at agility – look at her clear that hurdle!  And this girl has some speed – her favorite game is “chase me”!

Cece is also getting used to the crate, so that if her people need to leave for short periods of time, she will have a safe place to hang out.

yellow labrador retriever mixMeanwhile, she continues to enjoy belly rubs and snuggling with her new pals at BCK.


February 27, 2021

yellow labrador retriever mixCece is a sweet and lovable dog and has settled into our family really well over these last few months.   All five of us in our house really love being greeted and kissed by her when we walk in the door, or when we walk into the room for that matter!  yellow labrador retriever mix yellow labrador retriever mixShe seems to really enjoy being a part of the family and is almost ready to move on to her forever home.  She has made some good progress with her reactivity towards other dogs, and this continues to be a work in progress, but she is moving in the right direction.  She has been coming with me on car rides and likes to see everything that is going on around us as we drive.  yellow labrador retriever mixShe likes all food and toys and loves to run after the ball. She likes to bring it back to the person that threw it….but generally, our other dog gets involved and they chase each other around to try to get the ball.  She is very playful and very loving and will be a great companion to anyone who is willing to work with her to make her feel secure in situations where she feels anxious.

yellow labrador retriever mixShe came up north from Louisiana where she was surrendered because her owner couldn’t care for her anymore….and she stayed at a temporary foster home with 20 dogs,  before coming to be fostered by our family of five (plus dog)!!  She is on the small side too, only 38 pounds!  Stay tuned for her availability…

February 11, 2021

yellow labrador retriever mixLittle Cece loves the snow, and also loves to nap in the warm house after playing— she likes to curl up at my feet when I’m working at my computer and also nudge my hand every once in a while for some pats.  She is very sweet but also has a bit of a devious side… She likes to take whatever bone Toby is working on and bring it to her bed and then when Toby gets up to go find it or get another bone Cece goes and takes Toby‘s bed… Lol…

Toby is patient with her though and seems to let her get away with this behavior when we try to tell her “no, that’s Toby’s.”  Friday, depending on the weather, we will be meeting with a trainer  to work on her behavior when she is on the leash…This girl is a little petite sweetie and will make a great addition to a loving household.

January 24, 2021

Cece (formerly Sissy) has been with us for about 10 weeks!! We haven’t moved her to available yet because we want to work on her leash reactivity, and the stress she feels when outside. She’s very uneasy with new people coming into her proximity, and especially new dogs. I have been talking to a trainer about her behaviors on leash, and have received some really good tips and advice. I’m working with her every day.

yellow labrador retriever mixI have started using that gentle lead on her walks, and that has dramatically changed her pulling behavior. We don’t always see other dogs on our walks, so it’s hard to make progress some days.  She is very sweet, and lovable. and gets along great with our resident dog.

yellow labrador retriever mix yellow labrador retriever mixShe will make a family a very good pet, once Cece’s stress outside decreases and she has learned good leash behaviors!!

January 4, 2021

yellow labrador retriever mixCece is doing great.—She even got to go spend a couple nights in Abington thanks to one of Brookline’s own foster families. Cece couldn’t join us on a short getaway, so she ended up having a lovely time away.  We were all happy to see her again…she even helped to comfort our resident dog Toby on NYE.

yellow labrador retriever mixToby is terrified of fireworks, and Cece hardly noticed them!!   Cece loves to come over and nudge my hand to pet her when I’m working at my computer—It’s a very nice distraction from foster mom’s day.  Walks are a bit challenging with her and we are continuing to work through some anxiety issues when faced with other dogs and people… Our dog and our people pose no threat, but if anyone else comes down the road, Cece does not seem to know that those people aren’t going to be mean, so she tries to tell them to go away by barking and pulling. We are working on this everyday with her!

yellow labrador retriever mixShe will need encouragement and patience, but she really wants to learn and please.  The latest thing she has learned is to sit and wait until we tell her she can have her dinner… She has shown us she can “stay”… another adorable thing she does is: when she’s eating her dinner her tail is usually wagging and if you talk to her while she’s eating her dinner her tail wags faster and her whole body wiggles.

yellow labrador retriever mix

December 21, 2020

yellow labrador retriever mixLittle Cece (fka Sissy) is doing great… She likes to be the center of attention and is very snuggly.  Coming from Louisiana, I’m not sure she has seen much snow and she loves going out and running around in it and when it was falling from the sky she tried to eat every snowflake:)

yellow labrador retriever mixyellow labrador retriever mixShe is still working on her manners when out walking on a leash… She is starting to realize that she needs to stick with the person who’s holding the leash if she doesn’t wanna get tangled up in every tree and mailbox and that she zigzags around on our walks..

yellow labrador retriever mixSince she’s already one year old, she seems mature enough to understand when we are trying hard to teach her something and she seems to want to learn… But we still have some setbacks. She has some separation anxiety when anyone leaves and isn’t happy until everyone’s back in the house!

yellow labrador retriever mix

December 8, 2020

Cece-(FKA Sissy) is doing great and really working her way into our hearts. She is still very much a puppy and a bit of a scoundrel. Our resident dog Toby, isn’t sure whether she loves her or just tolerates her but they sure do have fun together. Play can get a little rough sometimes, but they get a lot of exercise together which is great.

yellow labrador retriever mixWe’ve had to move a few ornaments up further on the tree because the other night she seemed really proud to bring my son who is 13, an ornament he made when he was 3, in her mouth! She trotted right up to him proudly. Sometimes it’s hard to discipline this cute girl when she looks at you, and just wags her tail and never stops wagging.

yellow labrador retriever mixShe will definitely need some training out on walks. We’ve had a few instances where she gets really scared or worried about other dogs and barks at them until they’ve gone by and are safe distance away. We are working on “leave it “and “heel “commands, and are trying not to get her to pull so much on the harness. I can’t stress enough what a sweetheart she is. She’s really petite and just very loving.

November 28, 2020

yellow labrador retriever mixThe adventures of Cece continue!! We decided that Cece fit her better than Sissy so we are going with that, and I don’t think she even noticed the difference!!  She is doing really well and acts as though we are being reunited after a long time apart every time we see her in the morning!! We are trying to discourage the jumping up with excitement —and the can of coins seems to be doing remarkably well…

yellow labrador retriever mixShe’s a little bit protective when we go out on walks and like to tell all the neighborhood folks that she’s on alert! She acted a little big for her britches with a very large male golden retriever and then again with a very tiny male Shih Tzu!! But everything ended well… She still seems to be one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever met…yellow labrador retriever mix

November 20, 2020

yellow labrador retriever mixSissy’s foster care package arrived yesterday, and both dogs were very excited about the contents. It’s hard to explain to Toby that they’re really Sissy’s toys.

Sissy is adjusting to our household really well, and I’m not sure there is a sweeter dog!  She and resident dog, Toby are becoming good buddies, and I’ve caught them sharing Toby’s bed, and they wear each other out playing.yellow labrador retriever mixyellow labrador retriever mix

We’re working on training as she loves to jump up to say hello!!….and doesn’t like being in the kennel very much— maybe she thinks she’s going to be put back on another truck for transport! But Nope!!

yellow labrador retriever mixWe’re looking forward to making some progress on commands, and looking forward to having her here for Thanksgiving…she will make a wonderful addition to a lucky family.

November 16, 2020

yellow labrador retriever mixLittle Sissy continues to charm everyone with her sweet wiggly self, but we’re starting to notice a little scoundrel side to her. She’s done a little digging, and she and our resident girl have a little bit of a competition when it comes to toys and beds—-One day Sissy seems like the Alpha and the next day Toby seems like the Alpha, but they each seem to respect each other and are still getting along just fine.

yellow labrador retriever mixWe think Sissy would be happy being an only dog but she’s also proving to do well with another dog too. She adores the kids and everyone that she meets. She does seem to need some further training on commands. From what we can tell “Sit” and “Come” Are the only ones she knows… She definitely doesn’t know “off” or “down” so we are working on that!! She gets excited anytime someone comes into the room or speaks to her…

yellow labrador retriever mixShe does perfectly fine going outside to go potty. I don’t think she really would be a knock over risk for children, unless it was a really small child because she is so tiny herself!!  She Does pretty well on the leash and is a little bit zig-zagy but likes to go out on walks!

November 13, 2020

yellow labrador retriever mixSissy jumped into the car this morning after getting out of her transport van in Bethlehem, PA.  She is adorable, sweet, and tiny! Her paperwork says 38 lbs!!

yellow labrador retriever mixJust a quick update today as we are busy bathing her and introducing her to our resident dog and our kids.  She is very loving and affectionate…

yellow labrador retriever mix

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