Champ, Yellow Labrador Retriever Male, 9 Months Old

February 27, 2018

Champ has been with us about 10 days. Champ passed his final testing with us yesterday, with flying colors. We were finally able to get him out on a leash for a nice two hour walk. I first took him to my parents’ house to meet and greet him. They are both older. Champ greeted them with all the affection a dog could give. He was not shy at all. Licked them both feverishly and rolled on his belly for a rub. Then we proceeded on the walk. Champ encountered other dogs. He looked at them and proceeded on. We also encountered 5 deer in a patch of grass. At that point, I was ready for him to tear my arm off, but he stared them down and did not charge them. This was a good sign. Lastly, we met three children who were small. Champ pulled and wanted to see them so badly. He was ready to greet them like my parents. I did keep my distance because Champ occasionally likes to jump when excited.
Champ pulls some on a leash, will jump when excited, and likes to counter surf occasionally. Whomever adopts Champ will need to continue with his development, as he is still a pup, but they will be lucky to have this good boy.

February 23, 2018

yellow labrador retriever laying downIt’s been about 5 days with Champ in our home. Champ has woven himself into our yellow labrador retriever laying down on personfamily. He is such a good boy – super affectionate, likes to exercise but settles easily, a swimmer, and knows commands ( NO! , paw, sit, lay down). Champ sleeps through the night uncrated and has had no accidents in the house. Yesterday was the first time we gave him some time of free roam in the house while we were out and he passed. As I mentioned in the previous blog, he also has no problem with being crated. I believe Champ would be fine with other doggie companions or as single family pet.
February 19, 2018
Champ – The first day
I picked up this handsome boy with my son midday on Sunday. He jumped in the car right away, with my son in the back, and he settled down very quickly for the hour’s ride.yellow labrador retriever, car boy
Champ is 8 month’s old, weighs in at 70lbs, and is still growing. We introduced him to his new foster home and my three other resident Labs. We let him acclimate to the yard and space in the house. Although I saw some signs of being shy at pick-up, Champ changed immediately after being in the yard and the house. This guy is going to be a very loyal and loveable lab. He has not touched any human things yet and has no accidents in the house. He has slept with us (on the bed) for the last two nights with no issues. I crated him yesterday for about two hours. He went right in and no separation anxiety.
yellow labrador retriever curled upLastly, we don’t mind him on the couch with us, and he takes us up on it! Also, this guy is also going to be a water dog. He loves walking on top of the pool cover and sinking up to his belly. In the next few days, we are really looking for his personality to come out and shine.
 Enjoy the pics and look for more updates to come.yellow labrador retriever sitting yellow labrador retriever car

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