Chance Chocolate Labrador Retriever 9 Months Old

Jan 28, 2019
 My foster mom thinks because I’m just a baby that I need to wear a jacket outside…even if it doesn’t fit me (eye roll)….
Chocolate Labrador Retriever sitting in plaid coat
I am 10 months old so my first birthday is coming up. I’m hoping that I have a forever family for my first birthday. I would also like to have some chewy toys, a tennis ball, a good thick stick, and anything yummy to put in my belly. I’m pretty simple. I’m your typical lab, I love to play, eat and sleep. 3 Chocolate 1 yellow Labrador RetrieverMy foster family would describe me as the worlds easiest puppy. I am very smart, I listen and know all commands. I like to play but I settle nicely. They say I am an old soul and have to remind themselves that I’m just a puppy because I’m very calm. Chocolate Labrador Retriever and boy on sofaI am great with kids. I absolutely love people! More than my fur siblings – I have three fur brothers. When I first came to my foster home, I liked the old guys but the puppy made me hit the brakes. I wasn’t a fan. I haven’t been socialized so that was just scary to me. After a few days, we met again and then became fast friends. Now I love my puppy brother. We have a lot of fun together. Mommy has noticed that I am shy with other dogs. So I might just need a one on one intro and time to feel safe. I love to follow along and be part of a pack, but mommy thinks I’d be ok as an only dog too.Next I should tell you about my face. I lost some of my fur because of something called Puppy Strangles. It’s similar to mange. I had little mites when I was at the puppy farm. They say my fur will grow back.
Chocolate Labrador Retriever sleeping on sofa
I also have hip dysplasia. While I’ve been at my foster home, I’ve been doing water therapy.
I did therapy 2X a week for three weeks. The doctor was so surprised by my results that he measured me THREE TIMES!!! I gained 8cm in my bad leg and 4cm in my good leg. I gained so much strength and muscle mass.Chocolate Labrador Retriever in water treadmill

The doctor says I can live without any restrictions. I am not on any meds, nor do I need them. So while I have hip dysplasia, I am just a regular puppy. I can play, take long walks, do stairs, basically everything my fur brothers do. I may need some water therapy as I get older. But the doctor doesn’t think I need or will need surgery. Just keep my body moving and I’ll be fine.

I am crate trained. I sleep in a crate at night and when I’m left alone. Even though mommy thinks I would be ok with free roam. I am potty trained. But we’ve never tested if I would be naughty left alone.
My foster family would tell you that I am the perfect dog. But…I do have two short comings. One, I have had very little time on a leash so I walk in circles. Because I’m one of four dogs, there isn’t much time to work on that. So that is one area that I will need some time/training.  Secondly ….ugh …this is a bad one…sometimes… I eat my poop. It’s very random but I do that sometimes. This is a problem because I LOVE to give kisses. 😬Chocolate Labrador Retriever stuffed toy in mouth
I am a huge love bug. I love to be pet and told I’m a good boy. I will close my eyes and take in all the love you want to give me. I also love to hug. If you sit on the floor and put your arms out, I will snuggle in and rest my head on your shoulder. The kiddos say I give the best hugs. Mommy thinks so too. I am such a people pleaser that I steal hearts everywhere I go. Everybody that meets me, falls in love with me.
I’ve loved my foster family and I will be sad to leave after two months with them. But I’m super excited to have a forever family. I don’t know what that looks like but mommy thinks it can be anything. One owner, a couple, a family with kids of all ages. A home with or without pets. A working home or a homebody for me. I am very, very flexible. I go with the flow. If you’re home, I will follow you. If you’re away, I will sleep.

I also love the car!! Please take me in the car! I will go anywhere with you! The car is very exciting. My foster mommy makes me sit in the back but I’d love to be your co pilot!!Chocolate Labrador Retriever in car

Yours truly,

December 12, 2018
Hi! My name is Chance. I am 9 months old and I was just rescued from a puppy mill in Lancaster, PA. While I was there, I met up with some mites when I was a little puppy so I am missing fur on my face BUT they tell me my fur will come back! Hurray for that, winter is here and my face is cold!!

Chance has been with us for almost two weeks. He is so much fun to have with us. He is such a sweet little love bug. He is happiest by our side, giving kisses and taking all the attention he can get. When you talk to him and tell him how good he is, he closes his eyes and hams it up.He lights up with the kids and likes his fur brothers too. He is happy with the older dogs and setting boundaries with our puppy – because he’s just too much! So Chance is finding a way to play with Monson, tugging with toys. Chance loves toys!

Since he’s been in our house, he has learned to go up and down stairs, potty outside, go in his crate and I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten about his old life.

Chance started water therapy on Monday of this week and today is his second therapy appointment. He does really well with the car ride and he knows what to do once we arrive. He walks right into the water tank and waits while the water fills. He is happy to walk and eat cookies. He also plays with floating toys while he walks. I am doing water therapy because I have bad hips, hip dysplasia they say like I can’t hear them. I know I have bad hips but it doesn’t slow me down. I can still run (more like gallop) and play. I’ve been to water therapy twice which I LOVE. A nice lady feeds me cookies almost the whole time I’m walking. I leave there with a full belly and then I sleep really well. I have four more sessions before the doctor determines what’s next. Most likely surgery, but they don’t know that for sure yet.chocolate Labrador Retriever

Chance is such an easy going, fun dog. We are so happy to have him with us for the holidays 🙂

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