Charlie #15 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 11 months old #3195

yellow labrador retrieverCharlie came into Brookline’s care as an owner surrender.  His previous owner didn’t have the time needed for this boy so he spent a lot of his time alone in a basement.  Charlie is now in a Brookline foster home.  Please read his blog from the bottom up.

March 21, 2023

Charlie is doing great and just got his stitches removed from his neuter surgery. He never stopped being playful and kind throughout the whole process. This guy does not have a mean bone in his body.yellow LabradorHis foster dog sister puts up with him, but could definitely use a little less of his enthusiasm!!  yellow LabradorThe video attached shows a little playtime between the two of them.

He is a really easy-going dog, especially for his young age! He definitely needs to be better socialized as he is overwhelmed with excitement upon meeting anybody new, and takes a while to settle down…yellow LabradorWe will be working more on that in the coming weeks before he is ready to go to his forever family!yellow Labrador

March 8, 2023

Charlie had his neuter surgery on March 1st and is recovering nicely… He really wants to play and run around, but needs to take it easy…. so we are on top of that and keeping him on the leash when he goes outside to do his business.yellow labrador retrieverHe can’t wait to be free and run around again with our resident dog, Toby.  He is doing great and responds to cues and is fitting right in with our family routine. yellow labrador retrieverWe haven’t been out side doing any leash walking training because of his neuter surgery… but hope to next week!!  yellow labrador retrieverStay tuned for more Charlie updates!yellow labrador retriever

February 25, 2023

Charlie is settling in with our family and our routine pretty nicely… He sleeps in a crate at night without any problems anymore. It took a while to get him to go in there and he doesn’t initially want to go in but now he will go without a fuss and sleep there the whole night.  yellow labrador retrieverWe’ve had a few visitors at the house this week and he gets so super excited to meet anybody new. He’s just a ball of love and affection and likes to be nearby. He had a check up this week and we plan on having his neuter surgery on March 1. we will have to keep him mellow during his recovery. He definitely likes to run and play with our resident dog Toby, so we will have to be really careful about that!yellow labrador retrieverLeash walking is a bit slow…he likes to take it all in and zig zag around…we have some work to do there…but a little patience is all he needs…he is as affectionate as they come, and will be a wonderful family dog or companion.yellow labrador retriever

February 14, 2023

Charlie—This guy is as goofy as he is handsome… He came in to foster care at our house three days ago and is instantly fitting in and doing well, and trying really hard to be a good boy. Charlie was not given a whole lot of attention after he grew up from being a tiny puppy.. yellow labrador retrieverHe is super sweet, can’t wait for any family member to walk in a room so he can give them love… His manners need some work and he definitely needs some training but he wants to please!  yellow labrador retrieverWe think he may have been fed people food as he wasn’t super interested in dog food but it’s only taken two days and he is eating his dog food now!yellow labrador retrieverWe did have one counter surfing incident with some chicken tacos, but quickly pulled him down and and gave his a firm “no”, although he wagged his tail the entire time he was being corrected:) yellow labrador retrieverI called around to try to get him in for a neuter appointment…and hopefully we can get that done in the next few weeks…yellow labrador retrieverStay tuned for more Charlie updates!

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