Charlie, 2 year old chocolate Lab

chocolate labrador retriever scarf



Charlie is a 2 year old chocolate Lab.  He is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and healthy.  He’s a friendly boy who loves to play.  He’s good with kids (though is big and strong so may be too much for small children) and other dogs.





Charlie was transported to his foster home today.   Charlie is a long and lean 2 year old male chocolate Lab who is quite the looker.

chocolate labrador retriever in car

Charlie’s family had some serious issues that resulted in Charlie being left in his home for several days with no food, water, or electricity.  Luckily, another family member went to the house, found Charlie, and contacted Brookline for help.

In spite the family’s bad situation, Charlie was well cared for.  He knows sit, paw and lay down.  He’s a smart boy!chocolate labrador retriever face








Charlie has been doing pretty good.   No accidents in the house and he lets us know when he has to go out.  chocolate labrador retriever on sofa

(Resident dog) Ozzie and Charlie play together a lot and sometimes it gets a little rough but they settle down when told.  We can confirm that he is a bond fide counter surfer and will take whatever food he finds there.  Charlie threw up during the night, quite interesting – a penny, a dime, two pieces of an old collar (not one from our house) and the buckle from the collar, but thankfully, no food!  We are finding that he is very trusting and, the more he relaxes in his new environment, his true lab personality comes through!

chocolate labrador retriever at park


Charlie got his care package and we promptly took some pics of him in his scarf.  I also took some pics of Charlie chocolate labrador retriever sitting for treatwith his Nyla Bone.  Charlie and Ozzie love playing with the fleece braid as well.

They are especially rowdy in the am and I have to get creative with ways to keep them from wrestling, which gets pretty intense.  I’ve been trying to get Charlie to engage in getting treats out of various toys and finally had some success today with some animal crackers in a red Kong. Yay!  Additionally, since his paws are so soft, he has a tough time on the frozen ground and the gravel, so play time outside has been limited these past couple days.

We are trying to get a little training in.  He has Sit & Paw down pretty good, so we are practicing Down and Stay, generally having little success with stay.  His recall is getting better, but, like Ozzie, if he has his nose in something fabulous, he does not hear us.

He has been sleeping in our bed since day one, something Ozzie has not done yet.  He and Ozzie play fight like brothers and, as I mentioned earlier, it does get intense.  We are hoping at some point they have their fill of it and settle down.  Overall, Charlie is a sweet dog and loves to be around people.


What’s the BEST thing about Valentine’s Day?

CHOCOLATE, of course!!

chocolate labrador retriever heart outline

Hi Everybody!  Charlie here.  I sure have been a busy pup lately.  A few weeks ago, some things happened with my family and I was all alone.  Luckily a family member came to my rescue and called the nice people at Brookline to help me out.  I moved to my foster home with Foster Dad Dan and Foster Mom Lisa.  They are really cool… but the best part was my foster brother, Ozzie.  He’s a young pup like me and boy do we have fun!

Things were going great at my foster home.  I was getting lots of snuggles and treats and playtime.  Then I saw FD and FM packing suitcases and I got a little nervous.  But they told me not to worry.  They had already made plans for Ozzie to go to camp while they were away and I was going with him.  Cool!  I’d never been to camp, but it sounded exciting.  I knew it would be fun if Ozzie was there, too.  So Ozzie and I packed our bags and headed to camp.  It’s as cool as I thought it would be.  There are three other dogs here.  One of them is a Brookline foster dog just like me.  The other two used to be Brookline foster dogs…until their foster moms flunked with them.  So they’ve all been able to give me the scoop on being a Brookline dog and it’s all good.  And get this – there are FIVE dogs here and TWO foster moms.  Yep, the dogs outnumber the people!  How cool is that?!

I’ve been having a blast with Ozzie and my new buddy Brewster.  We race around the yard, chasing each other an d wrestling.  We are FAST.  When we’re in the house, we race up and down the hall from one bedroom to the other.  After we play hard, we take a nap.  And then we’re ready to play again!

Whenever we are out in the yard, we look for Ma – the nice lady next door who gives treats to all us dogs.  The first day I met Ma, I was kind of nervous and didn’t want to go up to the fence to get my treat.  Ma walked down the fence a bit – away from the other dogs – and stuck the treat through the fence.  Yum!  A treat dispensing fence!  I like this.  Today, when Ma came out to the fence, I was the first in line!  I’m a smart pup!

FM says we’re going to a meet and greet on Sunday.  I hope to meet lots of you there!

Don’t forget to enjoy some CHOCOLATE tomorrow!



chocolate labrador retriever in car
On my way to the Meet & Greet!



Hi Everybody!  I had a great day!  My foster moms took me and my foster brother, Harley, to a Meet and Greet at Pet Value.  There were a bunch of families there waiting to meet us.  It was so cool.  We felt celebrities!  People were petting us and giving us treats and telling us how beautiful we are.  Some people even went in the store and bought special treats for us.  They sure know the way to a Lab’s heart!

There were all different kinds of people there – from really small to really tall.  And they were all so nice.  FM said I was a really good boy.  I was polite and gentle with everyone.  We went into the store and I got to say hello to a cat in a cage.  FM didn’t know how I would react to a cat.  But I was a good boy.  I just looked at him and sniffed around.  I won’t tell you how crazy Harley got when he saw the cat!  FM doesn’t know if I’d behave different if the cat was out of the cage and running around.  But she was proud of how calm I was with Mr. Kitty.

FM said that some of the families I met today want to adopt me.  How cool is that?!  It’s time to start thinking about my forever home because I’m ready to be adopted!  FM said families will be applying this week.  She said we’ll have a hard decision because there are so many great families interested in me.  That’s not a bad problem to have, huh?




chocolate labrador retriever green bandanna  Hi Everybody,

I’m still recovering from all the excitement yesterday.  What a great day!  And guess what?  I already have three families interested in adopting me!  FM says approved families have until Friday to apply for me, so there may be even more.  It sure is nice to feel loved!  FM said it’s going to be hard to decide between all these great families.  I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision.  I love everybody so I wouldn’t know how to choose!  I’ll just focus on what I do best – being sweet and looking adorable!

chocolate labrador retriever fresh kisses sign
Who wants a kiss?


chocolate labrador retriever face
Soaking up the sun!





chocolate labrador retriever sitting

Hi Everybody!

Today was a big day for me.  I had something really important to do.

chocolate labrador retriever bath
Is this REALLY necessary?



FM said I should have a bath.  BLECH!

But I did want to make a good impression so I said okay.


chocolate labrador retriever bath
Make sure you get behind my ears!

Then I brushed up on my tricks.  Check this out:  Practice Makes Perfect!

Finally, it was to go!  Where?  To my meet my new family!

chocolate labrador retriever sitting
Here I am in my FOREVER HOME!

I showed off my tricks for them:  Showing Off for my new family!

My new kids joined in  the fun:  Playing with my very own kids!

My tail didn’t stop wagging the whole time.  I think I’m gonna like it here!  Thanks Brookline!



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