Charlie Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Male 3 Years Old ID #2791

yellow labrador retriever mixCharlie was a stray who was brought up from the south on a transport with about 100 other dogs.  He has blossomed from a very shy, scared dog to a fun loving, confident companion.  He loves people, taking walks and the water!  He also enjoys roughhousing with canine friends.  Charlie is looking for a home where he can run and play and spend quality time with his special people.yellow labrador retriever mix

Charlie is an eligible dog for Pets For Patriots:

June 12, 2023

He is doing really, really well with his leash reactivity and is now able to walk by other dogs with little issues.  He has come so far with his trainer.  He also doesn’t necessarily need a lot of exercise – Charlie just needs someone to love and follow around.  If you like to garden, Charlie will keep you company.  If you want to lay on the hammock, he’ll be right there by your side.  If you want to throw a ball, he’ll have fun chasing it.  If you like walks, he’s your guy!  He’s also really good at entertaining himself, and is happy to hang out in the yard or on the deck, chewing on a bone or just enjoying the sun.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever MixCharlie’s ideal home would be out in the country, with a fenced yard where he can hang out at leisure.  He loves his people, so would like to have them around more than not.  He loves to cuddle, so will be in your lap as soon as you sit down.  He gets very attached to his people, and loves them unconditionally.  He would be delighted if he could sleep with them at night!  He loves the peace and quiet that are part of the rural setting.  He loves playing with other dogs, but wants to be the only dog in his home.Yellow Labrador Retriever MixCharlie would love to live in a more rural area and live a quieter lifestyle.  He is so very funny, loyal and charming – and just wants his special person to love!Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

May 15, 2023

Charlie and a couple of our Brookline volunteers attended a dinner to honor high school graduates who are going into the military. Yellow Labrador Retriever MixCharlie was working at the Brookline table.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever MixIt was a great setting for Charlie as he was the only dog, and boy was he a hit!  Yellow Labrador Retriever MixHe happily greeted everyone with a wagging tail, and made lots of new friends!Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix

April 27, 2023

I know it’s been a while since I checked in last but I have been super busy around here.

I’ve been getting to go in the car and go for walks in new places.  I have been doing very well just paying attention to my walker when we pass by other dogs.

I’ve also been having a great time playing with some of my dog buddies. When it warmed up, we even got to go splash in the pool.  After a dip, I always get the zoomies.  It makes me so happy.

I love playing in the yard with my friends when it more on the cool side.  I love playing with toys, and doing the agility obstacles.

When it’s done, my human friends always take some time out to give me some cuddles, and back scratches.  Did I tell you that I really love that a lot!!I can’t wait until I have my very own person.  I hope they don’t mind playing, cuddling and giving out some back scratches..

April 6, 2023

Hello, it’s me Charlie!  I’ve been keeping busy here at Kamp. Yellow Labrador MixYellow Labrador MixI’ve been going on lots of outings with one of my human friends. I love it when we go in the car and explore new places.  I got to meet some horses and some chickens!  It was so cool.Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador MixI really like doing obstacles out in the yard.  I’m not super fast but I have fun doing it anyway.  Me and my best friend bear like to hang out in the yard too!  Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador MixThe trainer said that I have working really hard walking on the leash.  I’m getting better at walking past other dogs as long as they are not barking at me because.  I know I’m not supposed to say anything, but what the heck, they barked first.Yellow Labrador MixEveryone says I’m looking super fluffy and so soft to pet since I just got my bath.  I’m hoping I can get into a home soon.  While it’s fun to play out in the yard and go for adventures with my trainer here at Kamp, I have to spend a lot of my day alone in my kennel!  It would be so much nicer to be in a comfy home with some nice people. Yellow Labrador MixI’ve been here for a while now so if you’d be interested in fostering or adopting me, please let the nice people here at brookline know.  Just send them a message about me to

March 7, 2023

Charlie has been hanging out with the trainer at Kamp, and she reports that he does really well with come, sit, down, and paw.  He has been doing pretty good walking on leash past other dogs, and has shown a lot of improvement, and is paying attention more to his walker than other dogs.  Without distractions, he’s extremely good on leash with just a regular flat collar.

yellow labrador MixHe loves going for nature walks, and exploring all the smells!

yellow labrador Mix yellow labrador Mix yellow labrador Mix yellow labrador MixCharlie can’t wait to go exploring with his new people!yellow labrador Mix

February 21, 2023

Sweet Charlie is all smiles at Kamp and still waiting for his perfect adopter to find him!

Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever MixLooking for a jogging or hiking partner? Want a friend who loves the outdoors as much as you do?

Charlie is a 3 yr. old handsome yellow Lab who just loves being outside, running around, and playing with some of his canine friends. However, he is a bit dog selective, so it needs to be the right match.

His favorite activity at Kamp is playtime out in the yard with his good friend Bear.Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever MixCharlie is looking for an active person or couple who likes to walk, run, hike, camp, or just be outdoors – he loves being outside more than in, so the more time he can spend enjoying the outdoors, the happier he is! And because of this, he would do best with a fenced yard.

He also needs a home where his people are home more than not. He is great at entertaining himself, but also loves his peeps close by.

Charlie would not do well in a busy home with young kids – the noise and commotion would be too much for him. No cats, please. He is tentative around new things, and takes time to adjust, so he needs someone who will be patient. However, once he is comfortable, he will be your best buddy!

Charlie is a take charge kind of dog so needs a take charge kind of person, who will set firm limits and expectations. He respects that, and will reward you with lots of affection.

Charlie is a sweet boy, who is hoping to find his wonderful forever home soon!

January 25, 2023

Charlie here checking in!  The people here at Kamp say I’m such a good boy!  They keep wondering why no one has asked about taking me home!  Yellow Labrador Retriever MixI have a really good friend here.  His name is Bear.  We have so much fun running and jumping around the big yard.

He really help me to keep my spirits up.  He told me to be patient, and someone will see that I am as great as he thinks I am!Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Yellow Labrador Retriever MixI hope he is right.  I’m so ready to go “home!”

January 11, 2023

Charlie continues to do well at Kamp and does love it there but still hasn’t found his forever home.  Charlie has been moved around to several different homes and back and forth to Kamp and deserves to find his own very special place to call home!Yellow Labrador MixHis trainer at Kamp has been working a lot using the clicker to mark him to redirect his attention towards her.  He has been doing lots of walks with fellow foster Kassy, and investigating new places and new dogs.Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador MixCharlie is particular about his dog friends, but he has a lot of friends at Kamp that he plays with regularly. Charlie and foster Max #29 got in some playtime in the yard and had a good time with each other.Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador Mix Yellow Labrador MixShare Charlie’s video above and help him find his people!

December 2, 2022

Charlie is back at Kamp and looking for his forever home. Charlie enjoys playing with other dogs, but really wants to be the guy in charge, so doesn’t do well living with other dogs.  Charlie says his ideal home would include:

  • People home more than not – he loves his peeps
  • Fenced yard as he loves hanging outside
  • Consistent daily exercise – he has even been a jogging partner at times
  • The opportunity to play with other dogs with similar play styles
  • A rural setting – loud noises and lots of commotion are not his cup of tea
  • No young kids – for the same reason
  • Someone to snuggle with and who will love this guy!

While at Kamp, Charlie really enjoys his play time and walks with fellow foster, Kassy!

chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retriever

October 28, 2022

Hello there!  This is Charlie reporting in.  I know, I know, I haven’t updated you all in a while but I’ve really just been hanging out patiently waiting for my new family to arrive. This week, I got a little bit of a change up in routine and  I got to go back to Kamp for a visit and met a really fun friend, Kassy who is also waiting to meet her forever family.We have had a great time playing.  We both really like to play chase with some wrestling and pouncing thrown in there.  I thought I had pretty good stamina when it comes to chase but that Kassy keeps me going.  It’s so much fun!

I am really hoping that a new family comes to pick me up soon!  I love spending time outside, and splashing in the water when I get hot. I don’t really like being alone so I’m hoping my new family is home a lot and that they are looking for a loyal companion.  I don’t really want to share you with other pets but I do like my play dates with energetic friends who like to play chase!  I hope my people find me soon!  I can’t wait to meet you.

August 30, 2022

Charlie is enjoying the summer days snoozing in shaded cool grass with an occasional soak in a kiddie pool.  Being outdoors is one of Charlie’s favorite things.

yellow labrador retriever mixDespite the heat, Charlie really enjoys his daily walks in our neighborhood.  He is still working on greeting other dogs on leash – it is a work in progress. However, off leash he does love playing with other canine friends – that and splashing in whatever water he can find!yellow labrador retriever mixAnd as you can see, he loves his antler.

yellow labrador retriever mixCharlie is still looking for his forever home . . . could that be you?

July 21, 2022

Charlie is looking for his forever family. Could it be your family?

yellow labrador retriever mixCharlie is a 2.5 yr. old friendly guy who loves people and dogs.

yellow labrador retriever mixyellow labrador retriever mixCharlie loves playing with sticks, wading in streams, taking hikes (he’s great on leash!), doing agility work, or having a rousing game of “chase me” with human or canine companions.

yellow labrador retriever mixAs with most Labs, Charlie loves to snuggle!

yellow labrador retriever mix yellow labrador retriever mixyellow labrador retriever mixyellow labrador retriever mixRequires a fenced yard and a home where he can spend a lot of time outside – his favorite place to be!

yellow labrador retriever mixLoves to play with other dogs; though he loves playing with other dogs, he prefers living as an only dog in his new home.

yellow labrador retriever mixHe needs someone home more often than not, as being left alone for long periods of time is not his cup of tea.

yellow labrador retriever mixCharlie needs a “take charge” kind of person who will set limits, establish a routine, and provide lots of exercise time in the great outdoors.

yellow labrador retriever mix


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