Chase #10 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male, 4 Years Old

June 21, 2019

yellow Labrador RetrieverChase continues to improve everyday. It is so much fun watching him learn new things and be happy. Chase loves to lay with his people, go on walks, chase/play with his fur brother(Ozzie) and play with toys. These are all behaviors he has learned in the past 2 weeks. He is such a happy boy who is eager to please. Chase is a puppy in a 3 year old body, he has so much energy. This past week has been a little challenging for our boy. On Monday we took him to be neutered and a checkup. Chase was a hit with the staff and customers at the Vet office. His check up went great and he received a clean bill of health. There has been some confusion about his age, some paperwork and the previous owners said he was 3 but the latest Vet report stated 5. Both of our Vets put his age at three so we are sticking with 3 and we gave him a birthday of 5/26, everyone need to have a birthday to celebrate.

Chase is recuperating well from his surgery and allows us to clean and ice the
affected area. It has been 4 days and so far all is good. The only issue is trying to keep him calm and not exerting himself. We take him on a few slow walks a day but he is dying to play ball or chase Ozzie. We wish we could have had him have the surgery sooner before he found out how fun it was to be out of his crate. We slept the first few nights downstairs with him after his surgery since we didn’t want him in the crate with the cone. After 2 nights he decided to go upstairs and once he discovered the bed he was not leaving. We all finally got a few good nights sleep.

We had a great trainer come in to help us with training this boy. The training went well and we all learned a lot. We are working on basic commands and self control, Chase wants to please so we know the training will go smoothly. The amazing thing to me was how great Chase was with the trainer…it was as if he knew she was in charge and he better listen the first time around.

We are so happy with and proud of the progress he has made. Once he is 100% recuperated from his surgery we will be making this handsome good boy available. His perfect home will be an active family where someone is home most of the time.

Check out the photo of Chase sleeping on the couch with the cone and a toy in his mouth- lol.

yellow Labrador Retriever in cone

June 15, 2019

Chase continues to improve everyday.  He is learning so many new things and continues to be one of the sweetest boys.  Chase now has free reign of the house during the day when we are home.  He has not had an accident since day 2. We are still crating him at night and will do so until his neutering surgery on Monday.  It kills us to  crate him at night but he does not bark or whine.

Chase listens well to FD but sometimes will challenge FM.  He will eventually complete the task/ request for FM and has been improving.  We are also working on him being a bit mouthy.  He is very gentle when he is mouthy and this behavior has decreased a lot. We will be working with a trainer starting on Sunday.

Chase now loves truck rides, we keep him harnessed in the back of the cab.  He rests his head on the center console  and takes turns trying to get pets from each of us.  We took him to a dog park and he did great.  There were (3) other dogs and he got along with each dog and played for 30 minutes.  He was also a hit with the other owners and 2 of them are considering putting in applications.

Chase loves to run and chase our resident Lab(Ozzie) around the yard.  It is amazing how athletic he is, a week ago he couldn’t run in the straight line, now he is keeping up with Ozzie who is very fast and nimble.  He loves going on walks and meeting other dogs and people.  The only time we hear him bark is when both of us leave the house.

We couldn’t be happier with his progress; we still have a few small things to work on with him.  We know he is going to make a great addition to a lucky family.

June 11, 2019

yellow Labrador RetrieverChase has been with us for a little over three days and things are starting to go a lot better/easier. Because of his marking the first two days, we have kept a leash on him and watched him very closely; the good news he hasn’t marked since the beginning of day 2, good boy Chase!

It took him two full days to settle down and relax and now he is eating and sleeping well. Chase is very sweet and seems to be extremely happy and very trusting. He allows us to groom him and was a good boy getting his ears cleaned. He tries to engage our resident lab in play and the two of them are getting along great. Chase loves to go on walks, hikes and play in the backyard. He prefers playing/ retrieving a football over tennis balls.He pulls like a freight train on a Martingale collar but we recently switched to a gentle leader and after a few minutes of his getting used to the new collar, he now walks great on a leash.  Chase was very excited to receive his care package and he has started to play with toys. It took him three days to get to this point, but now he always has a toy in his mouth or laying next to him. Sounds like a lab!  He will go to the toy box and pull out every toy until he finds the one he likes.

Chase is still not sure about car rides but he is getting better and will jump in the truck on command. Chase is a counter surfer which is surprising since he is otherwise not food motivated. We continue to work on his being mouthy.  Even though he is very gentle, we are working on getting him to stop. Chase continues to want to be next to one of us at all times and if either of us leaves for any length of time, we are greeted with a hug when we return. We are happy with his progress.  Formal training starts soon and Chase is scheduled to be neutered next week. Stay tuned for updates on this handsome boy!

yellow Labrador Retriever laying down

June 9 2019

yellow Labrador RetrieverWe picked up Chase from Sharyn on Friday. Thanks to Sharyn for all she did to get him evaluated, up to date on most shots and helping with transport. We met Sharyn at a high School in Springfield. Chase is an extremely handsome 88 lb bundle of energy.
While Chase’s owners meant well, he has not had the best life. His last owner kept him in a crate in the basement or in a small enclosed area outside on nice days. He was not allowed inside their house.
Things we have learned so far:
-Chase is going to be our biggest challenge…..
-Chase has been marking in the house since we got him home, 4 times so far and we now keep him close to us with a leash at all times.
– Chase can go right through a pet proof screen door to get to his people.
-Chase can be a little mouthy when he is bored, very gentle and easily corrected.
-Chase knows basic commands but is selective when he obeys, if you wait long enough he will comply.
– Chase is not food motivated
– Chase loves to be outside in the yard or going on walks
– Chase and our resident Lab have gotten along good with zero aggression.
– Chase loves all people he meets
– Chase crates easily and sleeps through the night with no issues.
– Chase just wants to be near his people, he has to be touching one of us at all times.
– Chase pulls like a freight train on a leash.We have Chase scheduled to be neutered on 06/17/19. We will be working with a trainer to help Chase transition into the great dog we know is in there.

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