Chester #10 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Male 9 Years Old ID#2905

chocolate labrador retriever mixChester is a 9 year old chocolate lab who came to Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue in August, 2021. After spending a few months getting some extra love to address his medical concerns, Chester is ready for adoption! He is calm, cuddly, housebroken and crate trained. It’s clear that this sweet boy, who was found as a stray in New Jersey, has been through a lot in his life and is now ready to find his fur-ever home with someone who is looking for a low maintenance best friend! Please read his blog from the bottom up to learn more about him.


December 23, 2021

Hi again everyone! Chester here! In case you didn’t notice, I took a little break from social media in December as I had some very big things happening! Now I’m back and I want to fill you in on what’s been going on with me and remind you that I am available for adoption!

As many of you know, I have been a part of Brookline Lab Rescue since August and I was so lucky to live with my first foster family from late August until early December. I had heart worm and the treatment was intense. But my foster mom and dad did an amazing job making sure I got all my medicines, checked in with the vet, and stayed as calm as possible. I am now ALL DONE with my treatment at I’m so excited to tell you all that I have had my first (30 days post treatment) check up and the vet says my heart is strong and sounds healthy! I had bloodwork and they will tell my new foster mom, Eli, in a few days what they see, but the vet said to say THANK YOU to my first great foster family for the awesome job they did with all three rounds of treatment because I am a happy, healthy dog, thanks to them and their diligence! I will need one more blood test, but I love car rides and I’m good with that if you are! My next check up is in August. Maybe we can go to the park on the way home? I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let me tell you what else happened! I also got a new foster family! I had to say goodbye and many thanks to first foster family as they had some other important things to attend to, like getting married soon! Eli and her family took me in and I quickly came to love them just as much as I had loved my other family. Eli and I have this really nice routine that I have come to know and love. I just adore being in a routine. I even know when my food is coming and I have learned to lay down in a special spot until Eli serves my meal. Eli says that’s good manners, I just say, “hey, it’s what we do!”

Eli told me that there are some important things to highlight as I look for my fur-ever family. Like for instance, I am an older guy with a gray muzzle and a slower stride. They think I am about 9 or 10 years old. I need to stay low key for a while longer as I fully recover from my heart worm, but you should know that that’s totally okay with me. In fact, one of my favorite activities is snoring away in my bed after enjoying a good chew on a natural bone. I mean, I LOVE to sleep.

My second favorite activity is mealtime and treat time and I am pleased to tell you that despite my mild hearing loss, I can understand multiple hand signals, especially if it means I get a treat! For instance, I can “sit” and “stay.” I can also lay down, roll over, and “play dead” when you ask me to. Eli says the roll over is the cutest because I can show you all the furry white spots on my belly!

My third favorite thing to do is to chew!! I will not chew your furniture or your belongings, but you need to tell me what’s mine and what’s yours. If you tell me what I can chew, I will stick to those things, especially if they are tennis balls, natural bones, filled bones, and anything that takes me a while to take apart. I LOVE a good project!! I’ve tried Kongs and they are no match for me!! I also love those fun toys where you can hide treats and I have to figure out how to get them out! My body might be aging, but my mind is very sharp and I love a good challenge.

I also ADORE blankets (or sheets, or towels!) I must have lived in a blanket fort in a past life, and I am constantly trying to recreate that experience! I will be coming to you with a few of my favorite blankets, but you can also feel free to have some old sheets or towels ready for me. I will also bring my bed. (Did I mention how much I love to sleep?) I DO NOT tear my bed apart like a tennis ball. I would be so sad if that thing got destroyed! On that note, Eli said it was really important to mention that I LOVE to be in my crate. And she is right. It feels safe and secure. I love to sleep in there and I love to pile up my blankets for nap time in there, too!! Eli finally got on board with how much I love my crate and she put my bed in there WITH my favorite blanket and I was like, “Well, now I might never come out!! Wait….. did someone say dinner time? Here I come!”
chocolate labrador retriever mixWhat else? I get a little anxious around new people and new places. When I am anxious I might jump on your leg or whine and pant a lot. If you put me in my crate when that happens I calm down very quickly. I have never had an accident in Eli’s house, but I was very nervous at the vet today and I marked their desk leg to let them know it. Oh! And Eli wants you to know that given my love of treats, I can get a little protective of them… I even growled at her once when I was first here at her house and I thought she was going to take my brand new filled bone from me. She was not pleased about that, but she understood my intentions and I trust her now, so I don’t do that anymore.
chocolate labrador retriever mixI’m ready for my new family so just speak up if you want to know more about me or if you are ready to put in an application to be my new person! I can’t wait to meet you!

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