Chloe Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 10 Years Old ID #2688

February 7, 2021

Chloe has had another great week filled with fun times with her foster brother Weston. Her Brookline Foster welcome box arrived, and she is having fun with all the new treats and accessories. yellow Labrador RetrieverShe continues to enjoy her stuffed toys and this week has added Nyla bone and Kong time to her list of favorite activities.

Chloe looks beautiful in her new bandana and thrives on the compliments she has been receiving while wearing it.

Today Chloe went to the vet, she was a very perfect patient.  She currently weighs 75 pounds, the vet said she looks to be in good health. Chloe does lick her paws a lot but they are not infected so he recommended Zyrtec. Chloe also got her chip today.yellow Labrador Retriever

We love having Chloe in our home and are grateful for the mentoring she is providing for our other foster Weston.

January 31, 2021

This week we started to see Chloe’s silly and puppy-like personality. One evening she put herself under the couch cover for a post-dinner nap.

She enjoys steeling our slippers and understands the concept of dropping it with the expectation of a treat reward. Chloe entertains herself with her stuffed toys, but she certainly is not gentle with them.

Chloe shares her toys well with our other foster and they also take turns hanging out in the crate.  I have not yet tried closing the door on the crate so I do not know how she would react to being crated for long periods of time.

Chloe continues to be a model foster dog. She has a perfect record for no accidents in the house. She is happy to go on a walk or a short trip to the back yard, sleeps through the night, and eats her meals with enthusiasm. Chloe is also great company, hanging out in any room with a human or doggie friend.yellow Labrador Retriever

Chloe is also a great companion dog for our foster Weston.  She has been mentoring him, it is so great to see them together.  We are looking forward to them playing in the snow this week.

January 27, 2021

Chloe is a sweet, low energy girl who is settling into a nice routine and easy to have in our home.

She sleeps through the night at the foot of my bed and wakes up ready for her breakfast right after a quick trip outside. Her routine includes 2 short walks, late morning and before dinner, and 3 quick visits to the yard, first thing in the morning, mid-morning, and before bedtime.

Her days are spent following us around, she settles in any room we are in.  Chloe is great company while I do housework in the kitchen and laundry room, and she naps like a champ which makes her a great work-from-home colleague.

Chloe and Weston, our other foster, are getting along well, they spend their days watching us, following us, and snoring like 2 big bears.

January 24, 2021

Yesterday Chloe joined our family as a foster dog, and we are so impressed by how well she has adjusted.

We picked her up from the kennel she was staying in because her owner was in the hospital. When her owner died, his family members surrendered her to Brookline. The staff at the kennel loved her and reported that she was a great guest, but it was obvious she missed the constant human contact she was used to.

Chloe was anxious during the ride home but got in and out of the car with no hesitation. We introduced her right away to our other foster Weston by going on a long walk together. Lots and lots of sniffing and tail wagging.  We spent the rest of the day settling in with treats, naps, walks, and yard time.

Chloe enjoyed all her treats and finished her dinner all at once.  She communicated her potty needs by pacing and enjoyed going out in the yard for a few quick potty breaks in between the walks. No accidents so far!!  Chloe ended her day on the couch watching a movie with her FS. Then she was happy to come upstairs with us. She followed me around during my evening routine and then quickly agreed to sleep in my bed. She slept from 11:00ish to 6:30 this morning. After her quick potty break in the yard, she enjoyed her breakfast. She spent the rest of the morning following me around while I did housework which ended with a morning nap for both of us.

Chloe has been an easy addition to the household so far. We know she must be feeling confused and sad as to why her life has changed, but we also hope she feels safe and loved while she is in foster care preparing for her next forever family.

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