Cindy #3 Black Labrador Retriever Female 6-7 Years Old ID#2867

black labrador retrieverCindy was placed in a shelter after she was found in her home several days after her owner had passed away.  She is a sweet girl who has been through a traumatic experience.  Cindy knows commands, is house trained and walks well on a leash.  Cindy is now in a foster home so she can decompress and learn that she is safe.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

June 10, 2021

Miss Cindy has been with us well over a week now and is doing great!!

She makes herself right at home on the sofa or chair in the family room, loves to follow and play with our dogs or sometimes just go relax on her labrador retrieverShe is much better with the constant sniffing of our Emma and only seems to do it when wound up and excited.

She is still “mouthy” and will nibble hands, clothes or even the back of legs when she’s all excited to see you…if you’ve been out of the house, etc.  She does stop with correction, and she’s always gentle.

She is a sweet, happy girl who loves to give kisses and sometimes snuggle up.

We were hoping she’d like to swim in the pool, but so far she won’t go in…but will get right up to the edge.  Below is a video of the three dogs running/playing and Jim playing with her from inside the pool.  Cindy has the red collar.

We anticipate her being ready to find her forever home very soon ❤

June 6, 2021

black labrador retrieverCindy has really settled in and is doing great!! She is such a love and just really enjoys being with you.  When she gets excited she does still get mouthy at your hands and clothes, but is gentle with it and stops when told labrador retriever black labrador retriever black labrador retrieverShe still loved our lab Emma but is getting much better with the constant sniffing…seems to be doing it labrador retrieverWe had a nice weekend of hanging at the pool…going in, out, in, out of the house…which then wore her labrador retrieverWe know she loves cheese!!! She is also not interested in dog treats (UNLESS they are the specialty ICED BAKED COOKIES from the pet store) and she also has no interest in the Frosty Paws dog ice labrador retrieverShe REALLY wants to sleep on the bed with us but quiets down and sleeps all night on floor when told to hush.  May try letting her sleep with our son on his bed.

June 4, 2021

Sweet Miss Cindy has been with us for 3 full days now and she is settling in very well!!  This petite lab is so very sweet and just absolutely LOVES being with or near labrador retrieverWhat we’ve learned about Cindy so far:

  • She knows her name and will look then come right when called.  She also knows Sit and Down.
  • She does get “mouthy” when she’s very excited and will nip at your hands or clothing.  However, it’s quite gentle and she stops immediately when told NO.  She will also lick/kiss your hand if you say “ouch”.
  • If she’s outside by herself, she will bark at the door to let you know she wants back in.
  • She chases squirrels that run across the top of our back fence.  She also has a fascination with the Pomeranian who lives out back, but we haven’t seen aggressive behavior…just a curious interest.
  • She loves to nap curled up on the sofa….but also equally loves to lay beside Jim when he’s working in his office.  She REALLY just wants to be around her people.
  • LOVES cheese but not dog treats.  We plan to try soft chew treats to see if that makes a difference.  She also doesn’t beg when we are eating dinner.  She will happily enjoy a shared Fry or bite of burger, but doesn’t beg for it.
  • She would REALLY prefer to sleep on the bed with us, but she accepts that she’s not allowed.
  • She gives the BEST kisses!!  She is such a love and is so very happy to see you or get pets from you and shows her love by giving doggie kisses all over your face 🙂
  • She has lots of great energy but also settles quickly and is happy to nap most of the day.

Cindy is still overly interested in sniffing our Emma where she would rather not be sniffed but it does seem to be slowly improving and getting a touch labrador retrieverShe is a great listener and obeys immediately!!! She is really such a great dog and just wants to be loved.  She is going to make someone an amazing companion!!  We do know for sure already that her perfect new person or family will be ones who are mostly home as she takes comfort in a person’s presence.

June 1, 2021

Miss Cindy arrived to our home this afternoon after being sprung from the labrador retrieverCindy is a very sweet dog who is trying to figure out what is going on.  The meet with our two resident dogs went great, and she really seems to have a thing for our lab Emma. She follows her and is constantly sniffing up her business.  Thankfully Emma doesn’t seem to really care.

Cindy has done the normal nervous constant motion, checking out every movement any of us make.  She is definitely more attached to Jim than anyone else right labrador retrieverShe’s only been here a short time but we’ve learned that she knows sit and lay down…especially if it’s for food.  She LOVES cheese but not so much doggie treats.  She did enjoy a pup ice cream with our two for her evening treat.   She wolfed down dinner with no issues.

Cindy lays completely down to drink water which cracks us up.  She’s enjoyed roaming around the back yard many times and is definitely house labrador retrieverShe will bark at you for attention some but quiets right up when you either give pets or ignore her.  She has taken several 20 minute cat naps, which she settles down for nicely.  Cindy hasn’t shown interest in the doggie bed or the sofa, even though we’ve invited her several times to get up with labrador retrieverWe truly believe once she gets comfortable and learns us better she will settle right in.  She is such a sweetheart!!

More tomorrow after a hopefully good night’s sleep for her after too many is a noisy labrador retriever

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